Bentley To Start Development On Its First-Ever Electric Vehicle.

Bentley To Start Development On Its First-Ever Electric Vehicle.

One of the most prestigious and oldest brands, Bentley has disclosed the fact that they will be developing an electric SUV. This SUV will be built around the Artemis platform of the Volkswagen group. This move implies that this electric SUV from Bentley will be in collaboration with Audi.

Bentley Electric Car SUV

Currently, in the world, people and governments are trying to attain a future that is greener and cleaner. In this path, people have decided to get rid of gas-powered vehicles and switch to a greener alternative. For example, In India, the iconic gas-powered Rickshaws are being replaced by all-electric or natural gas-powered Rickshaws.

This move towards a greener version of transportation is seen throughout the world, even with major companies like Uber, which partnered with Arrival to make their fleet all-electric. Even major car manufacturers are developing their own EVs, or have unveiled one.

Read more about it here – Uber partnering with Arrival for the all-electric fleet. 

Bentley Electric Car SUV

Now, Bentley, with its 102 years of car manufacturing, has decided to make an Electric vehicle with Audi and Volkswagen.

Fun Fact – Bentley is a part of the Volkswagen group. The VW I.D.R is an all-electric racing beast, which set a lap record around the Nürburgring. Volkswagen with its prior expertise in electric vehicles is sure to bring the most out of the upcoming electric SUV.

Observers suggest that this SUV might mark the start of the move from gas-powered vehicles to EVs by Bentley. According to, this Bentley electric SUV is expected to come out by 2025.

The Alliance

Bentley Electric Car SUV

The Bentley SUV, as mentioned before, will be made by the alliance of Audi and Volkswagen’s Artemis platform. The CEO of Bentley Motors, Adrian Hallmark said, “Looking forward to electrification, we’re going to have closer synergies with Audi…. But we will continue to have strong relationships with both Audi and Porsche, and we see this as an opportunity. No question – we are electrifying. And we need to find the best way to fast-track that, and to lead technology charge”.

From Mr. Hallmark, we are certain that Bentley is pursuing an all-electric future. At the same time, plug-in hybrid versions of the Flying Spur and Continental GT are due to be launched by this year’s end.

The Challenges with Bentley Electric Vehicles

As per Hallmark, the challenges to the upcoming EV are weight. How is weight a factor? Currently, cars take up a lot of energy which can be met by electricity, but the only problem is capacity or the storage of the batteries. Batteries that can support these cars are huge and very bulky.

But Hallmark is hopeful, stating that “Weight is a concern. But we are seeing rapid evolution in battery power density, and we are dedicated to making things lighter and more aerodynamic”. To that, he also added by saying, “Battery-powered electric vehicles are the best option for Bentleys, as they are quiet, effortless, high torque, and provide a refined performance”.

Ending Note

This move by Bentley towards the electric vehicles is exciting, to say the least, as the possibilities are endless. Many will be waiting for this electric SUV by Bentley soon. Similarly, Bentley’s parent company, Volkswagen is working on an all-electric, self-driving car, named Project Trinity, which is expected to debut in 2026.

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