Chrysler Airflow Concept Car – Things You Need To Know

Chrysler Airflow Concept Car – Things You Need To Know

The Chrysler Airflow concept, a totally electric crossover with outstanding appearance and sophisticated technology, was unveiled at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Stellantis, the global manufacturer best known for cramming massive V8 engines into practically everything, is making the switch to electric vehicles. The automaker revealed ambitions to electrify last year, and now we’re seeing the first big steps toward that goal.

At this point, the Chrysler Airflow is only an idea, thus it may or may not make it to market. If it does, the features and specifications may change. Regardless, the present concept has a luxurious interior and cutting-edge technology that hints at where Stellantis and the Chrysler brand may go in the future. According to Stellantis, the whole Chrysler brand will be totally electric by 2028, and the first electric vehicle (EV) will hit the market in the United States by 2025, implying that the Airflow or something similar will be here soon.

The Airflow is almost unrecognizable from modern Chryslers, which is a good thing. With thin headlamps, a new corporate badge, and a fastback profile, it has a streamlined look. With a panoramic sunroof and a light-colored interior, the inside space appears crisp and uncluttered, giving it a relaxing vibe. It’s essentially Chrysler’s version of a day spa, with the exception of five display screens strewn throughout the interior.

Concept and Design of Chrysler Airflow Concept Car

Chrysler Airflow Concept Car Design

According to Stellates CEO Chris Feuell, The Chrysler Airflow Concept delivers a glimpse of the dynamic design, sophisticated technology, and seamless connection that will mark the full-electric lineup they plan to achieve by 2028.

By using multi-layered, high-contrast visuals, the STLA Smart Cockpit new interface on the Airflow allows monitors in the vehicle to be customized to each individual passenger in the vehicle. The menu-based form is an evolution of the present U connect “card-based” interface seen in the Pacifica and other prevailing vehicles, enabling objects to be grouped and modified at the discretion of the user.

U connect is a trademark of Chrysler Group Inc. Within the car, the material can also be transferred from screen to screen. Chrysler suggests that this may include the screens of mobile devices that connect to the vehicle.

chrysler airflow concept car Exterior Design

The exterior of Chrysler Airflow Concept Car

When it comes to Exterior design, the Airflow Concept stands out because of its low height adjustment and sleek two-tone roof line, which results in a beautiful yet athletic silhouette while also extending the vehicle’s all-electric range. Elevated aesthetic appeal is provided by Dazzling Blue accent color cladding, which is applied to a long length and wide track as well as huge 22-inch wheels and tires. The design features work together to create a commanding posture while also providing exceptional handling and performance qualities for the vehicle.

Interior of Chrysler Airflow Concept Car

chrysler airflow 2022 Interior

The Chrysler Airflow dashboard is dotted with three screens: a digital instrument panel in front of the driver, a touchscreen in the center, and one for the passenger. Backseat passengers will enjoy two additional screens. Each one has its own set of information, though all residents can access it. Each seat even has a camera in case you need to video conference while on the run.

When it comes to the interior design of Chrysler Airflow, the light and soothing color palette of the modern and large design evokes an open, breezy lounge area that serves as a nice transitional spot between family and office. A soothing and relaxing atmosphere has been created by enveloping those within with flowing lines that travel around the area, generating a greater sense of expanse and comfort for them.

chrysler airflow concept car Interior

Leather-wrapped seats contribute to the creation of a lighter, more fluid environment. Floor mats, fabric, and flooring recyclable, as well as plant leather and other sustainable design materials, envision a future of environmentally friendly design. In order to maximize legroom, shoulder space, and personal storage, each passenger is given a seat with a distinctive slender frame that balances on a pedestal base.

Charge and Battery in Chrysler Airflow Concept Car

Chrysler Airflow Concept Car Battery

The design is said to be operated by a pair of electric motors each producing 150 kW, for a total of approximately 400 horsepower. Because electric motors are so tiny when relative to internal combustion engines, bigger motors can be fitted with relative ease in electric vehicles. Although no specific battery specifications have been released, Stellates claims that the Airflow has enough internal storage to provide a 350- to 450-mile range on a single charge.

The Airflow Concept is powered by a pair of 201-horsepower electric motors, but Chrysler claims that larger units may be used for better performance. We’ll never say no to a little more power, even if 402 sounds like a lot. The motors are powered by a battery pack beneath the floor, with a range of 350 to 400 miles and fast-charging capability. Level 3 automatic driving is available on the Chrysler Airflow, and it is supposed to benefit from OTA upgrades as well.

chrysler airflow 2022 Charging

Final thoughts

The Chrysler Airflow concept has an athletic attitude thanks to its low ride height and two-tone roofline, which improves aerodynamics and increases the range at the same time. The big wheelbase and wide track of the automobile are excellently complemented by the 22-inch wheels. In order to effectively demonstrate a premium SUV, a number of outward and interior elements, like a panoramic roof and lighting that can be adjusted to suit the needs of the passengers, have been included in the design.

An all-wheel-drive electric SUV idea with two electric motors and a battery designed to travel 350 to 400 miles on a single charge, the Chrysler Airflow Concept was introduced at the same time as this announcement. According to Stellantis, no decision has been made on whether or not the Airflow concept will see the light of day. For the time being, the Airflow is intended to serve as a preview of what the brand’s future items will be like.


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