Haima Bird Electric EV1 – Specs, Performance & Price in India

Haima Bird Electric EV1 – Specs, Performance & Price in India

In the Auto Expo of 2020, the first electric car of Bird group and Haima Automobile was presented. The Bird group is a renowned group in US and in collaboration with the Haima Automobile, which is a Chinese company are presenting this Haima Bird Electric EV1 vehicle in India. Both these groups have decided that they will supply a series of electric vehicles in India. Both these groups have decided to have a production plant in Haryana. More specifically this will be in Manesar in Haryana. In this plant they have decided that Haima Bird Electric EV1 will be manufactured. It will take few months before this vehicle is rolled out of their manufacturing facility.  

S.no Feature Specification Detail
1 Battery Capacity 20.42 kWh / 28.5 kWh
2 Power 40 PS
3 Torque 95 Nm / 105 Nm
4 Range 200 Km / 300 KM
5 Charging Time 9hrs / 11hrs
6 Price Approx. 10 Lakhs

Exterior of Haima Bird Electric EV1

When we talk about the exterior of this car, we can find Closed grille as well as projector headlamps as the main entities. Different other elements like fog lamps (bumper mounted), LED lights sets and large air dam can also be found. You will have access to the alloy wheels with this car as well as ORVMs which are also known as Outside Rear View Mirrors. In an overall way, the car has a stylish exterior and it stands apart from the exterior of other conventional cars.

Haima Bird Electric EV1 Review

Interior of Haima Bird Electric EV1

As far as interior of this car is concerned, it is far better than the other regular cars. You can find a completely digital instrument console as well as infotainment system with large touchscreen. The seats are made of leather and premium fabric and you will find push button climate control system in this car. Various controls mounted on the steering can be seen. A very different feature that you can find in the interior of this car is the drive selector. This drive selector is of back lit push button form and it is places in the space between the driver and side by passenger. A media control switch of the rotary type can also be found behind the drive selector of this car.

Haima Bird Electric EV1 Interior

In an overall sense the car has a very enticing interior with all the elements made of the state of art technology and this aspect makes this car a worth buying car in the electric car segment. 

Engine Options in Haima Bird Electric EV1

The Engine part of this electric car is a PMSM or Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. The powertrain of this car is different from the other available options and it comes with two battery options. The two batter options available are as follows:

  1. The first one is the Ternary Lithium Battery of 20.42kWh
  2. The second one is Ternary Lithium Battery of 28.5 kWh

 The cost of the power that is consumed while driving this vehicle is remarkably low. The cost incurred is near 60 INR for a drive of about 100 KM. The smaller engine which is listed as the first option above generates a torque of about 95 NM. On the other hand the larger engine, which is mentioned as the second option above generates a torque of about 105 Nm.

The top speed of this car is limited to a speed of 120 KM /hr. The smaller engine takes about 9hrs to charge completely and the bigger engine takes about 11hrs to get charged completely.

Safety Features in Haima Bird Electric EV1

This car has all the important safety features that you will find in the other cars. Dual front airbags are available in this car along with the rear parking sensors. In an overall sense this is a completely safe car to drive.

Pricing of Haima Bird Electric EV1

After seeing the features as described above, it is sure that we will feel it is a must buy car in the electric car segment. The on-road price of this car will be near 10 Lakh INR. In this price it is a worth buy car if you are looking to buy your dream electric car. The best part with this car is that running cost of this car is very low and with the soaring prices of the regular fuel in India, it is definitely the best option in this price.


We have seen above the important features and other details of the Haima bird electric ev1 car, which is a car of size comparable to WagonR and Santro. This is a small car with amazing features as well as the benefits of electric car over the other regular cars. If you feel that you want to save money by not spending on the petrol or diesel this car is the best option for you to buy.

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