Strong network of 100,000 EV chargers will be set up by Ola Electric

Strong network of 100,000 EV chargers will be set up by Ola Electric

Based on the recent reports, the Ola Electric Company will install about 5000 charges in this financial year itself. Near about few hundred chargers will be installed by the company prior to the launch of its first EV or Electric 2-wheeler.

According to Ola, the Hyper-chargers that it will install will be able to charge the batteries of the electric scooters by 50 percent in only 18 minutes. This 18 minutes charge will help the electric scooters to travel a distance of about 75 KMs. Also, it the users want to charge the batteries of their electric vehicles to full capacity, it will take less than an hour for the same.

Ola Electric is the electric vehicle branch of the Ola Company. The company’s officials announced recently that the company has planned to set up a strong network of about 100,000 Hyper-chargers in India, in the next 5 years. The Company claimed that by the end of 5 years it will emerge as the largest EV battery charger network in the world.

It is estimated that an investment of about $2 billion will be done by the company to establish this hyper-charger network in India. The Hyper-Charger Network will consist of two types of chargers, which are standalone chargers and vertical tower-based chargers. These two types of chargers will be installed in public places like cafes, malls, and IT parks. Along with using these chargers, the Ola customers will also be able to use their personal charger that will be delivered with their Ola EV.

According to Ola, the network of chargers that they are providing will be able to take away the anxiety of the users related to the owning of Electric Vehicles. The network will be widely available as well as will be very fast to charge the batteries of the vehicles.

The Hyper-Chargers provided by Ola will have a power rating of 12 KW and they will be completely dedicated to charging the electric 2-wheelers. The standalone chargers that will be installed at public places like cafes and malls will have a lower rate of charging as compared to its hyper-chargers. However, according to OLA, the majority of chargers that will be installed by the company will be of Hyper-Charger type.

The step taken by the OLA Company to form the EV chargers in the country is a bold step and it will surely help in boosting the Electric Vehicles Market in India.

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