15 New Electric Models From Toyota

15 New Electric Models From Toyota

For all those out there who like the Japanese manufacturer and their insane reliability, Toyota will enter the EV market and at the same time will introduce 15 new models of electric vehicles by 2025. Toyota or Toyota Motor Corporation recently introduced their new battery-powered vehicle series dubbed bZ.

The car manufacturer made this announcement during a press brief for their year-end financial results. People don’t know what are the specifics about the models that they will be making, but there are expectations.

What Is Toyota’s bZ?

Toyota BZ4X

Toyota’s bZ is their lineup of all-electric cars. This lineup is the progressive change towards a greener future by the company. bZ stands for beyond Zero. Toyota is already a contender in the EV market, with their recent model, the Toyota bZ4X, which is an SUV, that is to be on sale from 2022.

The new 15 models that were announced are to be built on a scalable and dedicated BEV platform, dubbed e-TNGA. E-TNGA can be used to make vehicles of multiple sizes.

The Aims For The Future

partners who developed the bZ series with Toyota

Previously, Toyota joined hands with multiple cars or bike manufacturers, like BYD, Suzuki, and Daihatsu to develop the bZ series of EVs. The recent model, the bZ4X is developed on the e-TNGA BEV platform. This platform was jointly developed by both Toyota and Subaru.

bZ4X is a good car in terms of an EV, as it does have all-wheel drive, which is rare. To add to that, the model also comes with breaking regeneration and solar charging, meaning that the model can be charging itself when in motion, even though it might not be that efficient. But, we can expect the 15 new models to incorporate the same features.

The Chief Digital Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation also noted the move of Toyota for electric vehicles and becoming a carbon-neutral company. Toyota is fixating on becoming net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. They will be developing their SEV, PHEV, and FCEV lineups. This move also calls for investment in tech and infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions. Further, Toyota also intends to move towards greener motorsport but did not reveal any more info.

front view of the Toyota BZ4X.

The conversion of Toyota towards a greener manufacturer is good news. Toyota is presently one of the world’s largest car manufacturers. Especially their Camry model is really popular around the world. The introduction towards a green future will be massive for both the EV market and for the lifestyle of people.

Ending Note

We will have to wait for the 15 new models that Toyota plans to develop. Knowing their manufacturing process, which includes first hand making cars, then a progressive introduction of machinery is sure to make some reliable EVs. Even in fiscal year 21, they grossed 2.1977 trillion in operating income. So, the bar for a Toyota EV is high.

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