Cupra Tavascan – Astounding Specs, Price, Design

Cupra Tavascan – Astounding Specs, Price, Design


With the Tavascan, the manufacturer Cupra has presented its new concept vehicle for the electric racing series. The car should be competitive under the toughest conditions but also gives a design outlook on the future series model. After the Born, the Tavascan is the brand’s second all-electric vehicle to be designed and developed in Barcelona.

Cupra Tavascan 3

This unveiling of the Tavascan has won an award in the ‘Concepts’ category of the international Automotive Brand Contest design election. CUPRA is working to expand their vision when it comes to high-performance cars. These are electrically powered and give every car enthusiast a good feeling. The focus here is on sportiness and emotionality. The first renderings and pictures of the Cupra Tavascan already reveal that things are not quite as coupe-like as with the Formentor.

Ultimately, however, this also means more space for cargo and passengers. You can certainly expect modern LEDs and a continuous light strip at the rear. Inside, customers can enjoy fine workmanship and typical brand features such as bronze-colored applications and their own logos.

Interior Design Of Cupra Tavascan

The interior has a futuristic but elegant design. The two individual rear seats are typical of concept vehicles, but they are never used in series production. Overall, the interior seems a little too expressive. Basically, the interior should create a feel-good atmosphere, which is created with noble materials such as leather, Alcantara or carbon. At the same time, Cupra wants to use the latest technologies and create a driver-oriented atmosphere.


A high level of comfort is just as important here as security. The dashboard is wing-shaped and expansive so that it immediately catches the eye. The space in the Tavascan is generously dimensioned and the important information is shown on a fully digital 12.3-inch display. 

Exterior Design Of Cupra Tavascan

The design seems to be a bit futuristic, but is sporty and elegant at the same time. The air slots provide more aerodynamics and better cooling. The 22-inch rims are by no means just drawn up for the look, they also ensure that the air flow is cleanly diverted and thus the air resistance is improved. The illuminated Cupra logo on the front is definitely an eye-catcher.Cupra Tavascan-0


A diffuser is used, which was also installed for reasons of aerodynamics but at the same time also fits very well into the sporty, elegant design concept of the Spaniards. The concept car is painted in black metallic paint and equipped with carbon elements, which are intended to underline the sportiness of the SUV even further.

Engine And Battery Of Cupra Tavascan

Currently there is only the information that Seat has already published on the Cupra Tavascan concept vehicle. This comes with two electric motors that deliver a total system output of 306 hp. The electric SUV should sprint from 0 to 100 km / hr in 6.5 seconds . In addition, a 77 kilowatt-hour battery was installed, which, according to the manufacturer, should be designed for a range of 450 kilometers. Since the battery is housed in the floor, the vehicle has a low center of gravity, which has a positive effect on driving behavior.

CUPRA shows its vision of reinvented sportiness with all-electri

Therefore the Spaniards are likely to use an electric motor on the front and rear axles for the electric car in the maximum expansion stages. Components for battery production should increasingly come from their own environment. A sustainable value chain makes car manufacturers more self-sufficient. In addition, research is being carried out at full speed on techniques for recycling and reusability of rare earths such as cobalt or lithium.

After the Cupra Born based on the Volkswagen ID.3 , the Cupra Tavascan is already the second vehicle to use the MEB electrical kit used throughout the group. With this, the development of electric cars across the group is possible.

Price Of Cupra Tavascan

The concept vehicle was already on display at the IAA in 2019 and it is now clear that the Tavascan will go into series production in 2024. It is not known to what extent the production version resembles the study model. The concept version of the Cupra Tavascan is an SUV-Coupe. 

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This year, Cupra will play an important role in ‘boosting’ Seat SA’s financial results. Cupra Tavascan expects to double its sales and more than double its turnover. In 2020, Cupra’s turnover amounted to approximately 900 million euros. Thanks to the Cupra portfolio, the brand’s volume within SEAT SA’s total sales will increase from 5 to 10%. In addition, Cupra is expanding its activities in most ‘electrified countries’ including the Netherlands and tapping into new markets. In 2022, the brand will open in Australia as a major step in its expansion into the Asia-Pacific region.


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