Electric Cars Under 10 lakhs in India

Electric Cars Under 10 lakhs in India

Are you looking for cheap Electric cars under 10 Lakhs? These are the top 5 cheapest cars you must know about.

Time is money, as the saying goes. However, to save time, you must spend money. It is an irony of the modern world. Transportation consumes a significant amount of time and money in our lives, especially in a busy city like Mumbai. The skyscraping rise of oil/ fuel prices is not helping either- transportation costs are getting out of hand day by day. For commoners, private vehicles are more like a luxury than a necessity. Not everyone can afford a car, and even a car can not reduce the fuel cost. Nonetheless, the modern-day problem has the modern-day solution electric cars. They save money as well as are eco-friendly. We can solve the deadly air pollution by reducing oil consumption and switching to electric power.

Electric vehicles are the way of the future. International companies like Tesla are improving this technology in the West. India is not far behind. There are electric cars in India under ten lakhs which is quite affordable.

Cheap Electric Cars Under 10 Lakhs :

  • Strom Motors R3 –    4.50 Lakh
  • Renault Kwid EV –    5.0-7.0 lakhs
  • Ora R1 Electric Car –   6.3-8.5 lakhs
  • Maruti Suzuki WagonR EV – 9.0-10.0 lakhs
  • Mahindra EKuv100 –   8.0-9.0 lakhs

Storm Motors R3

Strom Motors R3 - Electric Cars Under 10lakhs

This is one of the most useful cars in India, because of the reason that it is economical. Following are some specialties or the essential features of this car.

It features a sunroof, there are two doors and two seats. It offers a large space. It offers boot storage space of 300 liters and its front storage space is 400 liters, and the presented total cargo volume of this car is four hundred liters.  When compared with Honda jazz which has a cargo space of 354 liters, Storm motors is offering a good cargo space at economical rates.

Renault Kwid EV

Renault KWID Electric Review India

Renault Kwid EV is another good brand that will launch this year. The expected price of this electric car is around seven lakhs. It is a five-seater car with enough space. A decent-looking electric vehicle with cool headlights and indicators is on display. The vehicle’s interior features are a touchscreen system, a rear camera on top-of-the-line models, etc. It has a 2423mm wheelbase, 151mm ground clearance, and 14 inches of steel wheels. The battery in this EV is 26.8 kilowatts. Fast charging and regular charging are both available. The battery needs 4 hours to charge fully, and in fast charging mode, it needs 30 minutes to set up to 80%. The engine generates 44 HP power and 125 Newton metres of peak torque, giving 100KM/H top speed.

ORA R1 Electric Car

ORA R1 Electric Car - Cheapest Car

There is another such car named as ORA R1 electric car. Because it’s an electric car and has this feature of getting charged this can be useful in terms of being economical. The battery can be easily charged. There is a need for 6.6 kW power to charge this. It takes 9 to 10 hours to be charged but takes only half an hour to be charged from 30 % to 80%.  Another essential feature is the availability of a touch screen system that is about 9 inches in size. Following are some other essential features:

  • Tire’s pressure monitoring system
  • The steering wheel is multifunctional
  • Front ventilated seats
  • Rare ventilated seats
  • LCD screen that has a sensor and has Bluetooth
  • Voice controller

Maruti Suzuki WagonR EV

Maruti WagonR EV Review

This car is important not only in India but all over Asia because it’s economical and has very fruitful features. The essential point that we can not neglect is its battery type, its battery type is 50 kWh, and its lithium-ion battery. The voltage of this car plays an essential role in enhancing its importance. Its voltage is 220V. The motor present in this sort of car is a three-phase permanent magnet and it’s synchronous. The wheels are specialized as it has abs as well and spoke type of wheel and the size of these front wheels is 15 inches. And as we have mentioned earlier the most special feature it serves is the low price of this car.

Mahindra ekUV 100

Mahindra eKUV100

This group that is famous for making motors, and named Mahindra motors India has already showcased their amazing idea and concept of EV’s in the auto Expo that was held in 2018. Now they are working on increasing the level of their own work. These days they are working on other special features, like making an electric variant with more power such as a variant of KUV100 and there are chances that they will announce its launch in the next few months.  Following are some amazing features of this car:

This car is supposed to be the first electric car. This car is going to share the platform of eVerito. Mahindra group has already confirmed the availability of electric cars and it’s one of the most useful steps toward this effort.

The design of Mahindra ekUV100 looks similar to previous or current models but still, it is expected to be more efficient and economical.


The electronic vehicle industry is growing, and companies are launching new technologies at affordable prices. By 2030, the number of vehicles in India is expected to increase by 165%. Many international companies plan to enter the Indian vehicle market because the people need it. The policymakers should enhance electric mobility to give this market more stability. A vehicle is not just a means of luxury; it is becoming necessary for people and the environment. Various new employment opportunities have arisen, as well as scientific advancements. The people of India are building the country’s future together.

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