Amo Electric Jaunty Plus e-Scooter – Design, Features, Price And Launch Date

Amo Electric Jaunty Plus e-Scooter – Design, Features, Price And Launch Date

The year 2022 is going to witness the upspring of an innovative electric scooter that will turn out well in both performance and stylish looks. The Noida-based electric vehicles maker AMO Electric launched its brand new electric scooter named Jaunty Plus e-scooter on 7 February 2022. Jaunty Plus is remodeled on the basis of the Jaunty e-scooter, but the all-new one comes with cutting-edge technologies and fine specifications along with a sporty appearance. The company announced that the electric scooter will be on sale from 15 February 2022 and it will be retailed from the manufacturer’s 140 dealerships across the country.

Design Of Amo Electric Jaunty Plus e-Scooter

Amo Electric Jaunty Plus e-scooter displays itself in a decorous design with lucid colorful graphics. Its blooming and stylish appearance outshines the current traditional electric bikes in the market. The lustrous metal body frame is structured with the High Rigid Tubular frame and materialized with pure steel. It has got an ergonomic architecture with elegant moving curves sketched on the body frame. The company offers a dual-tone color scheme in which the black color combines with five other colors like red, grey, blue, white, and yellow. And, this duple color combination adds sportiness to the appearance. This electric bike has a length of 1780mm, a width of 700mm, and a height of 1180mm. It has a curb weight of 62kg when the bike is empty with load or passenger, but the gross weight can reach up to 230kg wholly adding the weight of the unit, trailer, and load along with the heaviness of the vehicle itself. The luxurious touch is even backed by the flat comfy single-piece seat placed at a height of 730mm and the large footboard also elevates the comfort for the passenger. Jaunty runs on lightweight aluminum wheels encased with tubeless tires.

Motor And Battery Of Amo Electric Jaunty Plus e-Scooter

Amo Electric Jaunty Plus e-scooter Charger

The brushless DC hub motor mounted on it with a capacity of 249 watts draws electricity from a battery pack. Jaunty Plus offers two sets of batteries- the Lithium-ion and the VSLR( valve-regulated lead-acid battery) both having an electric potential of 60 Volt and getting charged fully by four hours. Thus the large battery helps to get a longer range of 120 km on a single charge itself and also cuts down the charging time. Besides, the maker hasn’t released the performance figures of the brand new electric bike but proclaimed that they grant an option of a fixed and a detachable battery pack to switch batteries at any time during long drives. The charge will juice up to 60% in two hours and by four hours, a range of 75 km is guaranteed. By 6 hours, the charge will strike 100% and reaches 100 km.

Features Of Amo Electric Jaunty Plus e-Scooter

Amo Electric Jaunty Plus e-scooter Features

The lighting setup mounted on it is ample enough for a drive through dark terrains. And, this lighting system includes the LED headlight cluster attached to the front apron, Bulb tail lights, LED Daytime Running light, etc. The handlebar is highlighted with an integrated LED cluster including the flashy bulb indicators and the DRL lights. Besides illuminating the pathways, this well-arranged light setup is too displayed as style enhancing factor on the electric bike.

The high ground clearance and powerful pickup will make it easier to have seamless navigation through hilly terrains and rough areas. The speed control switch will regulate the speed and the engine kill switch benefits to reduce the power to the engine in case of an emergency. Other sublime amenities offered are the USB charging port, digital instrument console, central locking, etc.

Braking And Safety Of Amo Electric Jaunty Plus e-Scooter

The telescopic fork at the front and the gas-charged shock absorbers placed at the rear part combine together to form a suspension setup. The ten inches alloy wheels help for a hybrid braking system on both the wheels and supply speed regulation, inevitable friction, and an exceptional grip. The braking is controlled by the disc brake at the front and the drum brake at the rear part.

Jaunty Plus is also equipped with EABS – Electronically Assisted Braking System that helps in attaining perfect buoyancy. However, it is testified that there are chances of locking the front wheel up while applying forceful braking. In such cases, extra care and attention should be given while taking deceleration or emergency braking. It is a constant crisis that, we all raise the side stand accidentally, in such cases the Side stand detector keeps us and our vehicle safe. There is also other safety ensuring properties like the anti-theft alarm and Cruise control.

Amo Electric Jaunty Plus e-Scooter Design

Price And Warranty Of Amo Electric Jaunty Plus e-Scooter

The ex-showroom price of the Amo Electric Jaunty Plus e- scooter is estimated as Rs. 1,10,460 in Delhi and it may change at different states depending on the EV policy.

Amo Electric gives the buyers a battery warranty of one year and a scooter warranty of 3 years.


Jaunty Plus can be considered as the analog of maximum efficiency at a low price. It is sure that Jaunty will surge soon as the energy-efficient, smart, and robust electric scooter in India because it can truly withstand the intense traffic congestions in urban areas. Even though the price is slightly bulky for mediocre people, its outstanding performance could even beat up the Ola electric scooter.

Sushant Kumar, the Founder & Managing Director of AMO Electric Bikes said, “We are delighted to introduce our technically advanced Jaunty Plus in the Indian automotive market. Conceived and designed by our in-house research and development team, these eco-friendly bikes are a testimony to our brand’s promise of providing best-in-class EV mobility solutions and service.”

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