Citroen Ami – The Most Basic & Cheapest EV

Citroen Ami – The Most Basic & Cheapest EV

The brand-new Citroen Ami is already available in France and is suitable for drivers as young as 14.

The future of car ownership seems to be a topic of discussion among all the manufacturers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fancy autonomous concept, an all-electric SUV with room for the whole family, a car-sharing program where you can rent a car by the minute, the hour, or longer—you name it. Although many claims to be doing so by promoting these projects for public consumption, Citroen deserves credit for coming up with the idea. However, Citroen stands out. The brand-new Citroen Ami is already available in France and is suitable for drivers as young as 14.

The concept is straightforward, inexpensive, and cheery transportation with everything you want and nothing you don’t. Its 43-mile range is sufficient for 19 laps around the Coventry ring road or to travel from one side of London to the other, making it small and ideal for cities.

The exterior of Citroen Ami

Citroen Ami Electric Car

This is a vehicle created specifically for traveling between cities within urban areas. Consider it more like the world’s most sophisticated umbrella than a car; rather than riding across town or taking a chance on public transportation, you simply totter around in a Citroen Ami, keeping your personal belongings safe and your hair dry.

What are you receiving for your money?  You only have a choice of four colors, but if you want to spice things up, you may use the graphical packs and colored wheels.

Urban firms could cover these with their logos and use them as moving billboards.  The fantastic entrance doors open in different ways. so the passenger side hinges from the front whereas for driver’s side pivots from the back.

Interior of Citroen Ami

Inside, the driver’s seat can now be adjusted to fit a variety of body types while the passenger seat is fixed. A person above 6 feet will have no issue at all fitting in here. In all honesty, you won’t want to spend any more time in here than that, so it’s a good thing no one will be whining about the 43-mile range. To withstand the wear and tear of automobile sharing, the interior is relatively bare-bones. You do have a phone mount up front, a very basic set of digital dials behind the steering wheel, a USB port, and a basic heater inside.

Citroen Ami Interior

Due to a panoramic glass roof and a lot of glass on the dash, it has a distinct and unusual feeling of being extremely airy. One item to note is that you must leave the door open to charge the vehicle because the charging line is tied and shoved into a hole in the passenger side doorframe. And the doors, which are mirror images, open differently for the driver and the passenger and have different locking and opening systems.

Performance and Battery of Citroen Ami

A 5.5-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery is installed beneath the floor of the Citroen Ami. but only the domestic socket in the front doorway can be used to recharge it. There is no option for faster charging due to cost concerns, which could be a problem if you want to charge the car away from home. However, if you plug in the Ami to a three-pin connection, the batteries will be fully charged in just 3 hours. The Citroen Ami doesn’t feel like much else when driving. It can travel at a top speed of roughly 30 mph, therefore we’re reaching the limiter at 46 mph, which, while a little slower than 30 mph, is still more than enough for the majority of urban trips.

Citroen Ami Charging

The main issue, though, may be that it lacks the quick acceleration that most EV owners are accustomed to. It is also not particularly fast, and the wheels have been pushed out into the corners, which is both good and terrible for visibility. Knowing the location of the car on the road or when you’re parked is therefore not difficult. However, there isn’t a rearview mirror, and the rear window is fairly small, so you have to be very sure of your placement. Additionally, because of how large the dashboard is, you sit fairly far from the front axle, which really does take time to get used to.

Price of Citroen Ami

Citroen Ami Exterior

We meant it when we said “cheap” Whether you need a car for a minute, a year, or longer, Citroen claims the Citroen Ami is for everyone and is available for purchase, rental, or sharing. Right now, you can purchase a basic army out front for 6,000 euros, which is around 5,350 pounds, or a top-spec army with graphic packs, colored wheels, and roof trimmings for slightly more than 1,000 euros. Citroen anticipates that the majority of customers will choose the cheapest leasing option, which starts at less than 20 euros per month and requires a deposit of about 2500 euros. The majority of Americans spend more on coffee in a week than that.

Citron will also make the Citroen Ami available as part of its free-to-move program, and you may rent the 2.4-meter long electric car for as low as 26 cents or 23 pence per minute.


It feels cheap, which is what we believe it to be. but it’s also upbeat and ridiculously simple to drive. In a world filled with uncertainty, it feels like a refreshing change and is actually quite enjoyable. People who are similar to you purchase one as their only mode of transportation. possibly not, but as a quick and simple leasing option or for a company with an urban concentration. It’s wonderful to commend Citron for doing something unique.


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