Ather 450x – Everything about the Smart Electric Super Scooter

Ather 450x – Everything about the Smart Electric Super Scooter

Right now in the Indian market, Ather 450x is one of the best electrical scooters with efficient and improved features. Here’s everything you need to know about Ather 450x. 

Ather 450x features a minimalistic and futuristic design. With a classy approach, Ather 450x has the main headlamp unit with LED lighting placed on the front apron of the scooter which looks simple yet modern. 

Quality and attention to the minor details of components such as number plate bracket, the side stand, mirror stalks have quite noticeable difference and is a virtual delight to the people. The Ather 450x is available in three different colors, Matt Grey, Mint Green, and White. 

Ather 450x Features

Let’s dive straight into the major changes done underneath the  bodywork:

Range and Performance of Ather 450x  : 

Powered by a 6000W PMSM motor and 2.9kwh lithium-ion battery, Ather  450x develops peak torque of 26Nm and a maximum power of 6Kw.  

Ather 450x with less weight more power is impressive when it comes to acceleration. The scooter can sprint go from 0 to 40 kWh in just 3.3  seconds and from 0 to 60kmph in 6.94s. It has a certified range of 116 km and a top speed of 80kmph. Though in real-world range, the company claims to provide a range of around 85 km in Eco mode(the most efficient mode), 70 km in Ride mode, and 60 Km in Sports mode.  

Ather 450x Brakes

Features and Safety in Ather 450x : 

The Ather 450x is equipped with a 7-inch TFT digital display that uses an Android-based OS and gets Bluetooth connectivity enabling all the information regarding the calls, navigation, to the nearest station, and music. 

It has 1.3 GHz snapdragon process and a combined braking system. With  2.9 kWh battery capacity, Ather 450x also features 4G E-Sim card that allows automatic software update. 

Additional Features in Ather 450x : Ride Stats, reverse assist, Incognito mode,  Vehicle stat tracking, side stand sensor, guide-me-home lights, Voice assistance, Live location. 

Ather 450x Safety

Charging in Ather 450x : 

The Ather 450x can be charged from 0 to 80% in 3 hours 35 minutes and from 0 to 100% in 5 hours 45 minutes, while charging for 10 min will be enough to give a range of around 15 km.  

The company offers a dot charge which is a wall-mounted unit that can be had inside the portable unit which you can opt for during the purchase and costs apart from the scooter. 

Ather 450x Charger

The company has partnered with national bodies to set up the fast charging points called Ather grid across the city. Ather Grid provides features like auto-authentication and remote monitoring. It is supported by the Ather Grid app allowing the EV owners to locate and check the availability of the nearest stations in real-time.  

Ather Energy has access to 250 locations across the country and is continuing with phase one of the installation of the Ather grid. According to  Ather, the complete full charge of Ather 450x is estimated to cost around  12 rupees to 20 rupees.  

Specifications of Ather 450x : 

  • Chassis and Suspension in Ather 450x 

Ather 450x comes with Mono Shock Rear Suspension and Telescopic  Front Suspension whereas the chassis is made up of aluminum cast.

  • Dimensions and Capacity in Ather 450x 

Improved weight distribution and weight loss make Ather 450x flick-able. Ather 450x has a kerb weight of 108 kg and has under-seat storage of 22 L. 

  • Tyres and Brakes in Ather 450x 

Powerful disc breaks in the rear and front wheel, Tubeless Tyre and Alloy wheels come together to give precise handling of Ather 450x.

Ather 450x Specifications

Availability of Ather 450x : 

At present Ather 450x is available across 12 cities (Bengaluru, Chennai,  Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi, Kozhikode, Kolkata,  Ahmadabad, Coimbatore and Jaipur) in India and presently Bengaluru based company has started expanding its network. 

Ather 450x Price

Pricing of Ather 450x : 

In Delhi, the Ather 450x costs the lowest at 1.47 lakhs at ex-showroom.  This price includes the state subsidy given by the Delhi government and the FAME II scheme. Meanwhile, the price in other cities may vary and costs around 1.6lakh. It should be noted the price is before registration charges,  road taxes, and insurance. 

Though Ather 450x is an expensive product, it is the best electric scooter out there which will save a lot of money in the long term compared to the increasing fuel prices without compromising on quality and performance. Ather has definitely proved its capability by producing a feature packed and highly reliable future-ready product inefficient long run.

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