BYD EA1 – Dolphin (Former EA1) Will Have BYD E-Platform 3.0

BYD EA1 – Dolphin (Former EA1) Will Have BYD E-Platform 3.0

On April 19, 2021, BYD, officially launched e-platform 3.0 for electric vehicles at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show. BYD has unveiled the BYD EA1 concept car at the auto show, which will be the first electric vehicle in BYD’s all-new EV product line. The Chinese brand is at one of the most relevant moments in its history, significantly advancing its strategy of electric cars, a new generation that is also being conceived to top the pyramids in Europe in the not too distant future. The electric car is aimed at a certain category of young urban dwellers who love to travel.

BYD EA1 is designed with a nautical design concept and also featured with a new logo, a set signed by Wolfgang Egger, who was Audi’s chief designer, and now BYD’s global design director.

Engine And Battery Performance of BYD EA1

The model, based on the new platform, is the first to feature sheet batteries, whose cathode uses lithium iron phosphate instead of lithium oxide and cobalt. A chemistry that makes the battery smaller, and the ability to store energy for a maximum range of 1,000 kilometers. The TZ180XSF electric motor with a peak output of 70 kW allows a top speed of 150 km / hr. A battery of the LiFePO 4 type (Lithium Iron Phosphate) will offer a range of about 400 km, as per the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) norms. This battery, commonly known as the ‘Blade Battery’, was introduced in 2020 by BYD. 

byd ea1 Dolphin

The ultra-safe blade battery is the default configuration for the 3.0 electronics platform, which greatly improves the integrity of 100% electric vehicles, as the blade battery is one of the safest batteries in the industry. This is also integrated into the vehicle’s structural design, doubling the torsional rigidity of the body.

Exhibition of  astonishing performance in the crash and penetration tests has taken it to new heights in the EV industry and is also considered safe, when compared with other lithium-ion batteries. A voltage of 800 volts means it can charge 150 km in five minutes. The acceleration to a hundred in 2.9 seconds is what the prototype has promised the public. The core modules of the 3.0 electronics platform are smaller, lighter, stronger and less energy consuming. It is equipped with new heat pump technology as standard and a newly upgraded 8-in-1 module for the drive system, allowing overall efficiency to exceed 89%. The battery is integrated into the structural design of the vehicle, which is why the torsional rigidity of the body is said to be twice as high.

The Chinese-built five-door BYD EA1 is 4.0 meters long, 1.77 meters wide and 1.57 meters high. The wheelbase is 2.70 meters.

byd ea1 Dolphin Interior

What Is E-platform 3.0?

The electronics forum 3.0 is fabricated with the vehicle operating system embraced by BYD, making it elaborated, ascertained and predominately available to developers. It extends exquisite interrelation between vehicle and user, as well as between vehicles and other things on the road, bringing electric cars even more prospects in the field of autonomous driving. At the same time, the fastness of mergence of new roles can be diminished from two months to two weeks, which denotes that the intermingling cycle of functions can be dished by more than 70%. The 3.0 electronics platform is designed for the next generation of high-performance smart automobiles, offering four main advantages: intelligence, efficiency, safety and aesthetics. It not only integrates and standardizes key components, it also builds an entirely new body structure, a revamped digital and electrical architecture, and an updated BYD operating system. Like its other versions, the 3.0 electronics platform will continue to be available to the industry, further accelerating the electrification of automobiles.

Exterior Illumination of BYD EA1

Considering the exquisiteness, e-platform 3.0 models reweigh vehicle design glamour, with compact front overhangs, lesser center of gravity, more space, sense of movement and dynamics, as well as an aerodynamic coefficient as low as 0.21. It has got very torn headlights that add to the grille, definitely a modern styling. The German stylist printed a very modern design throughout, especially on the roofline with a more pronounced drop at the rear. The BYD EA1 also has wheels placed at the ends, enhancing visual width and sportiness, while black plastic protectors on the wheel arches and side skirts give it a more crossover feel.

byd ea1 EV Hatchback

BYD does not specify when the first vehicles with the e-platform 3.0 will be launched on the market and price is also unveiled.

According to Adalberto Maluf, BYD’s Marketing and Sustainability Director, “In a few years, vehicles will be all electric, semi-autonomous and connected, to the point of surpassing smartphones as the connectivity center in people’s lives. Vehicles can be used to supply your home or the network, when price stimuli allow, or to control your home remotely, just as an electric vehicle will communicate with other vehicles, pedestrians and the infrastructure of cities, using new 5G, blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies. These new technologies will transform our lives in a short time”.

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