BMW i4 eDrive 40 – Features, Specifications and Price Details

BMW i4 eDrive 40 – Features, Specifications and Price Details

The BMW i4 eDrive 40 reveals all of its specifications andfeatures. The G26 BMW i4 is an all-electric made by German company BMW. The commencing form, named BMW i Vision Dynamics, appeared at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. It is the fifth BMW i sub-brand model, and will be sold in a few variations at various execution levels.

A speculation of about €200 million in the Munich plant was made in anticipation of the 2021 series production vehicle as the G26 BMW i4 is based on a similar mechanical production system as vehicles with combustion engine and module hybrids
Let’s see the confirmed specs and features here.

Specifications Of BMW i4 eDrive 40:


There is a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM). The location of motors is in Rear. The maximum power RPM is around 8000 – 17000 rpm. The system power to weight ratio is about 8.2 kg/kW. There is possible for regenerative braking in the motor. It’s BMW 5th Gen e-drive technology.

bmw i4 edrive 40 Engine Performance Range


The Total Power of BMW i4 eDrive 40 is 250 kW (335.3 hp ; 339.9 PS). The total Torque of the vehicle is around 430 Nm (317.2 ft-lb). The acceleration speed of 0→100 is within 5.7 seconds. The top speed of the vehicle is upto 190 kmph (118.1 mph). The Electric range of the vehicle is around 475 km (295.1 miles).


It’s an Automatic Single Speed Reduction Gear Transmission. It’s an Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) drive train. The Axle ratio of the motor is 8.774.


It’s a lithium-ion battery. The battery capacity is up to 83.9 kWh and the battery useable is around 80.9 kWh. The battery Voltage about 398.5 V. The weight of the battery is 550 kg (1212.54 lb). The location of the battery is in under the floor, middle. The type of battery cooling is Water Based Coolant Circulation.


The Normal AC Charge Port is Type 2 and the Port Location is in Right Side — Rear. The Charge Power is around 11 kW AC. The Charge Time (0→475 km) is within 8h45m and the Charge Speed is up to 45 km/h.

bmw i4 edrive 40 Charging

The DC Fast Charge (DCFC) Port is CCS and the FC Port Location is in Right Side — Rear. The Fast charge Power (max) is around 200 kW DC. The Fast charge Time (48→380 km) is within 30 min and the Fast charge Speed is up to 660 km/h.

Energy And Consumption in BMW i4 eDrive 40


The Range is up to 475 km and the Vehicle Consumption is around 170 Wh/km. The CO2 Emissions is 0 g/km and the Vehicle Fuel Equivalent is around 1.9 l/100km.


The Range is up to 590 km and the Rated Consumption is upto 160 Wh/km. The Vehicle Consumption is about 137 Wh/km.

The CO2 Emissions is 0 g/km and the Rated Fuel Equivalent is around 1.8 l/100km. The Vehicle Fuel Equivalent is all over 1.5 l/100km.


The Real Range Estimation is between 345 – 680 km.

The City — Cold Weather range is up to 455 km and the Highway — Cold Weather range is around 345 km and the Combined — Cold Weather range is all over 400 km.

The City — Mild Weather range is up to 680 km and the Highway — Mild Weather range is around 450 km. The Combined — Mild Weather range is all over 550 km.

bmw i4 edrive 40


The Real Energy Consumption Estimation is between 119 – 234 Wh/km

In City — Cold Weather the range is about 177 Wh/km and the Highway — Cold Weather is up to 234 Wh/km. The Combined — Cold Weather is around 202 Wh/km.

The City — Mild Weather range is about 119 Wh/km and the Highway — Mild Weather is up to 179 Wh/km. The Combined — Mild Weather is around 147 Wh/km.


It’s a Coupe body style. It’s a Sedan type. It’s a D – Large vehicle. It’s a Steel Aluminium material. It’s drag coefficient is 0.24 Cd. There are seating for 5 adults. There are 5 doors in the vehicle.

bmw i4 edrive 40 Interior


The steering mechanism is a Rack and Pinion Mechanism. It’s an Electronic power steering. The turning circle is around 12.5 m (41.01 ft). Optional integral Active Steering Ratio is 15.5:1.


The front suspension is Double – joint spring Sturt axle Hydraulically damped torque Sturt bearing. The rear suspension is Five – link axle Optional air suspension with automatic self-levelling.


The front brake is ventilated brake. The Front brake is four-piston fixed calipers. The rear brake is also a ventilated brake. The Rear brake is single-piston floating calipers.


The Length of the vehicle is around 4783 mm (188.3 inches). The Width of the vehicle is 1852 mm (72.9 inches). The Height of the vehicle is up to 1448 mm (57.0 inches). The Wheelbase is 2856 mm (112.4 inches). The Front track is 1601 mm (63.0 inches) and the Rear track is 1630 mm (64.2 inches). The Clearance is 125 mm (4.9 inches).


The Weight Unladen (EU) is around 2125 kg and the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR) is upto 2605 kg. The Max Payload is all over 555 kg.

The Cargo Volume is around 470 L and the Cargo Volume Max is up to 1290 L. The Roof Load is 75 kg. The Towing Weight Unbraked is 750 kg and the Towing Weight Braked is 1600 kg. The Vertical Load Max is about 75 kg.

bmw i4 edrive 40 Tyre


The Tyres marking is 255/55R17 101Y. The width of the tyre is 255 mm and the Diameter of the tyre is 17 inches.

The Rim marking is 7.5Jx17. The width of the rim is 7.5 inches and the diameter is about 17 inches.

Infotainment And Communication in BMW i4 eDrive 40 :

The i4 will be one of the introductory BMWs to include the organization’s most recent infotainment system and communication highlights. It has a 14.9-inch touchscreen that is coordinated with a 12.3-inch advanced instrument display panel on a colossal bended presentation on the dashboard. Alongside a revolving regulator on the mid control area, the system will offer progressed voice orders and heap famous highlights. These includes:
Apple CarPlay,
Android Auto,
5G versatile capacity, etc.

bmw i4 edrive 40 Infotainment

Safety And Driver Assistance Features  in BMW i4 eDrive 40 :

The safety and assistance features are, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop&Go function, ARB technology (bear-actuator wheel slip limitation), Automatic Brake System (ABS), Automatic Stability Control (ASC), Belt latch tensioner and force limiter on front seats, Cornering Brake Control (CBC), Crash sensors, Drive-off Assistant, Driver and front passenger front airbags, Driver and front passenger side airbags, Dry braking function, Dynamic Brake Control (DBC), Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Fading compensation, Forward – Collision Warning, Front and rear seats head airbargs, Hill Descent Control (HDC), Performance control,  Lane Control Assistant, Three-point inertia-reel seatbelts on all seats, Trailer stability control, Tyre pressure indicator.

The i4 eDrive 40 has battery covers for 8 years or 100,000 miles. The plans are Limited warranty covers four years or 50,000 miles, Drive train warranty covers eight years or 100,000 miles, Free maintenance is covered for three years or 36,000 miles.

Cost Details of BMW i4 eDrive 40 :

The cost of BMW i4 eDrive 40 in US is around $55,000 USD. The cost the vehicle in UK is up to £54,000 GBP. In India, the cost is expected to around Rs. 40 – 50 Lakh INR.

The specifications and features are very well. Its performance also a good one. Its marketplaces are North America and Europe. It is expected to go on sale in November 2021. As in India, it will be available in early 2022.

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