2024 Model of Mercedes S-Class Hybrid (facelift) Might Have Gen5 Battery

2024 Model of Mercedes S-Class Hybrid (facelift) Might Have Gen5 Battery

The 2021 Mercedes S-Class plug-in hybrid hasn’t landed in showrooms yet, and the whispers of its facelift (MY2024) have already started. According to a recent report from JESMB, it is out that Daimler is planning to produce a ‘Gen5’ battery pack. From late autumn of 2024, this battery pack will be having a higher energy density for plug-in hybrids which will thereby increase the range of the vehicle.

As of now, we can say that the all-new Mercedes S-Class will be out by the end of 2024. Moreover, the S-Class plug-in hybrid before the launch of smaller models might get the new battery pack installed. Till now the data which is out about the Gen5 batteries are:

  • lighter in weight
  • more powerful
  • produced only at Untertürkheim plant

The 2021 Mercedes S 580 e, commonly known as Mercedes S-Class plug-in hybrid has a 28.6 kWh battery with a usable capacity of 21.5 kWh. The pure electric variant has a range of about 100 km (WLTP). Generally, the customers will have a 3.7 kW AC on-board standard charger, but they will also be provided with an upgraded 11 kW AC three-phase on-board charger. The car takes just 30 minutes to charge fully, with the help of a 60 kW DC fast-charger. Not only this, the customers can even claim a recuperation power of 120 kW. The brand may confirm the final specifications in the upcoming weeks. Some of the points about the 2021 Mercedes S-Class:

Mercedes S-Class Hybrid Exterior

Exterior of Mercedes S-Class Hybrid

The seventh-gen Mercedes S Class comes with a transformative design departure. The following are some unique features that give this car an edge over the other EV and also help in retaining its identity:

  • short front overhang
  • a long wheelbase
  • a balanced rear overhang
  • stretched bonnet
  • long passenger cell
  • upright front end
  • flowing C-pillar
  • radiator grille
  • Digital Light headlamps
  • flush-fitted door handles
  • split tail lamps

Interior of Mercedes S-Class Hybrid

The 2021 Mercedes S Class, follows a higher level of minimalism visible in the cabin. The dashboard, instrument cluster, front aircon vents, steering wheel, and center console have a quite sleeker look. These features give the car’s interior an oomph look which makes the car look more classy.

Mercedes S-Class Hybrid

The car has a 12.8-inch touch-operated OLED display which makes the floating center console the most attractive part of the car. There is even an ‘auto stereoscopic’ display in which the stereo camera system is integrated. It is used to determine the position of the driver. The car is even equipped with a controllable aperture grille and a unique pixel structure. The company also claims that the feature is precisely adjusted with the head of the driver, which creates the desired impression depth for better experience. Other features like the following give the car some futuristic and attractive features:

  • two head-up displays
  • gesture-controlled sunroof
  • activation of some voice commands
  • dialogue capability
  • fingerprint, face, and voice recognition
  • drag and drop feature
  • three screens in the rear
    1. two (11.6-inch): positioned on the backs of the front headrests
    2. a 7.0-inch tablet: located in the central armrest.

Daimler has paid a lot of attention to the interior and also to the comfort level of the car. The brand says that after home and office, the car itself can be considered as the customer’s ‘third place’. The customers of the all-new S Class can look forward to more relaxing massages as the car has a new Energizing seat kinetics feature which after some time adjusts the inclination of the backrests and seat cushions minutely. It even offers 3 programs to improve the spinal health of the occupants:

  • short journey
  • medium journey
  • long journey

The ambient lighting from the overhead control panel to the back of the front seats in the cabin provides a heightened sense of personalized luxury. There are around 250 LEDs in all, and their brightness is adjustable to 20 levels. The car is even equipped with advanced air filtering systems, capable of combating odors, pollen, and dust.

Specifications of Mercedes S-Class Hybrid:

The new generation, Mercedes S-Class is based on the MRA platform. The drag coefficient of the car is 0.22 Cd. The car has rear-axle steering, which at high speed (i.e. more than 60 km/h) offers same-direction steering for more stability. The damping and spring forces of each wheel are regulated by a new active suspension known as E-Active Body Control. The E-Active Body Control is based on an AIRMATIC air suspension system that operates at 48 volts. It has come out that the entire range is going to be electrified.

Mercedes S-Class Hybrid Charge

Safety in Mercedes S-Class Hybrid:

The 2021 Mercedes S Class is going to be the world’s first car with airbags for rear-seat passengers. There is even a new advanced safety technology, an inflatable safety belt, named as ‘Belt Bag’. The front airbags are also advanced, as it has air cushions in the seats to move them towards the vehicle’s center, this way the impact of the collision is diverted.

Price and Production of Mercedes S-Class Hybrid:

The car may cost from EUR 94,540 (incl. VAT) to EUR 1,19,364 (incl. VAT) in Germany. The manufacturing of the 2021 Mercedes S-Class has started in Factory 56, located in Sindelfingen just 20 kilometers away from the headquarters in Germany.

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