AnyHill UM-2 : Unique Heavy Duty eScooter

AnyHill UM-2 : Unique Heavy Duty eScooter

The ANYHILL UM-2 is a new flagship scooter from a firm that is prepared to compete with the Ninebot Max. It offers a unique feature set that is interesting to look at, especially if you’re a bigger rider.

When a new product debuts, they typically maintain the status quo very closely. It’s exciting to see a fresh firm take the lead and entirely depart from the pack with a scooter that incorporates five unusual design elements. Let’s look at the newest items.

Design of the AnyHill UM-2

AnyHill UM-2 Design

The UM-2 features ergonomic handlebars with rubberized handgrips that are both gripping and comfortable. These grips, like its forerunner (the AnyHill UM-1), have a concentric circle that enables the best grip even on the most erratic of journeys. The scooter’s electronic brake is located on the left handlebar, and the throttle is located on the right. Both of these controls are thumb-activated. They have a glossy finish in a pleasing red and blue color scheme with a control-enhancing rough texture. Additionally, the drum brake lever extends from the handlebars at a convenient distance for comfortable stopping.

The UM-2 has a simple-looking design that prioritizes simplicity.

The UM-2 has a larger, bulkier profile than the UM-1 due to its thicker stem and deck, but nothing out of the ordinary considering its power and battery capacity.

The rubber-coated deck’s traction allowed for maintaining the stance without slipping or moving. Even so, it might use some more quality control because certain parts are a little rough (especially where the removable battery is stored). Similarly to this, when weight is applied to and removed from the detachable battery, the locking mechanism often shakes. You can hear a clanking sound, for instance, if you tap your feet on the deck.

A set of 10-inch pneumatic tires are mounted on the UM-2.

The majority of the vibrations are absorbed by their soft construction and large surface area, and the crisscross tread provides good traction when cornering and braking.

Acceleration of the ANYHILL UM-2

accelerates smoothly and somewhat more quickly than any of its competitors, reaching 24 kilometers per hour in 5.9 seconds.

Hill climb

Given that it was given the designation ANTHILL, it was encouraging to see that the uphill climb performance was on point, averaging out at 12.1 km/h up our test hill’s 10% gradient.

The maximum Speed of the ANYHILL UM-2

AnyHill UM-2 Features

The UM-2’s top speed, which is 28.8 kilometers per hour and is ESG certified, is comparable to the Ninebot Max.

Range of the ANYHILL UM-2

The UM-2 traveled exactly 27 kilometers in Sport mode during the range test, which is quite usual.

It didn’t weigh much at all—just 2 kilos—in the backpack. Therefore, carrying two wouldn’t be difficult at all, increasing the real, roadworthy range in Sport Mode to more than 81 kilometers.

Braking of the ANYHILL UM-2

The UM-2’s innovative braking mechanism outperforms any scooter in its class, including the reigning champion Ninebot Max, and enables anyone to stop like an expert. Even the four times more expensive Dual Tron Storm scooter couldn’t keep up with it. The UM-2 provides additional braking power without concern for going over the handlebars, which is the best part.

AnyHill UM-2 Range Electric Scooter

Ride quality

The fact that the UM-2 is a very self-assured scooter contributes to a portion of what makes riding it so much joy. The plush, spiral-patterned grips and the sticky rubber deck are small details that contribute to this. Additionally, there are greater things, like 25-centimeter tubeless air-filled tires, which can absorb the shocks. However, overall stability is the most important component. You won’t have to worry about wobbling while riding the UM-2 if you take a long glance over your shoulder or remove your hand from the handlebars to scratch your nose.

Stability makes riding easier to master if you’re a beginner.

Durability & Build Quality

The UM-2 maintains the straightforward style of its predecessor while significantly thickening the chassis.

This scooter boasts a low density and high-strength properties built thanks to its aviation aluminum alloy frame. The UM-2’s construction is dependable from top to bottom and is fully capable of enduring the inevitable knocks and scrapes that come with frequent use thanks to its premium battery and clever battery management system. Additionally, it has an IP54 waterproof rating, which is a need for most electric scooters. As a result, it offers adaptable all-weather protection against dust and complete protection from water spray from all angles.

AnyHill UM-2 Battery Range

Removable Battery

It weighs under 2 kilograms, a first for a scooter priced under $1,000, due to the powerful LG 21700 battery cells. It has an extremely high IPX6 water-resistant- resistant rating and can be replaced very quickly.

You can recharge the battery at your desk thanks to a charging connector that is located right on the pack.

Portability of the ANYHILL UM-2

With non-folding handlebars and a 20 kg weight, portability is good. The stem is simple to fold and looks wonderful, but because it has a flat back, it is uncomfortable to carry. The UM-2 weighs around 2 kilogram’s more than its competitors, however you can remove the battery to make it 2 kilograms lighter.


The UM-2 receives an A for safety because to its incredibly steady ride and superb brakes. We would have rated it an A+ if it had been outfitted with high-mounted lights for visibility at night.

Price of the ANYHILL UM-2

The ANYHILL UM-2 comes in at $899 in the united states

The UM-2 continues AnyHill’s well-known commitment to dependability and excellence. This scooter’s frame is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, making it strong enough to withstand minor dings and scratches. To guard against inadvertent damage, this model also contains a number of added features like a triple brake system and a metal-reinforced rear fender. Although its greater price of $899 may at first appear exorbitant, it’s important to remember that you won’t need to purchase a new model any time soon.


Finding so many unique features in the ANYHILL UM-2 was a wonderful surprise in a world full of imitation scooters. We appreciate that the UM-2 backs up its beautiful aesthetics with strong performance and exceptional riding quality, even though we wish it were 2 kilograms lighter. Add the ANYHILL UM-2 to your list if you’re looking for a commuter similar to the Ninebot Max.

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