Firefox Adventron – Fascinating New Electric Bicycle

Firefox Adventron – Fascinating New Electric Bicycle

A performance-focused electric mountain bike with an aesthetically pleasing semi-integrated battery, the Firefox Adventron.

There aren’t many brands that come to mind when discussing the performance bicycle market in India, but one of them that stands out is Firefox. With a strong product for adults who demand more from their bicycles, it has managed to hold onto its place as one of the most desirable brands. Here is what we think about the Firefox Adventron electric bicycle.

Design of the Firefox Adventron


The Adventron that Was for test-ride had a full Black frame as its main colour with supplementary graphics in Yellow, Red, and Silver. The full-Black frame colour and the black suspension fork made a good colour complement. The matte finish paint job has a smooth premium touch and was of excellent quality.

The Adventron’s semi-integrated battery is its best design element. Without any protrusions on the outside, the battery’s seamless design rests inside the down tube and blends with it. The front LED lights on this e-bike had a straightforward, attractive design that included helpful safety features. The E-battery Bike powers its front LED light.

The frame of the Firefox Adventron is entirely made of alloy. This is the first and only electric bicycle offered by Firefox at the moment. Standard frame design and a top tube that sloped downward allowed the rider greater standover space, and the general shape of the frame helped the rider maintain an upright posture, making it ideal for commuting and fitness rides.

With an amazing 100mm of travel, the Suntour front suspension fork is more than capable of handling city roads’ speed bumps. This E-suspension Bike’s lock-out feature made it possible to travel quicker over flat terrain.

Gears in the Firefox Adventron

The powertrain on this electric bicycle does have a 1×7-Speed with a Shimano Altus rear derailleur. While having gears on an electric bicycle is not required, it might be helpful to match the electric speed with the cadence of the pedaling.

Additionally, it helps if you run out of battery juice mid-ride because the gears enable you to manage how much pressure you want to apply to the pedals. During the test ride, the 7-Speed Shimano Altus rear derailleur shifted effortlessly. The SIS 7-Speed shifter from Shimano is used to operate this Altus rear derailleur.

Battery and motor of the Firefox Adventron


A rear hub BLDC 36V 250W rear hub motor powers the Firefox Adventron electric bicycle. A lithium-ion battery rated at 8.7Ah powers this motor. It is simple to install and remove the battery because it is partially integrated into the frame and rests on a carved bottom tube. Three levels of power assistance from the battery are provided for each pedal via the three-level Pedal Assist system, referred to as Low, Medium, and High.

The On/Off button, Pedal Assist level change, and a USB connector for charging your smartphone are all located on the LCD controller that is mounted on the left side of the handlebar bar. With battery power, a maximum speed of 25 km/hr is possible.

This battery can provide up to 50km in Pedal Assist mode and 30-35km when used just in Throttle mode on a single full charge. With different riding circumstances and rider weight, these mileages may vary. From zero to 100%, this battery requires 4.5–5 hours to charge using a typical Indian plug outlet. Because this battery is detachable, the charging port is located on the battery pack itself and is simple to use.

 Steering and brakes in the Firefox Adventron

Mechanical Disc brakes with the Tektro brand are in charge of stopping this electric bicycle at the front and back. At 20 to 25 kilometers per hour, both of these brakes were strong enough to bring the bicycle to a safe and quick halt.

This electric bicycle’s alloy riser handlebar and adjustable stem allow the rider to adopt a comfortable riding position. The grip throttle on the right is easy to use and smooth.

Saddle and Wheels of the Firefox Adventron


The Adventron’s 27.5″ x 2.1″ MTB tires are quick rolling on both smooth and bumpy urban roads, making them ideal for an electric bicycle when traveling at 25 km/h. The treads and width were ideal for providing strong traction on slick surfaces.

From Firefox’s non-electric bicycles, the saddle has seen a significant change. This one features a padded cushion, which is equivalent to having an external gel or foam seat cover. You may be sure that using the Adventron will prevent saddle discomfort.

Price of the Firefox Adventron

The Firefox Adventron electric comes in at INR 60,000.


The semi-integrated frame design and neatly welded tube edges of the Alloy frame give it a beautiful appearance. Longer range is guaranteed by the 8.7Ah battery, and the throttle ups the enjoyment factor of the e-bike riding experience. The robust Tektro Mechanical Disc brakes and Ralson 27.5″ tyres make riding at high speeds safe and enjoyable. The Firefox Adventron is a great option for anyone wishing to purchase a performance-focused electric bicycle with a removable battery. It is priced at Rs. 60,000 (as of 15th September 2021).

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