Ampere Reo Plus Electric Scooter – Design, Features & Performance

Ampere Reo Plus Electric Scooter – Design, Features & Performance

Another electric scooter launched by the Ampere company that goes by the name ‘Reo Plus electric scooter’ has announced its appearance in many showrooms all over the country. The benefits and design offered by this electric scooter allow the ride to be comfortable and enjoyable. The Reo scooters have many variants that include Reo Plus LA, Reo LA, Reo Li, and Reo Plus Li. It possesses two types of batteries which are lithium-ion battery and lead-acid variant. High power suspensions, a superior braking system, and many more features will be discussed below.

Design Ampere Reo Plus Electric Scooter

The Reo Plus electric scooter shares many similarities with the Zeal EX electric scooter. The colors available for this scooter are red, orange, blue, and yellow contrasting with black and grey stripes. Starting from the front, the LED indicator lights on either side are very nearer to the handles. The mop lights followed by the indicator lights are placed just for the show and give it a tacky look. A broad black stripe dividing the red surface and the lights make it look sleek. On the apron, the Ampere logo sits on top as a display. Moving down are the headlamps that seem to be placed on a V-shaped black strip.

ampere reo plus electric bike design


The digital display on the top shows the speed reading, battery charge, and voltage reading. On either side of the handles are the horn buttons. On the left indicator, light buttons can be seen. on the right, there is a headlight switch. The high/low button cannot be seen as the car only has a maximum speed of 25 kmph.

On the inside of the apron, there are two pockets where things like water bottles and cell phones, or any other small thing can be placed. Between the two pockets, there is a hook to hang any carriables. The footrest has a large space where many luggage can be placed depending on where the person is going to and what they are carrying.  Below the seat is the charging point as the battery is not removable in this one.

ampere reo plus electric scooter design

At the rear of the scooter, there is again a pair of LED indicator lights with a standard taillight in between. The number plate placement bar is right under the lights. The motor is located at the rear wheel and is covered by a plastic panel with carbon textures on it. The wheels in the front have a telescopic suspension and the back wheel has a coil spring suspension. This scooter provides a ground clearance of 112 mm.


A seat that opens into a boot provides more storage and has a space to fit a helmet into it. The seat itself is very comfortable as it is made up of good material. The pillion is also a nice one and has a pillion-grabbing bar to allow the person sitting in the back to hold on. The rear of the seat is surrounded by a grab rail but comparatively short as compared to other Ampere models. The only drawback in this is that it does not have a mobile charging port.

The battery of Ampere Reo Plus Electric Scooter

ampere reo plus electric scooter Lithium Ion Battery

The battery in this scooter is available in both lithium-ion battery and lead-acid variants.  It does not consist of a removable battery hence the charging point is located below the seat. Only one type of battery can be purchased when buying this scooter. If it is a lead-acid variant then it takes about 8-10 hours to charge and gives an average of about 50 to 60 mileage. The lithium-ion battery takes about 5-6 hours to charge and gives a mileage of an average of about 55 to 65 hours. The battery holds a capacity of 48 v and 24 Ah and the charging rate is 48v/6A.

Performance and other Features of Ampere Reo Plus Electric Scooter

The motor type in this scooter is BLDC and the power capacity is 250W. With this, the scooter can travel for around 58 km give or take 5 km. The speed of this scooter can go up to 25 kmph allowing non-licensed people to drive it. It can carry up to 120 kg but it is recommended to load only up to 75kg. The brakes have a mechanical drum system. The suspensions are telescopic suspension in the front and coil spring suspensions in the rear wheel. Other than that it also eliminates greenhouse gases emission and air pollution. The operating cost is very low and the fact it is an electric scooter and it runs on batteries consumes less fuel.

ampere reo plus electric scooter

Benefits of Ampere Reo Plus Electric Scooter

It does not negatively affect the environment as it prevents the emission of air pollutants. The price range is from 43,490 – to 62,500 INR. This makes it easier for people to purchase it. It has proven to be pocket-friendly as compared to other competitors. These competitors include Hero electric flash, dash and optima, Automobile Atum version 1.0, and Komaki XGT KM. License registration is not necessary as the speed only goes up to 25kmph. This makes it easier to travel to schools, colleges, and offices.

ampere reo plus electric scooter feature

It has a striking appeal all due to edgy contour. More mileage can be achieved as there is a 10% chance of improvement in range performance. As it can carry up to 120 km hence it has a higher capacity of holding loads. This scooter gives riders a smooth and bumpy-less ride allowing for an enjoyable riding experience. This is all because of suspensions in the wheels.


Reo Plus electric scooter is the best option for those who do not have a driving license and can get people to their destinations without any troubles. Due to its added benefits, it has made it easier for people to utilize it. The only drawback it has is that it doesn’t have a mobile charging port and that its mileage is shorter as compared to other Ampere models.

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