EeVe Ahava : Electric Scooter With Style and Convenience

EeVe Ahava : Electric Scooter With Style and Convenience

With the soaring prices of fuels like petrol, people are looking towards electric vehicles as the alternate option for their transport needs. Electric vehicles have a great travel economy as compared to conventional petrol engine vehicles. All the major automobile manufacturers have started manufacturing electric vehicles. The EeVe is a renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, which has started providing high-quality electric two-wheelers. The new e-scooter, EeVe Ahava, has been recently unveiled by the electric two-wheelers firm EeVe India. The requirements of Indian two-wheeler riders are taken into account while developing this e-scooter. EeVe Ahava is therefore best suited for your style and convenience. Feature Specification Detail
1 Battery Capacity N/A
2 Power 250 W
4 Top Speed 60 KM / Hr
5 Range 70 KMs
6 Charging Time 7 hrs
7 Price Rs. 55,900

Design of EeVe Ahava

The Ahava can is offered in two color schemes with dual tones (red/black and blue/black). The Mid-Segment e-scooters are the main competitors of this model. Ahava has the capacity to display critical info, including battery charging, as well as geo-tagging, geo-fencing, and remote immobilization. The de rigueur functionality is also available on the front of the body such as daytime running lights, disk brakes, LED lights, and a USB charging outlet. It also offers numerous additional standard equipment, such as DRLs, beautiful alloy wheels, strong design lines, and many other characteristics. We can conclude that the design of Eeve Ahava is attractive and robust at the same time.

 Design of EeVe Ahava

Engine Options in EeVe Ahava

The EeVe Ahava is powered by an electric motor and has a high-quality battery set to power this motor. Ahava has a 250W motor and has a 60-70km long range. It takes approx. 7-8 hours to charge the battery of this scooter from 0 to 100 percent. EeVe India said that this e-scooter will cost approximately 15 paise a kilo-meter. The scooter has a 5-year guarantee and is granted a one-year warranty on the battery.

Extra Features in EeVe Ahava

Geo-tagging and clamping are intelligent tools to keep an eye on the position of the vehicle and protect the vehicle. In case of a suspicious event, intelligent locking allows you to lock the scooter straight away.  The intelligent interface is combined with the usage of an app to stay updated in real-time about the scooter’s performance. The scooter has daytime operating lights and good operating cost efficiency.

EeVe Ahava Features

Why this EeVe Ahava E-scooter is Unique? 

The EeVe Ahava is a complete electric scooter, with all the essential features. The best part is that this scooter is offered at an economical cost. Hence, you can avail all the important features of the electric vehicle at a low cost. This aspect makes this scooter stand apart from the other electric scooters available in the market. The low cost of this electric scooter along with its great travel economy makes this electric scooter unique in itself.

EeVe Ahava Specs

Pricing of EeVe Ahava

Ahava has an ex-showroom price of Rs. 55 900. We can see that this scooter is very economical and has a low price as compared to other electric scooters available in the market. The average person from a middle-class family in India will easily be able to afford this electric scooter. Also, there will be more savings as the travel economy of this electric scooter is great. Hence it is a win-win situation to buy this scooter in this price tag.


We have seen in detail, the key features of the EeVe Ahava electric scooter. We have also seen other important aspects related to this scooter. If you are planning to buy an electric scooter that has amazing features and is in your budget, this electric scooter can be the best option for you. The great travel economy of this scooter will help you to make considerable savings in the long run.

The manufacturer has extended its dealer network to cover 52 locations with a broader consumer base. The scooter focuses on the design and an athletic style.  The company wants its electric scooter to be more of a mass selection than a narrow group of niches. The new scooter clearly offers excellent value for money and combines an amazing range with its elegant appearance and AI functions.

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