The Fiido D11 – Super Lightweight Foldable eBike

The Fiido D11 – Super Lightweight Foldable eBike

E-bikes that fold up have a reputation for being really heavy. One folding e-bike that challenges that notion is the Fiido D11. Even though it has disc brakes and a 7-speed drivetrain, this sub-40-lb. folding e-bike manages to maintain its low weight.

With a feature-rich folding e-bike in the same price range for which XP has established such an amazing reputation, Fiido (pronounced Fee-doh) hopes to challenge XP. In our study of the Fiido D11, we’ll examine how the manufacturer created a foldable electric bike that can compete with the XP 2.0 in terms of both pricing and functionality.

Perhaps the Fiido D11’s weight is its most distinctive attribute. It’s a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to struggle with a 50–60 lb foldable e-bike because it just weighs 38.6 lbs.  It’s noteworthy because despite being so light, it can nevertheless have a 7-speed drivetrain.

The Fiido D11’s sleek aluminum chassis, relatively light 250W motor and 418Wh battery are everything to thank for the device’s modest weight. Large motors and batteries weigh a lot, while smaller motors and batteries tend to lose part of the power needed for slopes and have a smaller range. Unexpectedly, Fiido asserts that the D11 has a range of up to 62 mi in PAS 1.

Comfort, Handling and Ride Quality of Fiido D11

The Fiido D11 - Super Lightweight Foldable eBike

The frames of folding e-bikes must be somewhat compact in order for them to fold up and fit in a tiny place, giving them an inherent comfort advantage. The seat needs to be able to be lowered to a height that is impractical with conventional frames or even many step-through designs in order to do that. Taller riders won’t be able to comfortably ride one if the handlebar mast doesn’t allow for a reasonable range of height adjustment.

Both the seat adjustability and handlebar mast adjustability of the Fiido D11 is excellent. Their assertion that anyone between 5 feet and 6 feet 5 inches can ride their bike is, however, wildly exaggerated.

This e-bike might not be very comfortable for a rider who is 5 feet, 5 inches tall. Similar to how riders shorter than 6 feet may feel confined, taller riders may find it difficult to comfortably reach the handlebars even when they can easily turn the pedals.

The Fiido D11 will be a very nimble bike and enjoyable to ride on winding bike routes because it is constructed on 20-inch wheels and has tires that are spec’d to be 1.75 inches wide.

In the D11’s advertising film, Fiido rides the motorcycle off-road. We would advise riders to consider this e-bike as an e-bike intended for road use given the tires, brakes, and motor it is constructed around.

Battery, Motor, and Performance of Fiido D11

The Fiido D11 - Super Lightweight Foldable eBike

The extremely small weight of the Fiido D11 for an e-bike is one of its selling factors. Since it weighs less than 40 lbs., smaller riders will find this to be an interesting alternative to e-bikes that can weigh up to twice as much. The Fiido had to be specified with a quite tiny motor.

The hub motor of the Fiido D11 generates 250W and 35Nm of torque. A smaller motor doesn’t have to work as hard to operate the D11 because it has 20-inch wheels. The motor might not have as much punch as bigger riders would want.

A larger motor would have limited the 418Wh battery’s range, but the Fiido D11’s 250W hub motor allows it to achieve an astonishing range of 50–60 miles, depending on the rider’s weight and the terrain.

The gearing range provided by the 7-speed Shimano transmission enables the bike to cruise steadily at 20 mph while also providing assistance on slopes.

Braking and Warranty of the Fiido D11

The Fiido D11 - Super Lightweight Foldable eBike

160mm rotors and mechanical disc brakes are featured on the Fiido D11. Those brakes will provide plenty of stopping power for a bike with 20-inch wheels. Mechanical discs have the benefit of requiring almost no maintenance, and anyone with mechanical aptitude can replace the brake pads when necessary.

The Fiido D11 can be folded in three simple steps, and anyone who knows how to utilize cam-actuated quick-release levers should feel comfortable using the bike. That is a noteworthy supposition.

The warranty offered by Fiido is unique compared to others. Though frequently understandable, it is superior in some ways and less thorough in others. The frame is covered by a three-year warranty, and the fork, bar, stem, and seat post are covered for one full year. Additionally, the majority of electronics have a one-year warranty. It is a big surprise and disappointment that some equipment, such as the kickstand, tires, lights, and brake levers, are only given a three-month warranty.

Price of the Fiido D11

The Fiido D11 comes in at $1099.


A new concept in folding e-bikes is presented by the Fiido D11. We adore its simple lines and svelte style. The coiled cable connecting the seatpost’s battery to the frame is something we don’t particularly like. We also dislike how, when riders elevate the Seatpost, the center of gravity increases. A bike will handle better the lower its CG is. For taller riders, the e-relatively bike’s low wheelbase and Seatpost battery may cause some jitteriness. Even at PAS 5, the Fiido D11 is said to travel 50 miles before needing to be recharged. It is a lightweight folding e-bike that is simple to fold and gives a delightful riding experience.

Rarely does a foldable electric bike look this elegant or seem like such a great time to ride one. The Fiido D11 is a fantastic illustration of how innovative thinking keeps bringing us amazing new e-bike concepts.

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