Genesis GV60 – Everything We Know About The Electric Luxury SUV

Genesis GV60 – Everything We Know About The Electric Luxury SUV

Want to have a glimpse of the latest and classy sedans? Well, Genesis GV60 is something that everyone looking for premium driving should consider. This zenith of luxury presents a robust engine, a magnificent interior, and a horde of technology. All these features make this vehicle a remarkable adventure for you!

After the hot off-the-fire introductions of Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5, Genesis is preparing to disclose its first-ever dedicated power-driven vehicle. It is operated by a 77.4kWh battery pack, offering an enduring 280 miles range with the entry-level. It possesses a rear-wheel-drive design and has a single 228 horsepower motor.

Genesis GV60, all-electric, subcompact luxury family car, the first new built out of E-GMP, Hyundai Motor Group’s EV dedicated Platform, is likely to compete with Tesla Model Y. This is the second electric model from the family of Genesis, first being the Electrified G80, and comes with a dynamic design to share the platform with Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 and Kia’s EV6.

Style and Design of Genesis GV60

Genesis GV60 Exterior Design

Quality never goes out of style! Genesis GV60 presents a stylish, lofty design with piled headlights, capsized bumper edges, and a strong wide frame. The interior view of the new Genesis GV60 seems just as innovative and sleek as its facade. The dual pole steering wheel presents the sensation of an immaculate touch. Created on the same E-GMP bedrocks as that of Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, Genesis GV60 stands out in the crowd because of its sleek design, fast engine, elegant interior, and extraordinary battery performance.

The exterior of Genesis GV60

Genesis GV60 has an athletic coupe CUV (crossover utility vehicle) and a sleek design which identifies it as a sustainable high-performance luxurious electric car. The vehicle’s voluminous body is well complemented with Two-Line lamps at the front, which is an icon of Genesis vehicles. At the lower position transfers the Genesis Signature Crest Grille which adds Ons to the high-performance EV platform. The coupe roof profile ends with a distinctive fixed-wing spoiler at the rear of the GV60 which magnifies its dynamic outlook.

The Genesis has a visual great impact and around the side, it has a crystal clear window that looks fantastic. The Genesis has exhausted its back and its design is attractive from the back.

Genesis GV60 Interior

Interior of Genesis GV60

Genesis GV60 has a spacious and comfortable interior well adapted with Genesis’ design ethos of the ‘Beauty of White Space’. The Crystal Sphere in the interior contributes an aesthetic element that inhibits an emotional connection between the driver and the vehicle. This sphere becomes the vehicle’s mood light when it’s static, whereas, as it resumes motion the sphere rotates, and the Shift by Wire (SBW) appears to create a dynamic atmosphere.

Advance technology in Genesis GV60

For stress-free and convenient charging advanced electrification technology, battery conditioning, multi-input charging system, V2L, and plug-and-charge (PnC) simple payment technologies are applied. Various driving assistance systems are enabled to ensure the safety of the passengers. Fingerprint Authentication System, Face Connect, and Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Updates are other prominent facilities.

Genesis GV60 Digital Cockpit

Luxury that Appeals in Genesis GV60

It has a wide range of 11 exterior colors, including 4 new colors – Hanauma Mint, Atacama Copper, Atacama Copper Mate, and Sao Paulo Lime. The price range may vary between $50,000 – $60,000, depending on the three models in the SUV’s lineup. Even though its European launch date is not confirmed, it might be somewhere around the end of 2022.

Genesis GV60 Control Features

Even though it looks less sporty than the Hyundai Ioniq 5, it has an exotic look making it closer to Kia’s EV6. It also shares the same powertrain as KIA EV6’s, that is, likely to produce 429bhp and 605 Nm of torque. The spacious model leaves a happy to go with the first impression which is making the car lovers wait eagerly to embrace this exotic and luxurious SUV.

Battery and Charging of Genesis GV60

Genesis GV60 is outfitted with an 800V electronic structure letting a climax of rapid-350kW charging competence. The GV60 can hardly need 18 minutes to restore its battery from 10 to 80 percent. In comparison to its Kia and Hyundai-brand pals, the highest AC efficiency is amplified from 7.2kW to 11kW.

Genesis GV60 Charging Image

Other features of Genesis GV60

One thing that you might haven’t observed in any previous archetypes is that, instead of traditional side mirrors, The Genesis GV60 is equipped with rear-facing cameras. Flush-fitted door handholds provide an extra smooth touch. The key safety features in GV60 include emergency automatic brakes, cruise control, monitors against vision obstruction, and Smart Park, for effortless hands-free parking.

One of the most interesting features of Genesis GV60 is their unlock system, the Genesis has a fingerprint sensor and face recognition camera which unlocks the car in a more advanced way. The biometric identification of Genesis makes it futuristic.

Genesis GV60 Unique Features

Another interesting thing that is present in GV60 is its Drift Mode, although it seems somewhat extraneous on a power-driven SUV. Genesis hasn’t yet provided any information regarding the working of this system, nevertheless, we can surely tell that Genesis GV60 has tailored a technique that extricates its front motor when it’s not needed. It adjusts the torque of the wheel system to provide additional power to the rear motor thereby boosting the overall efficacy.


Electric cars are believed to be the future. It seems that the future has arrived! Because it is anticipated that the Genesis GV60 will hit the showrooms during the middle of this year. The next-level technology of Genesis GV60 comes with advanced and unique safety technology. Genesis GV60 shares some features with other Genesis and Hyundai vehicles however the Genesis GV60 has all the styling proportion itself. This sophisticated sedan delivers a top-notch engine, stunning interior design, and profuse opulent technology and features that are not yet launched in nearly all the other lavish vehicles.

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