By 2024, Cellforce Group Of Porsche Will Start Its Battery Production

By 2024, Cellforce Group Of Porsche Will Start Its Battery Production

CFG (Cellforce Group), the joint venture between Porsche and Custom cells has made BASF their official exclusive cell development partner for its next-generation Li-ion battery.

Since BASF is a chemical company, its role is strictly related to providing high-energy HED NCM cathode active materials essential for producing high-performance battery cells. BASF adds, that the batteries equipped with its cathode active materials are equipped with fast charging feature and show very high cycle stabilities right from the start.

As per the requirements of next-generation silicon anodes, the company is quite interested and committed to adapt cathode active materials.

It is said that the brand will withstand its standards and Cellforce’s batteries will be the special ones. Let the production start in 2024, it is estimated that the batteries with the initial capacity of at least 100 MWh annually, will be used for about 1k high-performance vehicles and motorsport. All this will thereby lead to an average translation of about 100kWh per vehicle.

In 2024, the Cellforce Group of Porsche will start its battery production

Cellforce Group will be supplied by BASF using two new plants:

  • In Schwarzheide, cathode active materials.
  • In Harjavalta and Finland, precursor cathode active materials.

This company is approaching the production criteria differently. The important part of the company’s approach is re-cycling.

The battery material that will be provided by BASF will have an outstanding sustainability record both for reliability and responsibility. The main aim would be using a recycled material with the lowest carbon footprint along the supply chain as of 2022 with its production plants for cathode active materials in Schwarzheide, Germany and for precursor cathode active materials in Harjavalta, Finland.

At BASF’s prototype plant, the recycling of production waste from the future Cellforce Group battery plant will be done for battery recycling in Schwarzheide, Germany.

Lithium, nickel, cobalt, and manganese will be:

  • recycled in a hydrometallurgical process
  • re-introduced into BASF’s production process for cathode active materials

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