Apollo Pro Electric – First Electric High-Performance Scooter

Apollo Pro Electric – First Electric High-Performance Scooter

The Apollo Pro Electric Scooter is one of the best on the market right now, with its sleek and sporty look, top speed of 38 mph (61 km/h), and an enormous range of 56 miles (90 km) at a reasonable price of £1,345 (about $1,895).  You will adore this scooter! The Apollo Pro eScooter successfully juggles the roles of easygoing urban commuter scooter and supreme off-road warrior. The Apollo Pro line of electric scooters has one of the best warranties in the industry—a whopping 24 months—which is what we find to be the most endearing about them. If it isn’t a sign of quality, we’re not sure what is.

Since its founding in 2018, Apollo has become one of the top producers of electric scooters in the world. They are a smart mobility company that transforms urban transportation while preserving the environment. High-quality e-scooters made by Apollo are put through stringent testing to guarantee they are up to par before being distributed. The three quality inspections their products go through involve rigorous testing for safety, durability, and battery life. This process results in only producing the greatest portable electric vehicles.

Build and Exterior Apollo Pro Electric Scooter

So that it won’t look out of place on city streets, the Apollo Pro has a sleek and sporty style. Instead, its massive 10-inch air-filled tires, wide handlebars, big deck, and black color with blue accents make it stand out. High-quality components and cutting-edge scooter technology are used in the construction of this electric scooter to give the rider an uncompromising build quality.

Apollo pro electric scooter build

Apollo Pro has a high-tensile fork and a forged aluminum frame. Forged aluminum has a substantially higher tensile strength than other forms of aluminum, making it ideal for scooter frames.

In contrast to most folding handlebars, the scooter stem is remarkably strong and offers reliable steering even while traveling at the greatest speed. Riders should be careful because the kickstand on this model is robust and retractable but a little shorter, so the scooter could topple over from its 77 lbs weight. With an IP54 rating, this electric scooter is resistant to water sprays coming from all sides. You can use it in the rain without being concerned that sprays of water would corrode the scooter’s internal components. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t immerse the electric scooter in deep water or spray it with powerful water jets.

Apollo pro electric scooter Features

Low-level deck lights, two white LED lights up front, and red LED brake lights in the back are all standard on the Apollo Pro. Given the high price tag of the scooter, the lights perform appallingly. Although the more potent Apollo Pro Ludicrous comes with a 2500 lumen add-on headlamp as an accessory,

Top Speed and Acceleration of Apollo Pro Electric Scooter

The Apollo Pro scooter is the ideal vehicle for commuting in cities. Commuters who want to avoid traffic on their way to work or school are the target audience for this vehicle. Gear 1, Gear 2, and Gear 3 are the three riding modes available on the Apollo Pro 52V. The top speeds for Gear 1 mode, Gear 2 mode, and Gear 3 mode are respectively 15 mph (24 km/h), 28 mph (72 km/h), and 38 mph (60 km/h).

Apollo pro electric scooter

The intensity of its acceleration will appeal to speed fans as well. This electric scooter is a speed demon with a record-breaking acceleration time of 6.2 seconds from 0 to 30 mph (48 km/h).

Battery and Range of Apollo Pro Electric Scooter

One element that distinguishes the Apollo Pro is its battery. It makes use of a premium 52V, 22.5 Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery manufactured by renowned tech giant LG. Riders will have enough juice left over when they arrive at their destination thanks to the high-capacity battery. The excellent lithium-ion battery selection made by Apollo for this performance scooter is due to its high energy density, low self-discharge, ease of maintenance, and superior performance compared to other battery types. Depending on a number of variables, the battery on the Apollo Pro offers an impressive extended range of 56 miles (61 km) on a single charge.

Apollo pro electric scooter Range

Performance Overview of Apollo Pro Electric Scooter

The 2000W combined output of two dual 1000W rear and front hub brushless motors used in the Apollo Pro electric scooter provides the vehicle with unmatched power and acceleration. With a combined immediate power output of 2400W, the dual-motor is perfect for rides in turbo mode and the simple ascent of inclines up to 40 degrees. On gear 2 of the riding modes, the enormous torque produced by the Apollo Pro’s dual motors can climb slopes of 10% in 7.5 seconds.

Portability of Apollo Pro Electric Scooter

Apollo Pro electric Scooter Foldable

Apollo Pro is one of the fastest scooters you can buy and has fantastic reviews. Its 77 lb (34 kg) weight makes it one of the heaviest models available, which is also its main flaw. The scooter comes with a cutting-edge folding mechanism with a ring lock to help with its heavy weight. The notch also keeps the handlebars positioned just over the wheels for stable steering. Although the weight makes it less transportable, it improves the stability of the ride. The folded box fits in the typical car trunk.

Price of Apollo Pro Electric Scooter

The Apollo pro electric scooter comes in at $1895 in the market


Is this Apollo Pro eScooter worth the price and should you buy it?

Absolutely, YES!

Few electric scooters in the £1,345 ($1,895) price bracket combine comfort and strong performance in this way. In many scooters, one of the two is given up for the other. This Apollo Pro range variant is promoted by Apollo as offering the “Best value for money.” The functionality of this scooter is unmatched for both on- and off-road use. It is one of the greatest mid-range scooters thanks to its dual spring suspension, 10-inch pneumatic tires, spacious deck, neck braking speeds, longer mileage, twin disc braking system, and sleek style.

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