New DS E-Tense Performance Concept With 805-Horsepower

New DS E-Tense Performance Concept With 805-Horsepower

With its all-electric luxury E-Tense lineup, DS Automobiles is now continuing the quirky French tradition. However, the recently unveiled DS E-Tense Performance Concept gives the overall picture a sporty twist. In the realm of automobiles, DS Automobiles is a comparatively recent name. This is due to the fact that it was introduced in 2014 as a high-end Citroen spin-off. The Citroen DS is regarded as one of the most avant-garde and eccentric vehicles of its day. The French have always been at the forefront of developing unusual automobiles.

The Performance Concept, developed on the 2016 E-Tense, enhances the luxury package with Formula E magic.

An 805-horsepower, all-wheel-drive Formula E car is hidden beneath that color-changing clothing. Here, aerodynamics is prioritized, and aero-blades are added to the wheels. For all of its upcoming EVs, including most likely for other manufacturers under the Stellantis umbrella, DS is using this concept as a project bed.

Exterior design of the DS E-Tense Performance

DS E-Tense Performance Concept Interior

This is a more aggressive variant of the 2016 DS E-Tense Concept rather than an entirely new design. Soon after separating from Citroen to become a separate company, DS offered us the E-Tense. As a result, the innovative French automaker becomes one of the young ones in the industry. Even if the dimensions are the same, DS has sharpened its already-sharp concept. It gains more aggressive aero components, carbon fiber components, and a striking new face on the outside. Additionally, a genuine Formula E vehicle is under it.

The E-Tense Performance concept’s fundamental measurements match those of the E-Tense from 2016. However, DS went back to the drawing board and created a brand-new body for it with better aerodynamics, more aggression, and a brand-new front fascia.

DS E-Tense Performance Concept Design

The DS Aero Sport Lounge Concept Car is one example of how DS has implemented its new design language. The “DS” logo has a 3D look thanks to the thin LED lighting strands that surround it. This unique treatment, as opposed to a standard grille, also has a welcome animation as you approach the car.

The new, enormous DRLs that resemble fangs are constructed of 800 LEDs stacked vertically. Instead of headlamps, the EVs have cameras that will record information for DS to improve and expand various features.

Interior design of the DS E-Tense performance

DS E-Tense Performance Concept Interior

The interior of the DS E-Tense Performance Concept has not been fully unveiled. However, it is rumored to have bucket seats as well as a Formula E steering wheel, making it driver-focused. With a leather-trimmed cabin, comfort has been given the proper consideration. Additionally, DS has incorporated an in-car FOCAL Utopia audio system with a pair of special Scala Utopia Evo loudspeakers to liven up your eardrums.

Performance of the DS E-Tense

The system’s combined power is 600 kW (816 horsepower) with a torque of up to 8000 Nm. The front axle motor’s maximum power is 250 kW (340 hp), and the rear axle motor’s maximum power is 350 kW (476 hp). Although the DS E-Tense Performance Concept still features a high-performance braking system, it also boasts up to 600kW of kinetic energy recovery power, which can entirely stop the car from using kinetic energy recovery alone. Theoretically, the E-TP can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in less than two seconds, and that sounds completely plausible.

The front axle’s motorsport-spec geometry results in extremely sensitive steering that is more precise than any production vehicle ever experienced. Keeping the car from veering off course while it is moving quickly requires focus. The answer occurs right away when You gently press the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor. The whine of the engines gets louder while the speed gets faster. It’s difficult to interpret the speed in the broad runway area without trees or moving roadside objects, but suffice it to say that it feels fairly quick.

DS e-tense, DS 3 Performance BRM - Bologna Motor Show Live

Price of the DS E-Tense

The price of the DS E-Tense performance concept is not revealed yet as it is a concept car, but if it makes it to production, it will carry a pretty heavy price tag.


The design of this car is truly stunning, but it also has an engineering substance, and it has a demanding testing schedule ahead of it. It’s a show vehicle with a spirit rather than just a gorgeous face.

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