India’s Biggest EV Charging Station Commenced In Gurugram.

India’s Biggest EV Charging Station Commenced In Gurugram.

With this EV station, the town presently has two of the biggest electric vehicle charging stations in the country. The initial EV station was inaugurated in January with a capacity of 100 charging levels for 4 wheelers in Sector 52, Gurugram.

Gurugram is India’s biggest electric vehicle (EV) charging station with the capability of 121 charging junctures for 4-wheelers and has existed here in Sector 86.

With this EV Charging station in Gurugram, the city now possesses the two biggest EV charging points in the entire country. 

Alektrify Private Limited, a well-established company registered at Gurugram with expertise in the same, has developed the new EV charging station under the umbrella of the Ease of Doing Business program. The station inaugurated on Thursday has 75 AC, 25 DC, and 21 Hybrid charging junctures with the capability of charging 1,000 cars in a single day.

India's biggest EV charging Station commenced in Gurugram

The operation was initiated by the National Highway for Electric Vehicle (NHEV), a private element that has aptitude in accomplishing master projects and is functioning with administrative agencies and the NITI Aayog. (Vipin Kumar/HT)

While the event was under the impression, Abhijeet Sinha, National Programme Director, Ease of Doing Business program and Project Director of National Highway for Electric Vehicle (NHEV) in the following charge, said: “This is our second forerunner station designed in just 30 days after the Sector-52 EV charging station, 2 supplementary stations of similar extent and ranking will be established in Noida within 60 days for Delhi-Agra E-Highway which will determine the forerunner modeling of E-hubs.”

He also said that 30 additional E-Highway charging stations would establish within a broadcast duration of 90 days from their period of allotments to PSUs/private elements.

“These EV charging stations are commercially and technically opposed to petrol pumps directly with 72 percent utilization and 36 months halt even with the improved capability to charge 1,000 cars at this station and 576 cars at Sector 52 station. These modest forerunners have proved that e-highway warehouses of NHEV will be world-class and attract a powerful marketable roadmap of E mobility on Indian highways,” he said.

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