Ampere Zeal EX – Design, Features & Price

Ampere Zeal EX – Design, Features & Price

Almost at the same price as the Magnus EX, Ampere has released another scooter by the name Ampere Zeal EX electric scooter. It is about Rs 5000 cheaper but it comes with all the features just like the Magnus EX. The only difference is the design. Ampere Magnus EX has a much better finishing due to chrome and aluminum embellishments. Ampere Zeal EX on the other hand has a much simpler look. The battery and motors are the same giving the same mileage and power to the scooter. There are many details to be discussed regarding all that has been mentioned and it will be done so below.

Design and Features of Ampere Zeal EX

So what is so different about this scooter? Well, let’s begin from the front where there is a ‘Fame India’ badge stating it has been granted subsidies. The badge rest at the top of the head of the scooter. Then comes the turn indicators on either side very nearer to the handles. The indicators follow down to the pair of mop lamps which in general have no use and are just for show.

Ampere Zeal EX

The apron has a standard scooter look and starting from the top there is the Ampere logo. Below the logo, there is a number plate holder mounted in a way that does not affect the look of the scooter and is quite nicely done. Moving down there are a pair of LED DRLs and a headlamp. The headlamp has a halogen bulb. Getting closer to the ground on the wheel hood ‘harmonized braking system’ which means the combi braking system is used. In further elaboration, it means brakes are applied to both the tiers by using one brake lever.

Coming to the side profile it has an amazing blackout effect due to its color combinations. This allows the Zeal EX sticker to stand out. Overall it has a sleek look. The seat resembles the lower portion of this scooter; it is very soft and has its curves allowing the rider to sit very comfortably. The pillion has the Ampere logo carved in it. There are pillion grab bars on each side to hold on to when going for a ride. The rear of the seat is surrounded by a grab rail.

Coming to the rear of the Ampere Zeal EX electric scooter, there is a standard bulb setup for a taillight. There is no LED taillight as compared to the Magnus EX. The wheels have machine-finished rims but are not really of alloy material. Around the rear wheel, there is a plastic panel with a carbon fiber texture which looks quite good. The motors are fixed at the wheel hence the rear wheel is designed in a way to consume all that and give it a nice finish. Adjustable shock absorbers to make it stiffer or soft depending on the rider.

Ampere Zeal EX Charge

Moving on to the handlebars, there is the full digital cluster that displays the speed, power in the battery, and voltage reading.  A green light on the side indicates that the scooter is ready to go when the ignition has taken place. Next to both the handlebars, there are many switches or buttons. On the left, there is a high beam and low beam button. On the right, there are the indicator buttons and a horn button. On the right handle, there is a high/low switch. These switches are very loosely placed that could have been fixed with the help of the screws. Sadly it is not done in this scooter.

Below the handlebars, there are two pockets designed in a way to store small things like water bottles, cell phones, and more. This will be convenient for many. The ignition keyhole is right above this pocket. This not only starts the car but the access to the battery is through this keyhole. By twisting to the left the seat pops open. Under the seat, there is a lot of room for storage and under the storage, there is a hatch that opens and makes way for the battery. The battery is removable and can be charged anywhere else according to the owner’s preferences. The battery is quite heavy. Lastly, this scooter is available in four different colors which are red, black, white, and sky blue.

Ampere Zeal EX Storage Space

The battery in Ampere Zeal EX

The battery is the same as that of the Magnus EX which is the lithium-ion battery. It holds the capacity of 60v with 30 Ah. The battery is built to provide a long-lasting drive and is easily changeable. It takes about 5-6 hours to get fully charged. It covers a mileage of 75 km per charge. The battery can be removed from under the seat and can be charged at home.

Performance of Ampere Zeal EX

Ampere Zeal EX Speeds

The motor is of BLDC type and generates a power of 1200W. This gives it two sets of speeds: around 58 kmph is the high speed and around 38-40 kmph is the low speed. With this motor, even the toughest terrains can be easily covered due to its 19nm at 632. The Zeal EX has a coil spring rear suspension and telescopic front suspension.

Price of Ampere Zeal EX

As mentioned before, Ampere Zeal EX is available at a much lower price as compared to the Magnus EX. The price is around Rs. 60,000 to 63,000. The after-sale service of Ampere Zeal EX is easily available at any showroom across the country. The Zeal EX also comes with its insurance features.

Ampere Zeal EX Speed


This Ampere Zeal EX bike is widely popular for women as they are not just very affordable but also very easily manageable. Despite its many advantages, many improvements are yet to be done. The loosely placed buttons and the design needs improvement. Other than that it is good to go.

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