2022 Byton M-Byte Concept – Design, Features, Price And Launch Date

2022 Byton M-Byte Concept – Design, Features, Price And Launch Date

Byton is an emerging start-up electric vehicle manufacturing brand that waits to make dynamic turbulence in the premium EV market space. Byton M-Byte Concept is its stepping stone to the arena of SUVs, however, it looks like a bolstered four-seat hatchback. This upsized crossover is combined with the low-to-ground SUV which is longer than the Mercedes Benz GLC SUV but has similar exterior dimensions. Byton M-Byte has undergone design in Germany, engineered in Silicon Valley, and finally produced in China, hence we can expect a groundbreaking interior, cutting edge technology, and all-electric driving range that will be highly efficient while driving around the town and highways. It is expected that the Byton can produce 100,000 to 150,000 SUV crossovers a year by the end of 2022 and also looking forward to going on sale by the second half of 2022. BMW X3, Mercedes Benz GLC class is considered as its competitors whereas, in the case of price and high-end quality, JAC iEV7S stands as a strong rival that is equipped with the industry-leading SAMSUNG Ternary lithium battery that powers the motor to run 300km and to achieve acceleration from 0 to 50kmph in just 4 seconds.

2022 Byton M-Byte Concept

Interior Styling Of Byton M-Byte Concept

The interior space will render you a fine-tuned area overloaded with user-friendly technological capabilities coupled together with comforts. The seats are well furnished with high-grade stitched leather highlighted with dashed metallic accents. The whole cabin holds a composition of diamond patterns that blend well with the other properties in the inner cabin. In between, Byton offers an ambient color choice that can be accessed from the color wheel placed on the Byton’s Drive Tablet. Just imagine, how it would be when this daylighting setup lit up the elegancy of diamond-patterned texture, clearly it would be a visual treat for you. Byton is not only giving you visual punches but also cares for your convenience. The dark mode is such an element that aids the driver with their visibility power and comfort during the night.

2022 Byton M-Byte Interior

The seating configuration and the mastery that Byton brought has got a revolutionary rise. Because most of the automobiles tried to focus on sketching uniqueness in the infotainment or exterior styling or other features. However, Byton stands out from this usual act and models its boxes as the chefs kiss. While parked, the front seats can swivel towards each other by 12 degrees to make it easy to have a face-to-face talk chat, also these front seats can be twirled inward to have conversations with occupants of rear seats. Likewise, rear seats are blessed with upgraded availabilities like heat abilities, massage capability, four-way lumbar adjustment and backrest adjustment, etc. These back seats can be optioned as a three-across bench or as two separate bucket seats that are divided by a large Centre console combined with cup holders and these seats even have their own tablets. Presently, we are not handover hu with the cargo space details but expecting that it would be on par with its key rivals like Jaguar I-Pace and the Tesla Model Y SUV.

2022 Byton M-Byte Futuristic SUV

Specifications Of Byton M-Byte Concept

The huge monolithic infotainment touchscreen display is another party piece measuring 48 inches that runs almost the length of the dashboard and it is called as ‘Byton Stage’. This infotainment display substitutes as the gauge display for the driver by providing access to the settings and telematics of the sedan. And, it works with a 7-inch touchpad placed on the steering wheel and an 8-inch center console-mounted touchpad. It is told that we can get a large infotainment screen in the production version when it goes on sale. This tablet on steering and duplicate touchpad on the console allows the operator and occupants to interact with the display by handling every aspect of the crossover like the drive control and reconfigured to display various information like the weather, common connection ability from the linked smartphone, sports score and wall street’s latest activity, etc. using multi-gesture controls.  There is an alluring offering that Byton provides the buyers that make a difference in the customer-friendly provisions. That is, the operator or driver of the vehicle is allowed to select their own customized home screen with the widgets of their wish.

2022 Byton M-Byte Interior Display

Safety And Security Features Of Byton M-Byte Concept

As we mentioned, the touchpads are equipped with gesture controls, likewise, several other kinds of stuff are there to make the functions of Byton easier and also to ensure utmost security. Byton M-Byte Concept is engineered with the provision to gather personal data through face recognition that allows the face of the driver to be stored on a profile on Byton’s cloud that is similar to the Apple cloud. By this, the system will start to chat and the voice got through the response will be used for Byton’s voice command feature. Along with these, the ‘Air Touch’ counter to the hand gestures. All these operations are regulated by the government like the hazard lights, physical controls, the gear selector, etc. to elevate the grade of security ensured delivered by the Byton M-Byte Concept.

Even though it is not obvious that we will be offered a full system of self-driving technology, but expecting a decent autonomous driving system. As Tesla’s Autopilot autonomous driving system is more dashing than the setup of Byton’s, Byton should have to offer at least this complete feature. But, it is more likely to get this quality as this is already incorporated in all advanced sedans of prominent brands.

2022 Byton M-Byte Concept Display

Battery, Range, And Charging Of Byton M-Byte Concept

The battery pack of CATL LiFePO4 is loaded with various capacities and thus delivers different ranges in the two models. The entry version carries a 72kWh battery pack and the high-end model is mounted with a CATL LiFePO4 battery of a capacity rate 95kWh. The smaller one delivers 224 miles or 360km of driving range on a single charge according to the European WLTP Testing cycle and the expensive one runs at an NEDC range of 286 miles or 460kms. Both the batteries can be juiced up by the DC fast charging outlet of 150kW that only takes 35 minutes to strike 80%. It is also possible to charge at the home outlet using either 110/220 Volts.

Engine Of Byton M-Byte Concept

2022 Byton M-Byte Exterior

The buyers can get two options either a rear-wheel or four-wheel electric powertrain. The drivetrain of Byton M-Byte is composed of two motors mounted on the front and rear axle that is the all-wheel-drive or one motor placed on the rear axle to form the rear-wheel drive. The rear wheel one outputs a power of 268hp or 200kw whereas the front motor puts out 201hp or 150kw of power those generates 710 Nm or 524 lb. ft of peak torque. The total amount of horsepower is estimated to be of 402hp. Byton claims that the single motor, rear-wheel drive achieves an acceleration from 0 to 62kmph in 7.5 seconds, on the other hand, the dual-motor powertrain setup accelerates at this range within just 2 seconds.

Price And Warranty Of Byton M-Byte Concept 

We are not provided with the accurate price, detailed technological matters, and other options as we will only be able to know close to the on-sale date. As there are two trim levels offered, Standard range and Long-range, the base model costs around $45,000 (est) and the Long-range holds the price tag of $55,000 (est) whereas in the European automobile market this electric car wages around £64,000 which is considered to be high. Most of the reviews remarked that the Long-range is the most recommendable one due to its stretched range on a single charge itself.

As Byton M-Byte Concept is the first offering of Byton company and due to the fact that it hasn’t been released yet, the updates related to the warranty are not issued.


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