Estrema Fulminea – What we know about this Italian Hypercar

Estrema Fulminea – What we know about this Italian Hypercar

There are a number of high-end electric supercars and hypercars on the market today. The shift to electrification has resulted in several stunning vehicles, such as the Rimac Nevera, Pininfarina Battista, and even the Lotus Evija. The Estrema Fulminea, from Italy, is the most recent addition to this list. The Fulminea isn’t simply a good-looking automobile; it’s also a capable performer.

Automobili Estrema, based in Modena, was created in 2020 by entrepreneur Gianfranco Pizzuto. At Blenheim Palace’s Salon Privé, the Automobili Estrema Fulminea had its international debut. The concept automobile was unveiled, with the final model expected to hit the market in the second part of 2023.

Estrema Fulminea will be the world’s first car to feature a cutting-edge “hybrid” battery pack that combines Li-ion cells, solid-state electrolytes, and ultracapacitors. This system generates 100 kWh of energy, which is used to power four electric motors with a total output of 2040 horsepower. This is enough to accelerate the Fulminea from 0 to 200 mph (0 to 320 kph) in under 10 seconds. Is it grabbing your attention?

Exterior of Estrema Fulminea

The Fulminea appears to be as futuristic as you’d imagine. It, like the majority of other supercars with Italian roots, looks magnificent and unusual. According to the automaker, the design philosophy is focused on four elements: sensuality, elegance, purity, and balance. The face seems like a straight lift, not only like or reminiscent of the Ferrari 458. The elongated daytime running lights are attractive, and there are two small ones in the bottom entrance.

Automobili Estrema Fulminea

Carbon fiber is used extensively throughout the body. The side profile is also encompassed by the front and rear wings, giving the impression of a ‘lightning strike.’ The big diffuser, adjustable rear wing, and, of course, those stylish LED taillights all contribute to the rear’s spectacular appearance. Just like the DRLs on the face, the two vertically slotted LED taillights are visible. Butterfly doors are included in the package. According to Estrema, the Fulminea will be available in only one color, “Azzurro Savoia.” The Fulminea’s wheels are OZ racing wheels with Pirelli tires wrapped around them.

The aerodynamics of the car have been seriously evaluated by Estrema. There’s a front-axle downforce air inlet beneath the hood, and a rear-axle downforce air intake behind the rear wing. There are also some larger ones on the sides that allow heated air to escape when braking. Front air intake, S-duct variable flow conveyer, and retractable rear wing are among the active aero features included.

Automobili Estrema Fulminea Specs

Interior of Estrema Fulminea

The cabin’s interior is yet to be completely revealed, however Estrema has stated that it “will have a clean, decisive, and yet elegant special design.” “An excellent blend of the analog and digital worlds, with just the perfect amount of sportiness.” It will be the perfect interior with a touch of luxury and much more sportier feelings for the driver. 

Features And Drivetrain of Estrema Fulminea

The Fulminea has four electric motors, one on each wheel, that create a total of 2,040 horses! Because of this, the hypercar can accelerate from 0 to 200 mph in less than 10 seconds!  It will be one the fastest accelerating hypercars once it makes it to production. The Fulminea features a sculpted, active aerodynamic bodywork made of carbon fiber that includes a rear wing, a shark fin, and multiple intakes for airflow and heat management. Proportions and volumes have also received a lot of attention, inspired in part by the fastest and most aerodynamic creatures, such as the sailfish, peregrine falcon, and cheetah.

Automobili Estrema Fulminea Design

“The lightning bolt is present in our emblem, it’s the signature of the company,” Olivo says of the marque’s design, which features the colors of the Italian flag. Which is why lightning is such an important manifestation of the Estrema Fulminea’s technology.” Klatt and his colleagues used methacrylate for the lenses in the headlights and taillights to match the lightning concept. The use of a very transparent material with a crystal-like appearance gives the light systems an ethereal appearance, making them appear to float, separated from the materiality of the automobile body, especially in the back.

Battery and Range of Estrema Fulminea

The Estrema hypercar is the first car in the world to feature hybrid battery pack technology. In a single high-performance super-battery, the hybrid battery pack integrated ultracapacitors and solid-state Li-ion cells. Although BMW has claimed that solid-state batteries are a long way off, Estrema has partnered with Abee Group to develop a hybrid pack that is said to be 50 to 100 percent more efficient than conventional battery technology.

Automobili Estrema Fulminea Specs

The Estrema Fulminea has a 100 kWh battery pack with a 323-mile range. Calculations on the back of the envelope show 3.23 miles per kWh. Putting away all other aspects and specifications, this is a lot less than the Lucid Air, which has the best mile range per kWh – 4.58 miles. Also, unlike the Fulminea’s WLTP rating, which is much more forgiving than the EPA regulations, the Lucid Air’s range is based on the EPA-estimated range. The 100 kWh battery pack, to Estrema’s credit, is relatively light, weighing in at about 660 pounds.

Price of Estrema Fulminea

The Estrema Fulminea is valued at €19,61,000 (about $2.3 million at today’s exchange rates).


This Estrema Fulminea Italian hypercar is the perfect track car/road car that a person might want to buy to experience its fierce power and stability around corners, it handles like a feather.

“We want to manufacture 60 automobiles in three years—two cars a month,” Pizzuto says, “with No. 61 being mine.” “The goal is to create a technological jewel with an increasing worth through time, similar to a magnificent work of art.” When deliveries begin in the second half of 2023, that jewel will cost the equivalent of $2.38 million in the European market.

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