Aspark Owl – Profound Specs, Price, Design

Aspark Owl – Profound Specs, Price, Design

Aspark Owl

The Aspark Owl is the first car from this Japanese manufacturer. The concept dates from 2017, now the final version follows. This hypercar has everything to rival the tenors already on the market: from butterfly doors over carbon fiber for the chassis and body to hydraulic suspension. The Aspark Owl will not only be fast in a straight line, but also in the corners. According to Masanori Yoshida, the brand wants to set a new lap record on the Nordschleife. Japanese engineers are already at work and hope to break the Ring record by March 2020. 

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This electric hypercar is no less than one meter high but also very exclusive. The Japanese manufacturer Aspark wants only 50 units to be built by Manifattura Automobili Torino in Turin. The first units should be delivered as early as the second quarter of this year. After final testing, the production Aspark Owl is now ready for the road. Development started in 2018 so Aspark has done that pretty quickly.

Interior Design Of Aspark Owl

Almost the entire car is made of the material carbon fiber, which makes the Aspark Owl extremely light. With four electric motors and a handmade interior, this car exudes class. The gold rims, a spoiler that comes up and the elevation at the rear wheels give it a futuristic appearance. A flat-bottomed steering wheel greets the driver, and the company claims the glossy center console is made from a single piece of solid aluminum. With the Oel, it’s best to pack light. The trunk provides just two cubic feet of cargo space.


With a limited seating capacity for two people, the Aspark intensifies the fact of the vehicle being a sporty one.There are four displays as well as an infotainment system with connectivity technology.

Exterior Design Of Aspark Owl

In terms of design, the car is now somewhere between an Apollo IE and a McLaren F1. By the way, the Owl is quite a low flyer because the car is only 99 cm high. Barriers therefore do not form any obstacle. With its ultra-flat design, the sports car could at first glance be mistaken for a LeMans car. However, the drive should be purely electric. The body is completely formed from carbon fiber laminate in a visible construction.

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The nose extends wide and flat forward. A mighty wing sits on top of the likewise elongated stern, and a mighty diffuser lives in the basement. The doors are hung wide in the roof and should open as in the SL with double doors. The rear window is covered by a cover with small slits.

Engine And Battery Of Aspark Owl

So far, a system output of 436 PS, 760 Newton meters, a Vmax of 280 km / hr and a range of 150 kilometers were on the tableau. Aspark corrects these figures slightly to 2012 hp, 2000 Newton meters, a top speed of 400 km / hr and a range of 450 kilometers. According to Aspark, the Owl has the most powerful electric motors that have ever been built and their rotation speed is the fastest in the world at 15,000 revolutions per minute.


The Owl is an electric hypercar that combines 4 engines with a 64 kWh lithium-ion battery. The owl should be able to travel a maximum of 280 km/hr, without consequences for the range. This is given as a rather moderate 150 kilometers and should be used up quickly after a few record sprints. This powertrain feature enables a sprint time from standstill to 100 km/hr in 1.69 seconds. The 300 km/hr mark falls after 10.9 seconds.

Features And Specs Of Aspark Owl

The Owl’s singular focus on performance brings with it compromises on the infotainment front. This Bugatti functions much like a race car, and it has the stripped-down tech content to match. There is no infotainment screen, and features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability are not offered. The car’s infotainment amenities are pretty much limited to a sound system and a trip computer. Crash tests are not performed on the automobile yet. In addition to that, the number of driver assistance features are also limited. 

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Price Of Aspark Owl

According to Aspark, the production model of the Owl should originally come onto the market in 2019. Purchase price, also comed around ₹ 20 crores. Looks like the Japanese super sports car is not only emulating the Bugattis and Paganis of this world in terms of acceleration. But first of all he really has to make it onto the road. The good news is that it is even a little cheaper. According to Aspark, the basic version already starts at ₹ 20 crores. The Japanese have planned delivery of the first model for the second quarter of 2020.

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