BMW i3 & i3s Comparison: Full Specs, Features, Design & Price

BMW i3 & i3s Comparison: Full Specs, Features, Design & Price

The beginning of electric powertrains has somehow fascinated the modern consumer and presently they are not shying off from going off a green with the expanded objective of cost-effectiveness and enhanced characteristic schedule.

BMW i3 exists as a 5 seater SUV. The all-electric automobile of the Bavarian carmaker, the BMW i3 remains to be discovered at the Auto Expo 2018. 

BMW i3s is a very advanced electric car with polished appliances and an excellent assortment of accomplishments and indulgence.

Powered by a 33kWh battery, it provides an energy product of 184PS with a decent span of 280km. It sprints from 0-100kmph in a sheer 6.9 seconds.

Let us glimpse at the differences between the BMW i3 and BMW i3s. It is a frequently asked question. By any means, the explanation is easy. It takes experience and a skilled eye to detect the diffraction between the two that utilize the similar 42 kWh battery load, same engine and same configuration.

Quick overview

Let us take a quick look at the distinctions between the BMW i3 and BMW i3s. And then we will discuss them further. 

  • Enhanced horsepower – 181 hp and 199 lb-ft of torque v/s 170 hp/ 184 lb-ft of torque. 
  • 0-60 time of 6.8 v/s 7.2 seconds. 
  • Leading speed boosted to 99 mph v/s 93 mph. 
  • Sports suspension – broader trail, reduced ride length, various springs/dampeners. 
  • Particular 20-inch wheels, and broader tires. 
  • Sport Mode grinds throttle reaction and increased navigating action.
  • Enhanced ASC suction management 50 times faster-standardized routine. 
  • Glaze Black wheel arch molding
  • 20-inch double-spoke rotations with 20 mm broader tires. 
  • Extra forceful front and back clips. 

The basic difference of BMW i3 and BMW i3s

The i3s is BMW’s Sports Edition of the i3 which debuted in 2018 with the mid-cycle new version of the electric car. The i3s enhancements encompass the trifecta of boosted energy, enhanced approach, and a more powerful manifestation.

BMW i3 vs BMW i3s - Comparison

Interior of BMW i3 and BMW i3s

For the inner parts, the mere modifications for an BMW i3s are a modern Sport regulator on the center console driving technique turn and i3s on the bottom rugs. Dissimilar to the other BMW Sport versions, there is no M sport driving wheel, no sport perches, no particular device assortment, no varied gear button, or various lead.

Suppose that, a button and bottom mats. Not any normal BMW sports assortment, but then again BMW i3s is a wholesome division of BMW.

The massive distinction pertained to the basic BMW i3, nonetheless, is best encountered from the motorist’s seat. The treatment of the i3s is almost miles better than the actual BMW i3 which could occasionally possess dealing with what was characterized as tipsy

The exterior of BMW i3 and BMW i3s

BMW i3 and the BMW i3s Exterior Comparison

The BMW i3s categories have a reduced and broader posture as well as extraordinarily broader 20-inch wheels with achievement summer tires. Visually the i3s are supremely and effortlessly specified by its glow of the black wheel arch moldings, distinct face, rear clips, and i3s badging.

BMW enhanced the manner of the BMW i3s by boosting the trail by 40mm, reducing the passage length by 10mm, by using a bespoke moratorium and 20mm wider 20” tires.

BMW coordinated the i3s with attached vaults, mufflers, and anti-roll railings. The basic BMW i3 could handily get blown around on the freeway in crosswinds. The modern i3s suffers not one of these. The lift is strong but not severe in typical daily driving.

To earn more horsepower, BMW remade the programming of the formal i3 engine and occurred to be able to retain it to make 11 additional horsepower and 15 lb-ft more torque. The BMW i3s furthermore has an elevated exterior speed of 99 mph compared to 93 mph.

Performance of BMW i3 and BMW i3s

The rated span surprisingly doesn’t take a hit although both retain an EPA-rated span of 153 miles. This is an examination of the certainty they both utilize a similar battery pack, a similar engine and speculate approximately the same. The comparable span grade determines you can keep yourself out of the sport method and hoof out of the throttle.

BMW i3 and the BMW i3s

This is a huge hypothesis because the BMW i3s are a literal explosion to ride. 

Features of BMW i3 and BMW i3s

Chuck Vossler even took possession of the 2021 BMW i3S BEV. Nevertheless, this is not a “regular” i3. According to Vossler, it’s furthermore the earliest fully-electric i3 in the nation painted in Galvanic Gold. The term might sound friendly to many of you, and you’d be correct; it made its debut years ago on the BMW X2. Encouraged by the modern BMW iX3 full-electric SAV, the compact-sized, zero-emission hatchbacks prevail, presently accessible with an assignment of three eye-catching colour combinations. 

BMW i3 and the BMW i3s Features Comparison

The modern i3S renovates a 2018 BMW i3S in Imperial Blue Metallic. And while the modern colours are elegant, eye-catching, and all, it’s the technology and distinctive features that separate the two. The 2018 i3 brings into the world a 94Ah battery pack, while the current 2021 i3 carries a battery size of 120Ah. The Ah isn’t a reasonable criterion of the power, so for the electron conducts out there, the battery bundle is calculated at 42.2kWh (kiloWatt hours). Arriving from the 94Ah battery pack, the 2021 i3S gets a span improvement of approximately 65 km (40 miles), for an aggregate of 260 km (161 miles).

Additional revisions comprise a narrowly distinct leather, an audible pedestrian instructing tone, a strength disparity, and PSI grades. Chuck is now going places across all these circumstances all over the internet.

Price of BMW i3 and BMW i3s

The BMW i3s price is expected to be 1crore shortly. The price of the BMW i3 is 74.89£ as can be seen in the past. 


Although the BMW i3 gives birth to a better range than the BMW i3s, the i3s retain a more influential engine. The BMW i3s has a 135 kW electric motor which furnishes 184 bhp. Its fundamental feature is the speed which is 99 mph and it can run from 0 to 62 mph in 6.9 seconds. On the other hand, the i3 has a 125 kW motor (170 bhp). Hence, both models serve the purpose of various populations.

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