Aptera SEV – Design, Performance, Price & Launch Date

Aptera SEV – Design, Performance, Price & Launch Date

Are you fond of cars? Do you look forward to new updates in the car industry? Are you expecting some revolution in-car technology shortly? Let’s just take a look at this Solar Electric Vehicle, which is a new door to the future in the car industry.

Aptera Motors, based in San Diego, California, is a  famous motor company SEVs (Solar Electric Vehicle). They are about to launch the Beta series of their SEVs soon. The journey of Aptera SEVs begins with an all-black version in late 2020. After that, they kept updating the public about their growth journey. This series is called Aptera Noir. Noir also had a white piece in this series. It was released last summer. In October, there was news of launching the third and final Alpha of the series. And now, it is time to introduce the Beta version of the series. The details available are hereunder.

Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle Design

Design of Aptera SEV

It is said that the design of the beta series will look similar to the Alpha series. Though many design details have not been revealed yet. A designer from Aptera Motors, Jason Hill has said that they have improved the comfort level and advanced technologies in the design. There are changes in the door panel and instrument panel. It could be assumed that the Alpha design has matured and beautified intelligently. It probably has three tires which make its design quite different but they look sleek and give a stylish touch to its look.

Interior of Aptera SEV

Aptera SEV Interior

Well, as the beta series of SEVs has not been launched yet, we can not describe in detail its interior. As it is more personified than the Alpha series, there must be some beautiful changes waiting for us. Again the designer Jason Hill, said that the validation of the parts of the Beta series has not been finalized yet. Soon, the parts will be validated by experts, and the new design will go into production. A thing that is pretty much visible is that the beta series has a more improved comfort system than the Alpha series.

Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle Interior

The exterior of Aptera SEV

Aptera Motors has shared footage of SEVs beta series first production. In this video, we were able to see the first look of the Beta series SEV. They also posted track footage that was quite interesting to watch. A poll was also conducted to ask the public if they believe the design of Aptera and 80% of followers showed trust in them. This beta version will soon join the series of first alpha versions already in the market. The beta version SEV is a lightweight vehicle that is approximately 1800 pounds or 816 kgs. It is the lightest weight among cars. It has three wheels with a sleek design. There is also a racing seat installed in it. This three-wheeler should be fun around the track as it is very stable and looks quite cool.

Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle Exterior

Price of Aptera SEV

SEV has been talking of the town for its price range as well. These are of a higher price than normal cars. The better quality and features, ask for the higher price.

The company has announced that the starting price of this model will be $25,900. It is also reported that 15000 pre-orders have already been reserved. The market analysis says that the price will rise high and it will reach $50,700 approximately. If you are looking for this beauty in your garage, you can pre-book it for just $100 from now. Well, it is a quite good deal.

Luxury to die for in Aptera SEV

Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle

Its base variant has 250 miles of range. The sprint is about 5.5 seconds for 100kW which is equal to 134 horsepower. It is followed by an electric motor. One more noticeable thing about it is that it doesn’t have many solar battery cells in it. It is possible that it would not provide some extra range for the range variant. There will be only 25 kilometers versus 76 kilometers. It will have more power like 201 horsepower and increased the range of 1000 miles in 3.5 seconds. It also has the ability to deal with bad weather. The unique shape of cars are optimized to consume 30% less energy. It is also eco-friendly. The whole alpha series was also designed in an environmentally friendly mode. It is one of the reasons for its popularity among the masses.

Aptera SEV Charging


The chunks about Apetra’s beta version SEV have been discussed in detail. There is a lot to be revealed yet. It is about to launch shortly. Although there is no clear date yet. It would be assumed that SEV is the future of cars. The increasing petrol prices and maintenance costs will lead to the ultimate purchase of electric and solar vehicles. If you’re opting for new technology in cars and motor vehicles then you can pre-book your Apetra SEV now for just $100.

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