BYD e6 Review – Specs, Performance & Price in India

BYD e6 Review – Specs, Performance & Price in India

More and more people are opting for Electric vehicles as the prices of conventional fuels are increasing day by day. Many new companies are planning to introduce new EVs in the Indian Markets. One such company is BYD, which is the biggest electric car manufacturer in China. This Chinese company is releasing the BYD e6 in Indian Markets, this year. Here in this write-up, we will have a look at the detailed review of this BYD e6 electric vehicle. We will also look at the different other aspects related to this car.

The exterior of BYD e6 EV

The BYD e6 is considered to be a crossover and when you sit in this car, you will feel the same. The riding position is very high and it gives you a feeling that you are driving a true crossover. The look of the car is the same as that of a boxy hatchback. The disc brakes are used in all the tires. The wheels used are high-quality wheels made of alloy metal. In an overall sense, you will find that the exterior of the BYD e6 is robust and sporty at the same time.

BYD e6 Review Exterior

Interior of BYD e6 EV

The interior of BYD e6 is very attractive and better than many other Electric vehicles. The air-conditioning controls in the car are nicely placed. You will find leather seats in the car, which makes sitting very comfortable. The door cards and center console are covered with some nicely padded trims that help to enhance the interior look of the car. A very commendable boot space of 450 L is available in this car. The interior space is very large and you will find that the interior of this car is very competitive despite it is the cheapest EV from the Chinese manufacturer.

BYD e6 Interior Review

The doors of the vehicle are quiet and very decent to open as well as close. The legroom for the passengers is decent and the passengers will be able to comfortably seated based on the large space in the interior of this car. The controls that are embedded in the digital console are easily accessible. The seats are comfortable and cushy. Overall visibility of the interior is wonderful. You will find an infotainment system powered by Android in this car. The interface has very high-quality graphics that will make it wonderful to interact with it. You will find an instrument panel in the dashboard’s center.

Engine Options in BYD e6 EV

The all-new BYD e6 comes with an electric motor having a power rating of about 121 HP. The torque rating of this motor is near 450 NM. The Kerb weight of this car is near 2.4 Tonne. The top speed that can be achieved by the car is near 140 KM/hr. The battery used in this car is an iron phosphate battery of a special type. The rating of the battery that is used is 80kWh. According to the manufacturer, this car uses 19.5 kWh for a travel of 100 KMs.

BYD e6 Review Engine

The range of this car is near 450 KMs. That is once you charge the battery to 100 % you can cover a distance of 450 KMs without any problem. You have to charge the battery again after you cover this distance.

Other features in BYD e6 EV

Apart from the features that are described above, you will find many other features in this EV. You will find the features of Keyless Entry and Automatic Headlights in this car. The additional feature of Cruise Control will help you to drive efficiently and safely. You will also get an Electric Parking Brake for ease of parking. Also, there is a climate control system that can help you to regulate the temperature inside the car.

BYD e6 Review Crossover

Why BYD e6 EV car is unique?

This car is unique in the sense of the best electric specifications of the motor and battery. This car is from the world’s largest EV manufacturer and hence we can expect quality electrical specifications. The range of the battery offered is huge and it takes only 2 hours to charge this battery. All these facts make this car indeed the best EV that you can think of in terms of electrical specifications. Feature Specification Detail
1 Battery Capacity 80 kWh
2 Power 121 HP
3 Torque 450 NM
4 Range 450 KMs
5 Charging Time 2 hrs
6 Price Approx. $133,888

Pricing of BYD e6 EV

The price of BYD e6 is about $133,888 in dollars. Thus we can see that the price of this car is on the moderate side. Based on the large number of features offered by this car, along with the best EV specifications, this car is worth buying a car at this price. This car is a BYD car that means the functionality of this car will be best among all other EV car producers. Hence if you are looking for an electric car that is having the best performance, you can go for the BYD e6 as a vital option. 


We have seen the different features and specifications of BYD e6. We found that this can be the best EV as far as the motor and battery specifications are concerned. The price is moderate, which means that you can opt for this car even if you are from a middle-class family. If your dream is to own an electric car from the best manufacturer of electric vehicles, this car is for you. You will also be able to make considerable savings as the cost of traveling by an electric car is negligible as compared to the cost that is incurred when you travel with conventional vehicles.

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