Emotorad EMX Review – Design, Specifications, Performance And Price

Emotorad EMX Review – Design, Specifications, Performance And Price

The Pune-based electric bicycle manufacturer, Emotorad brought in its full suspension all-electric bicycle, Emotorad EMX in the November of 2020 which comes with a futuristic performance and thus rose up as the brand’s flagship vehicle. Basically, Emx is the remodeled version of its previous model, MoovWay by acquiring some changes and fine-tuned traits at an affordable price to enjoy fitness riding, commutes and adventure ridings, etc. Its premium build quality helps to run over most of the areas like rocky terrains, rocky roads, smooth trails, lofty landscapes, etc. The brighter LED headlights, rear reflector, a pair of mudguards, derailleur guard, electric horn are the sublime features on it. Even though it has to face stiff competition with the Bounce Infinity E1, Hero Electric Atria, Hero Electric NYX, Ampere Magnus, and Hero Electric Flash, Emotorad EMX will never fail to stoop in its grandeur.

Emotorad EMX  Design

Design And Build Quality Of Emotorad EMX

The geometry design armed by the Emotorad EMX bears a strong likeness to its previous edition, MoovWay and it holds not many changes from the pioneer model. The 17 inches frame is fully made up of aluminum alloy and this trellis is structured with focusing on its significant design features like the detachable battery slot and the built-in rear suspension system. As in all motorcycles, the aluminum frame helps to attain a lightweight nature, hence it only weighs 23.5 kilograms. This excellent engineering quality elevates the easiness in a smooth cruise and the weight of the bicycle is not felt for the passenger while having a manual ride.

Emotorad EMX  Suspension

The standard geometry feature comprises a crossbar or top tube that is slanted downward displays a split frame design with an inscription of the brand label “MX brand” and also extends an extra bit of stand-over clearance. The overall structure is based on an upright posture which aids better for the fitness riders and for commuters. The cushioning effect rendered by the comfortable, large seat is an improved quality for excellent riding posture for long drives and the trellis of Emotorad EMX is illuminated with the lighting setup highlighted with the front white LED lights with a stylish accent. As the MoovWay, the paint palette is with a dual-tone color combination in which the Glossy finish Black is the primary color painted on the body trellis and the front suspension which flaunts an impressive quality with a glimmering finishing on it. This black hue is contrasted by the secondary color, Yellow for flashy graphics on it. This alluring color combination can divert the attention of onlookers.

Motor, Riding Speed Of Emotorad EMX

Emotorad EMX  Full Suspension

The significant change comes in the matter of motor that, unlike the MoovWay, Emotorad EMX is powered by a robust 36V 250W BLDC rear hub motor by Bafang that is mounted on the rear axle. Bafang is a widely accepted enterprise that manufactures a wide range of efficient components for electric bicycles. It runs at a peak riding range of 25km/hr and easily strikes this maximum speed only by 3 seconds. It puts out maximum torque at a rate of 45NM to achieve this claimed maximum speed, thus this decent torque benefits to climb the loft areas easily.

Riding Performance Of Emotorad EMX

Five riding modes are provided by the Emotorad for the operator according to the traveling pace and their choice to select the ride experience. The manual mode is equipped to function with full manpower and the Assist mode with 5 levels of pedal assistance in which they provide 5 levels of power assists drawn out from the battery for each pedal. The Throttle mode housed on the right grip helps to strike up to 35kmph of effective speed whereas the fourth mode, Cruise mode works for achieving up to 30kmph. The Walk mode will provide you with a ride at a speed rate of up to 6kmph. The button system is visible at the left side of the handlebar that consists of a switch controller to handle the display.

Also, as a standard security property, the right-hand side of the grip accelerator is drilled by a button to function the deep-rooted horn on it. All the mentioned mileages may change due to the fluctuations in the weight of the user and the riding style. Emotorad Emx is well appointed with the speed unlocked as in MoovWay in order to ride the bicycle at a range of 30 to 35kmph of speed.

