Ampere Magnus Pro Electric Scooter – Design, Performance & Features

Ampere Magnus Pro Electric Scooter – Design, Performance & Features

Launched in June 2020, Ampere released its third model by the name Magnus Pro, which is one of the best Electric Scooter in India. Starting at Rs. 66,715, it comes in four amazing colours and is available in only one variable. Magnus Pro comes with a combined braking system for both wheels and a lithium-ion battery. There are many other features such as a USB charging port, alarm system, and more which will be discussed below.

Design of Magnus Pro

For Magnus Pro, the Ampere company has greatly focused on its designs and looks. It has quite a stylish and sleek look. Starting from the front, the LED headlamp and the indicators all together are designed in a triangular shape with a metal strip outlining at the top. At the apron, the Ampere logo can be seen on a bulged surface and below it, there is a metal bar where the number plate can be fixed. A metal strip that starts from the bottom of the apron makes a ‘V’ and continues up into DRLs. So the metal strip and the DRLs together make a ‘V’. From the sides, it is quite angular and there are electric stickers on each side.

Ampere Magnus Pro Designs

On the other side of the apron which faces the seat, there we have two pockets to hold things like mobile phones, keys, and water-bottles or whatever the rider prefers. There is a hook in between the pockets for hanging things. Just above the left pocket is the USB charging port and on the left is the ignition keyhole.

At the rear, we have LED tail lights and indicators all designed together in a curve matching the shape of the seat. Below that is the number plate bar. Then comes the tires which have a motor of BLDC type fixed in it. Both the tyres are tubeless and are 10 inches in size.

Coming to the digital cluster on the headset, the displays include a speedometer, tachometer, and odometer. On the display, there is also a green light that turns on when the start button is pushed in after ignition. There are a set of buttons near either side of the handles. On the left handle, there is a high and low beam button, and below it is a horn button and an indicator switch. On the right side are the headlight and the taillight switch and a start switch, on the right handle there is yet another switch is a high/low-speed switch.

The seat is very comfortable and so is the pillion seat. It is made of good quality and assists in giving the rider an excellent experience. On the pillion section, there is a pillion grab bar attached to the seat on the right, and on the left, there is a foot rest for the pillion seat next to the rear wheel. Behind the seat, there is a grab rail which is silver in colour and has a crisscross design.

The boot space is also very enormous and fits a helmet in it. It also has LED light for better vision in the dark. At the bottom of the boot space is a hatch that opens with a key. This hatch makes way for the lithium-ion battery. The battery can be removed from here when needed to charge. Otherwise, the battery can also be charged from the charging socket found under the seat. For this, the battery is not needed to be removed.

Ampere Magnus Pro Features

Adding one last piece of design information is that Ampere Magnus Pro comes in four colours which are Golden yellow, graphite black, bluish pearl white, and metallic red.

Battery of Magnus Pro

It has a lithium-ion battery that takes about 5-6 hours to charge. Once charged it gives about 60v and 7.5Ah to the scooter. The battery holds a capacity of 1.68 kWh. Upon full charge, the battery provides 70-80km of mileage. It is removable hence it can be charged anywhere where the owner of this scooter whether it be home or some other place. The scooter also has a charging socket through which the batter can be charged without being removed from the scooter. The battery warranty is 3 years and can be extended to 5 years.

Motor and performance of Magnus Pro

Powered by the battery the motor gains 1200W that can power the Ampere Magnus Pro to a speed of 55 kmph. The motor allows the scooter to accelerate from 0 to 40 kmph in just 10 seconds. The motor is of BLDC type and is located at the rear wheel. The scooter has two speed options: high and low. By switching to high speed the scooter speeds up to 55-58 kmph. by hitting the low-speed switch the scooter accelerates to 35-38 kmph.

Ampere Magnus Pro Performance

Brake, suspensions, and wheels in Magnus Pro

The Magnus Pro scooter has a Combined Braking System (CBS) and on each wheel, there is a drum machine. There are two types of suspensions separate for each wheel. In the front wheel is the telescope suspension and in the rear wheel is the coil spring suspension. The tubeless tyres are both 10 inches in size and the wheel type is of alloy.

Features in Magnus Pro

One of the amazing features it includes is that it has an anti-theft system. Once the scooter is locked then by just touching the scooter an alarm will go off notifying the owner. And yes, its lock mechanism can be operated by a remote. For charging smartphones it also has a USB charging port.

Price of Magnus Pro

In India, the Magnus Pro price starts from RS.66,715 and government incentives will be added. The electric scooter is easily available in instalments.


A very stylish scooter and is the best fit for girls and elderly people as it is very lightweight and easy to handle. The ride is also very cheap as it does not run on any fuel and it only costs 15 paisas/km. with such amazing features many are willing to try the riding experience it can give. The technology used has challenged the manufacturing of the roads whether it be bumpy or smooth it can ride on all types of roads.

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