Genesis Electrified G80 – Interior & Exterior Design, Features & Specs

Genesis Electrified G80 – Interior & Exterior Design, Features & Specs

Genesis luxury car made no secret of its intention to enter the battery-electric market and has now made good on its promise. But on the other hand in 2022 Genesis Electrified G80 is very quiet, an all-electric version of the combustion-engined G80 luxury sedan. The recently redesigned G80 already looks beautiful inside and outside. The most drastic change is the elimination of the turbo-four and twin-turbo V6 engines.

Genesis engineers added many new features to the electrified version the conventionally-powered G80 lacks. Next Genesis claims more EVs are very coming soon but one thing no hybrids or plug-in hybrids. Electrified G80 EV will start a new generation of electric vehicles with top-notch and innovative quality. It has a hidden charging door at the front side with an aerodynamic crust.

Genesis Electrified G80

Moreover, its two-toned interior is relaxing, further improved by a leather seat stained with natural dye. Best of all, it has a fast and easy charging method, and there is no need to worry about low temperature as there is the maintenance of battery performance.

The exterior of Genesis Electrified G80

Colour: For the exterior,  the Genesis Electrified G80 car comes in a dark blue color. This is only available for this model specifically. That means you won’t get this color on any other model of this brand.

Tire: The tire is 19 inches with length and width 245-45 containing a lot of spokes. Also, it comes with a solar panel roof. So you can charge your car using this as well.

Genesis Electrified G80 Design

Adapter: Besides, the Genesis Electrified G80 car also comes with a V12 adapter. This adapter is another incredible thing that lets you connect your home appliances right with your car. Just open up the adapter and connect it to the charging slot. Below it, you will find space where it allows you to connect your COFFEE pot, blow dryer, notebook, or even TV.

Interior of Genesis Electrified G80

The interior is fantastic!  Genesis is always popular for its spacious and luxurious interior. The same goes for this Genesis Electrified G80 electric vehicle as well. Its large and spacious inside and the seats are elegant and comfortable. Even if you are a taller person, you’d easily fit inside. The luxury leather window doors would literally blow your mind! Elegant yet aesthetic!

Genesis Electrified G80 Features

The floor is nothing different though. Unlike other electric vehicles of different brands, the floor isn’t flat. The center of the floor is a bit higher. Which is usually not a problem. Like other Genesis vehicles, it has also got sunshade which you can put on manually. On the back seat right in the center, you have got the total control system. So it’s convenient.

Inside the center console, you get a USB port, an earphone port, and a decent amount of space to store a few handy things. There is also a rear monitor where you get access to maps, climate control, and other cool features. The manual says once it’s fully charged, you can drive up to 427km. The infotainment is classy and sassy. This long monitor has an EV feature. You press that and it shows the battery percentage, your nearest oil filling station. Additionally, it tells you how much you can drive with AC turned on and how much with it turned off.

Genesis Electrified G80 Interior

Speed & Battery in Genesis Electrified G80

Extensive brilliant battery life: This electric vehicle from Genesis is said to have an 87.2 kWh battery that can drive up to 427 km. While in sports mode, its speed is incredible with two motors on each axle accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds.

There are other different modes such as comfort mode and so on. Those modes fluctuate the numbers accordingly.

Genesis Electrified G80 Engine

Charging in Genesis Electrified G80

Since it is an electric vehicle, you don’t have an engine to cool it off. So that is an advantage. You just need to charge the car once in a while to make it roll smoothly.

The charging should be best and quick, with 350-kilowatt fast charging capable of taking the battery from 10% to 90% charge in an estimated 20 minutes. The Genesis Electrified G80 controls suspension with road preview and uses the front camera system to detect upcoming roads and bumps. The largest range per charge is more than 500km.

Genesis Electrified G80 Charging

Charging slot: Wondering where the charging slot is, yeah? Usually, EV cars of other brands have this slot somewhere at the back. But the Genesis EV car has its charging plot right on the front, just a bit above the license plate!

Just make a slight push and it opens. Pull it out and connect your wires to charge it.

The incredible driving experience of Genesis Electrified G80

This vehicle is really quiet and enjoyable compared to gasoline engine vehicles. While driving, you would hardly notice any other noise other than the electric sound. While you drive, take a look at the cluster. You’d see the battery power getting distributed to other parts of the car. It’s so peaceful you wouldn’t hear any noise from outside. A total luxury ride I mean!

In fact, there’s another reason why it is so quiet and peaceful inside the car. There is this active road noise control system. This system works brilliantly to avoid any noise from outside to get inside the car. It gives me chills, to be honest!

Other cars you’d talk about, yes they are comfortable. But this vehicle is extraordinary when it comes to your comfort. Why? Because it has a preview electric controlling system suspension. This detects the situation of the surroundings and takes advanced action right away. So you get to exercise complete control over the car. That makes it cool and super comfortable. The speed takes during sports mode, it’s insane and will leave you jaw-dropping!


Genesis is the best set of premium automakers opting for more interior functions. The Battery-Powered G80’s leather seats, console, and rear seat armrest used natural dyes instead of chemicals. An active noise control system helps to reduce interior noise in a better way. And other features provide automatic climate control. The latest technologies emphasize sustainability. The solar roof integrated into the roofline can generate electricity when using sunlight with a solar panel that increases energy efficiency.

Starting as a gasoline model, Genesis has come out of the box and developed its first electric vehicle. That stands alone successfully in the market among its rival companies.

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