Ampere Magnus Pro Review – Premium Flagship Model Priced At Rs.73,990

Ampere Magnus Pro Review – Premium Flagship Model Priced At Rs.73,990

At the present time, the Indian automotive sector has one of its worst periods, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, which locked the whole country. Electric vehicle manufacturers around the world are planning to introduce new electric vehicles. One such electric vehicle company is Ampere Vehicles. The Ampere Vehicles chose to proceed, introducing the Ampere Magnus Pro in the Indian market in early June 2020, as their latest flagship electric scooter. The launch was held online via a virtual conference, a trend among automotive manufacturers nowadays. As a premium model, the Ampere Magnus Pro electric scooter claims to offer powerful performance, a wide variety of features and devices. Feature Specification Detail
1 Battery Capacity 60V
2 Power 1.2 KW
3 Weight 82 Kg
4 Top Speed 55 KM / Hr
5 Range 75 KMs
6 Charging Time 4 hrs
7 Price 73,990 INR

Style and Design of Ampere Magnus Pro

With a regular design and style, the electric scooter from Ampere Magnus Pro can easily be mistaken for a typical model with an IC engine. The Magnus Pro features a number of components, chrome finishes, and highlights that enhance its beauty. Starting from the front, a massive LED lighting unit is available on the front body, with a thick chrome strip on the top of the new Magnus Pro electric scooter. Further down, a thick V-shaped Chrome piece is provided which is integrated with the widespread turning indicators. In its side profile, it offers simple and minimalist design features. 

Ampere Magnus Pro electric scooter

A single-piece seat is provided for the Magnus Pro. The wide seat and the long footboard allow both a rider and the extra person, a very comfortable sitting posture. The seats also provide a fair degree of coating, so that both drivers and passengers can comfortably sit on extended trips. The batteries of the Magnus Pro are positioned with the under-seat storage area, contrary to other electric scooters. The storage itself has good size and is equipped with an LED light, which is always activated.

Engine Options in Ampere Magnus Pro

This electric scooter is powered by a lithium-ion 60V 30Ah battery pack combined with an electric motor of 1.2 kW. There are two modes in the Magnus Pro, the low and high. The “L” mode is primarily the “Eco” mode, whereas the “H” mode is the “Standard” mode. There is a clear difference between the two modes. In “L” mode, the scooter swiftly lowers the power and ensures a longer range. Ampere claims in this mode that the Magnus Pro can provide up to 100km of range. However, the range in ‘L’ mode should be only 75km under real-world conditions.

Most of the power is available in the ‘High or H’ mode of the scooter. The top speed in this setting rises to 55 km/h, even if you end up compromising the range to the 60 km mark. In addition to the high-speed differences, both modes are differentially tuned. The power in ‘L’ mode is more linear and the scooter takes a few seconds to speed up. However, the power is given immediately at the higher setting. For most riders, ‘H’ mode is the logical choice because the scooter delivers higher performance, particularly either overtaking or riding up.

Ampere Magnus Pro Display

Extra Features in Ampere Magnus Pro

As already stated, the Magnus Pro is an electric flagship scooter with several characteristics and devices. In a choice of distinctive colors like Bluish Pearl White, Golden Yellow, Metallic Red, and Graphite Black, the Ampere Magnus Pro electric scooter is offered.

It is also reported that the Ampere Magnus Pro can handle up to 150 kg of load. The scooter itself weighs only 82kg and is therefore very light and convenient to travel.  The Magnus Pro is equipped with 150 mm clearance. This also allows the scooter, without sinking out, to avoid all bumps, pits, and imperfections on the road. However, the elevated footboard causes some inconvenience.  The Magnus Pro suspension includes the telescopic front forks and the rear spring suspension. The suspension system that is used in this vehicle is of high quality. The breaks are amazing as well. The drum brakes of 130mm at each end, supplemented by a combined braking system, work well, to quickly and smoothly stop the scooter.

Ampere Magnus Pro Design

Why Ampere Magnus Pro Electric Scooter is Unique?

This scooter is unique as a large number of features are offered at a very competitive price. Some of the most significant features are LED headlamps, full-digital device cluster, remote key, USB boot charge port, lots and lots of storage spaces, anti-theft alert, and find my scooter. All these features make this electric scooter unique and stand apart from other regular electric scooters.  

Pricing of Ampere Magnus Pro

The Ampere Magnus Pro is the latest electric scooter premium brand. The Ampere Magnus Pro is offered for Rs. 73,990 as the ex-showroom price. We can see that the price of this electric scooter is low and this scooter can be considered as an economical option of electric scooter having all the required features and functionalities.

Ampere Magnus Pro EV


While positioned in a premium flagship model, the Ampere Magnus Pro electric scooter appeals to the public more. Yes, the Magnus Pro misses features such as connected technology, but it is balanced by a very attractive price tag that makes it inexpensive than any of its competitors. The Ampere Magnus Pro is a complete worth for money. The scooter includes a sleek design, many amenities, excellent performance, and decent riding and handling. The electric scooter also seems nicely constructed and should surely be considered as an option to buy.

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