Aiways U5 – Amazing Specs, Price And Design

Aiways U5 – Amazing Specs, Price And Design

Aiways U5

Shanghai-based automaker Aiways has secured the required permits and certifications for a Europe launch, and plans to start sales in the second quarter of next year, co-founder Fu Qiang said in an interview. The upstart will first start selling the vehicle, called U5, in China this month.

‘Aiways’ stands for ‘Ai on the way’, where AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. The company was founded in 2017. They are based in China with a subsidiary in Germany.. With the Aiways U5, an extremely affordable electric SUV has come onto the market. The U5 will be the first zero-emission electric vehicle produced by the brand, and it is all set to wow the masses with its all-electric persona and superior comfort. The brand claims that the U5 will feature a dynamic design and boast many innovative technological cues. With the likes of Tesla and Ford having a solid stand in the segment, Aiways has a long way to go.


Interior Design Of Aiways U5

The interior of the U5 is impressive and is an intelligent blend of space and technology. The seating arrangement on the more premium variant of this machine features leather wrapped upholstery that ensures absolute comfort. The driver of the U5 has the option of a 6-way adjustable seat, coupled with electric lumbar support, which is also adjustable in two directions. The spacious interior is further accentuated with the option of the back seats housing a 60:40 split feature creating a flat floor compartment and a mammoth-like 1543 litre flat floor space.

Aiways U5-interior

The provision of several storage units around the cabin and an optional glove compartment only add to the overall space factor, and the respectable 432 litre boot can be further improved to a humongous 1555 litres with the back seats folded. The sleek interior also sports a three-part combined display tilted towards the driver. This system also provides the driver with essential vehicle information, battery status, and seamless regenerative braking info. The microfibre leather steering wheel is adjustable and is leveled off at the top and bottom. This unique design results in zero hindrance when viewing the display.

Exterior Design Of Aiways U5

The exterior of the U5 is aesthetically pleasing and functional. The model currently presented is a somewhat compact recreational vehicle by definition (C-SUV), but its dimensions place it in the larger medium category (D-SUV). Its wheelbase is 280 cm long, 468 cm long, 187 cm wide and 170 cm high. The U5 shall feature an intelligent design, and it will also sport a certain aerodynamic factor with its rear spoiler and roof-rail design. The car looked promising at first glance, and with bold claims about its overall performance, the Chinese automaker could make a significant mark in the world of electromobility.


Engine And Battery Of Aiways U5

The Aiways U5 is sufficiently motorized with 150 kW for everyday use . The sprint from 0 to 100 km / hr is done in a sporty 7.8 seconds, the top speed is limited to 160 km / hr for the benefit of energy efficiency. In terms of driving safety, the U5 is also quite solid. The electric SUV, which by the way only weighs 1.8 tons, is safely braked during the evasive test by the electronic stability program ESP and drives through the pylon course with a steep incline, but largely without any problems. The chassis does not try to be overly athletic, but works pleasant, as one would expect from an SUV. The straight-line stability is also convincing.


The U5 can hardly be disturbed by ruts and sloping roads. The power steering does its job flawlessly. And the brakes can be dosed well – not a matter of course for an electric car, in which the deceleration caused by the electric motor has to interact with the wheel brake. It takes 17 hours to get full power on the battery at home, and even after eight hours, you have only got 140 km on the battery. On the go it goes a bit faster, and here you can charge with up to 90 kW, and then you can get 240 km on the car in 35 minutes.

Features And Specs Of Aiways U5

It can offer pretty much everything in equipment. It comes in two editions, Plus and Premium, and the difference is ₹ 4 lakhs. Glass sunroof, 19-inch wheels, imitation leather upholstery and electric tailgate are some basic features. Both versions, however, offer nice equipment such as keyless operation, adaptive cruise control, a large screen with i.a. Apple CarPlay, air conditioning, LED lights all around and electrically adjustable seats. And that means that in both versions you are doing well in that way.


Price Of Aiways U5

The U5 will be offered exclusively via a direct-to-customer sales model, and not retailed or leased through traditional dealerships. On the other hand, it is clear that the Aiways U5 is sold with a nice five-year warranty on the entire car and with an eight-year warranty on the battery. The cheapest version costs ₹ 34 lakhs. The Aiways U5 has now been delivered to the first buyers in Germany.


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