Fiat Plans to Sell Only Electric Cars In Europe After 2027

Fiat Plans to Sell Only Electric Cars In Europe After 2027

Fiat is the furthest down the line automaker to declare that it needs to free its scope of fuel-consuming vehicles in Europe. It has set an extremely aggressive objective for when it needs to accomplish that – only a long time from now, in 2027. The news came during parent organization Stellantis’ 2021 financial report, which likewise illustrated charge plans for the gathering’s 15 brands.

The makers have not reported what models will make up its post-2027 BEV-only plan.

Fiat Will Become Purely Electric In Europe In 2027

Stellantis, presently the world’s 6th biggest automaker, declared that it would send off another Fiat-badged EV in 2022 or 2023, which would bring the number of electric traveler vehicles in its arrangement to 2 – the yet anonymous model and the 500e. Across the whole gathering, there is at present a sum of 19 EVs on the proposition, and there are extra charge plans for every one of the brands under its umbrella.

Fiat Wants to Sell Electric Cars In Europe After 2027

The new Fiat EV is probable a creation rendition of the Centoventi study, a slick metropolitan hybrid idea that appeared at the 2019 Geneva engine show. It’s a seriously reduced vehicle, estimated around 144.9 inches (3.68 meters) long, and the most effective way to depict it as a cutting-edge battery-fueled likeness is the present Panda model.

At the hour of the Centoventi’s uncovering, it was expressed that it reviews the cutting-edge Panda, so we could estimate that the Panda will be renewed entirely electric when the new model shows up. We could develop that significantly further and recommend that the electric Panda probably rides on a Stellantis stage, STLA Small, which is fundamentally an advancement of the PSA EMP1 stage (that supports an entire slew of ICE and EV models, including the Peugeot e-208).

We should sit back and watch what Stellantis has anticipated Fiat after sending off the electric Panda. It has not been reported the number of models will make up Fiat’s completely electric 2027 setup.

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