Bajaj Chetak electric – Profound Specs, Price And Design

Bajaj Chetak electric – Profound Specs, Price And Design

Bajaj Chetak

Electric scooters are available in India in a dozen of all shapes, sizes, and top speeds. However, most of them are poorly designed and or manufactured products by relatively unknown manufacturers/importers. So far it has been Ather Energy. The e-scooter 450 from the Bengalurian manufacturer has set standards in this segment and far surpassed everything else. A major manufacturer in the e-mobility field, so can the performance of Bajaj’s R and D department exceed the innovation of some very smart college graduates in Garden City?

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If you want to be the new king of electrics, the Bajaj Chetak has to make a great first impression, and it does. Yes, we know looks are subjective, but it would be difficult to find someone who doesn’t like Chetak. It’s electric and smart, you’d expect it to look futuristic, but the scooter’s classic lines lead to a masterful implementation of the neo-retro look, modern.

Bajaj Chetak Price

Bajaj has priced the Chetak Urbane at Rs 1,42,620 while the Premium variant is selling at Rs 1,44,000. These prices do not include the FAME II scheme.

Bajaj Chetak Specification

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The Bajaj Chetak electric motor is 4kW BLDC with 2 driving modes: Eco and Sport. The Chetak’s top speed is still 60 km / h, which is a bit disappointing, but Bajaj claims that the lower top speed helps extend the range of the 3 kWh lithium-ion battery. The Chetak has a Vespalike suspension in the form of a drag-link front suspension and 12-inch alloy wheels with MRF Zapper tires. Front brake and rear drum brake. The Urbane trim has drum brakes at both ends.

Bajaj Chetak Variants

Bajaj offers the Chetak in two versions: Urbane and Premium. The former has a front drum brake and is available in two colors: yellow and white. The premium version has a front disc brake. In the premium version, there are four colors: black, beige, blue, and red.

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Bajaj Chetak Design

Fabulous made of metal, the Bajaj Chetak stands out from the multitude of other electric scooters that want to be simple or completely futuristic. It is slim, noble, and chic, almost like a Vespa. The design conclusions are obvious, as the old gasoline Chetak was a descendant of the Vespa 150 at the time. Bajaj certainly did a great job bringing the old-school charm together with the kink of modern design. Like the C luggage hook on the seat or the triangular rearview mirrors on thin metal rods. The quality of the Piano Black switches is first class. The polished metal bezel around the LED headlight and the digital LCD information panel add to the elegance of the scooter.

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Bajaj Chetak Functions

The function list of the Bajaj Chetak is not as complete as that of the Ather 450X or even the TVS iQube Electric. The Chetak is the only scooter of the three to have a simple LCD screen, while the others have a stylish color TFT screen. The connected technology in the Chetak is also very limited. It has the basic functions of geotagging and geofencing as well as step-by-step navigation. You can also connect your smartphone to the scooter to control your music on the go.


There is a storage compartment in the front apron in which you can stow the Chetak charging cable and your mobile phone if you need to charge it on the go. There are no key slots on the Chetak, Bajaj provides a small key fob for keyless ignition. There are switches on the right side wall to open the front storage space or seat.

Bajaj Chetak Battery

The 3.0 kWh lithium-ion battery that powers the Chetak is guaranteed for 3 years / 50,000 km. The vehicle has an IP67 ingress protection rating, so the scooter won’t have to go out of service in the monsoons.


Bajaj Chetak Competitors

The Bajaj Chetak faces tough competition from Ather 450 Plus, Ather 450X, and TVS iQube Electric. While not all of these scooters are available across India, they are only sold in Bangalore, all in the same city.


This start-up offers you a more feature-rich scooter with elements such as touchscreen, navigation, and quick charge functionality that are not available on the Chetak. It’s also significantly faster, more exciting, and even has a rear disc brake on the drum of the Chetak. But while the Ather could have the Bajaj on the board at 60km / h, the Chetak will beat the 450 in showrooms across India.


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