Battery And Charging Of Emotorad EMX

Unlike the motor setup, the battery section did not get any modification. Emotorad Emx runs with the spirit derived from a detachable 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery pack provided by the renowned brand, Samsung and it is placed on the bottom of a tube in order to make it easy to replace and install. This battery is highly competent to afford 900 to 1000 charging cycles of its life and when it comes to the replacement terms, it would cost about $15,000. Although the battery setup mirrors that of MoovWay in the case of the charger, Emotorad EMX has gotten a bit faster charger of 2.5Ah rather than the 2Ah normal charger. In any standard Indian plug point, it would take 4 to 5 hours to juice up from 0% to 100%. On throttle mode 3 to 3.5 hours of a single charging can run 35 to 40kms of range as well as in the pedal-assist mode, it can drive at a range of 60 to 65kms on a single charge itself.

Gear System Of Emotorad EMX

The 3 x 7-speed drivetrain is backed by the Shimano Tourney front and rear derailleurs. These 21 speed derailleurs are smooth enough that help to climb the lofty areas easily. Basically, there is no need of equipping a gear system in an electric bicycle, but it lets the rider have full freedom to tweak speed according to the landscape conditions also if needs to match the electric speed with the intonation of pedaling. This gear system handled by the Shimano’s SIS 3 and 7-speed shifters also benefits at the times of struggling with the depleted battery while riding, as this multi-speed gear system helps to reach the destination effortlessly by controlling the pressure you want to put into the pedaling.

Brakes And Steering Of Emotorad EMX 

Only a few changes are accompanied when it comes to the brakes, as the stopping power of Emotorad EMX is handled by the same 160mm dual mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear. The disc brakes are capable enough to stop quickly even you are riding at 20 to 25km/hr. The sensor mounted on it close off the connection with the electric motor when applied to avert dangerous situations.

Emotorad EMX  Specifications

The major change is in the advanced calipers and the improved lever introduced by the Emotorad in order to offer extra grips for better gripping over the fingers. The Alloy handlebar is coupled together with the Alloy system to hand over a comfortable riding posture to the rider during fitness riding or commutes. In addition, the grip throttle placed on the right-hand side is a refined feature on it.

Wheels And Suspension Of Emotorad EMX

Emotorad has done a perfect choice on its wheels that comes in a pair of CST JACKRABBIT MTB tires that dimensioned 27.5” x 1.95”. It is reviewed that they perfectly suit with the electric bicycle even though running at 25km/hr or rolling through smooth or rough urban roads. Emotorad did not compromise in its quality, peppy performance, and capability to run over different terrains. Also, the 1.9” tires boast rapid rolling resistance and lend adequate friction while riding over wet and dry terrains.

Emotorad EMX  Battery Charging

The suspension department is the major area where Emotorad EMX shines by displaying itself as a full suspension electric bicycle. A mono-shock absorber is housed on the hind part to cut down the jerking motions on the rear and also maintain the rear wheels stably on the road in addition to endowed exceptional friction during climbing. The 100mm suspension backed by Suntour (XCT) is with cutting edge property that imbibes the shock while running over rocky turfs and thus aids to handle the gain control to extend seamless navigation.

Price And Negative Reviews Of Emotorad EMX  

The price of Emotorad EMX is estimated to be Rs. 54,999 and you can purchase it from the official website of Emotorad or by sending details on the WhatsApp number 8882434488. A lifetime warranty can be fetched for its frameset whereas the warranty on the all-electric equipment only spans for one year.

The reviews of test rides remarked that other than the horn, no much-improved security features are given like alerts, hence anyone can use your bicycle in your absence. The 21-speed shifters gear system with SIS could have been improved to an Easy Five EF41/500 in order to meet the price segment. However, if you are looking for a full suspension electric bike, Emotorad EMX will never fail to disappoint you, if fine with the aforementioned defects.


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