Evelo Compass Tricycle – Comfortable & Powerful Electric Trike

Evelo Compass Tricycle – Comfortable & Powerful Electric Trike

Riding e-bikes is not possible for everyone. The 500W mid-drive engine in the Evelo Compass e-trike provides the power required to enable anyone to ride one of these things. There are several reasons why someone might be unable to swing a leg over a saddle, including balance challenges, strength issues, injuries, and more. Adult trikes have been around for a very long time.

Design of the Evelo Compass

The Compass frame is constructed from 6061 high-strength aluminum alloy and features internal cable routing. We could tell that Evelo spent a lot of time crafting the frame because it is both the ideal size and aesthetically pleasing. Below the rider, the frame appeared solid and was manageable in weight.


The alloy Wellgo Comfort pedals have orange reflectors to make you more visible to other drivers. Test riders found these pedals to be extremely solid during the testing and to have a good level of grip to keep their feet in place.

Overall, the exterior of the Trike is pretty basic and classy.

Ride Quality and Comfort in Evelo Compass

When talking about a comfort e-bike’s handling, we frequently bring up its center of gravity and how it affects both how stable it feels at speed and how the bike turns. This is done under the assumption that the rider is going at least quickly enough to maintain balance. The gyroscopic effect produced by the spinning wheels plays a significant role in determining balance on a bike. Smaller or slower-spinning wheels won’t produce as much gyroscopic action. The balance of an adult e-trike is not a problem. In spite of its modest speed, the e-trike will remain upright.

Regardless of whether a trike has a motor, riding one is a unique experience. Trikes don’t lean into turns, and for someone who has recently ridden a bike, the combination of a handlebar and no lean can be confusing.


We can completely understand the step-through frame of the Evelo Compass. Although we don’t presume that everyone who would purchase an e-trike has limited mobility, there are enough individuals with these conditions that it is reasonable to build a frame that is simple to get on and off.

Battery, Motor, and Drivetrain of Evelo Compass

The majority of Evelo’s electric bicycles include mid-drive motors. Mid-drive motors typically consume less power than hub-drive motors because they exert their force before the effort-multiplying gears, at the same time as the rider. The 500W Bafang mid-drive motor that powers the Evelo Compass helps this e-trike accelerate and maintain a leisurely cruising speed.

The 504Wh Panasonic batteries should provide riders an average range of 40 miles. Evelo gives the option to install a second battery, something the Evelo Compass is already built to accommodate, for anyone who feels they are recharging too frequently or are riding more than 40 miles at a time.


Trikes, whether they have electric assistance or not, have a relatively complex mechanism to move both of its rear wheels. The Evelo Compass’s system is made with high-quality components and has superb craftsmanship. It will last for a very long time.

For the Compass, Evelo went with a Shimano powertrain. The shifter is a simple-to-use grip shifter that the user twists to change gears, much like a motorbike throttle. The biker can change gear with only one easy click. Since there are only three gears in this set, riders who reside in hilly areas may need to change some of their routes.

Braking, Safety, and Warranty of Evelo Compass

The Tektro brakes used on the Evelo Compass include a hydraulic disc design and 180mm rotors. Even though this e-trike weighs something in the proximity of 80 lbs, the mechanical discs shouldn’t have any issue putting it to a halt thanks to its 24-in. wheels and 180mm rotors.

While it’s true that people prefer hydraulic disc brakes over mechanical disc brakes, the real concern is whether a brake is strong enough to allow a rider adequate control when reducing speed or completely stopping. In this situation, a mechanical disc brake working with 180mm rotors and 24″ wheels will suffice.

Evelo is proud of its warranty, and it is undoubtedly unique. A four-year, 20,000-mile warranty is provided. They claim it is twice as much as the majority of other manufacturers, but in reality, it is closer to four times as much as the majority of their rivals.

Price of the Evelo Compass

The E-trike comes in at $4500.


An e-trike offers a unique form of transportation. It’s not like riding a bike, and when someone rides a trike for the first time and it doesn’t tilt when they are ready to turn, it can be a shocking experience. It’s an experience that goes away swiftly. When turning on a tricycle, riders do need to be cautious. Trikes can tilt if a rider attempts to make a turn too quickly, even though the mid-drive motor and a low-slung battery serve to maintain the trike’s center of gravity low to keep it stable. Investment-wise, the Evelo Compass is substantial.

Most people are likely to be apprehensive of any e-bike that costs more than $4000, but in the case of this e-trike, the price is absolutely worth it. We wouldn’t want to entrust our loved ones to a cheap e-trike. Since they aren’t typically available, they also think they will have a great resale value.


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