Harley-Davidson Livewire – Unexpected Specs, Visuals and Features

Harley-Davidson Livewire – Unexpected Specs, Visuals and Features

Introduction To Harley-Davidson Livewire: 

One hundred and fifteen years is a long, long time, and it’s been a period in which Harley Davidson has grown dramatically from the 31/2 “bore and 31/8” stroke to the beefy, groundbreaking CVO models. We hope Harley Davidson will move away from that legacy soon, but in 2019 it managed to wow the world with its first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire.

Harley-Davidson recently launched LiveWire in India, promising us that the country’s electric vehicle market would soon see bright days.

harley davidson live wire

The Visuals Of Harley-Davidson Livewire :

While looks are subjective, the LiveWire styling stays true to Harley roots. Milwaukee designers seem to have borrowed a large part of their design, or at least the top half, from the XR1200X, and we’re not complaining at all! It has a street presence, especially in that Orange Fuse colorway, but with so much going on under that teardrop-shaped “tank” it is guaranteed to turn heads. The LiveWire moves backward and has a trimmed rear section where the taillight and indicators are seamlessly integrated into the license plate bracket.

harley davidson livewire
LiveWire is one step closer and the impressive quality of the electric motorcycle comes to light. Harley Davidson has left no stone unturned and there is nothing to criticize here. The paintwork is well ended, the switchgear is borrowed from the same parts as the other bikes are palpable. The parts compartment is haptic like on the other motorcycles and the rubber coating of the handles gives it a high-quality feel.

The Package of Harley-Davidson Livewire :

Harley has equipped its first electric motorcycle with a lot of features. For starters, there is the 4.3-inch full-color TFT display, which can be adjusted horizontally to the driver’s viewing angle. This touchscreen unit can be connected via Bluetooth and shows turn-by-turn navigation, the exact location of the LiveWire, and sets up a geofence to prevent it from leaving a pre-set geographic boundary. As far as the electronic driving aids are concerned, the LiveWire has a six-axis IMU that houses the “Reflex Defensive Rider System” or RDRS from Harley.

harley davidson livewire

This stock package contains a comprehensive list of driver aids such as traction control, cornering ABS, and linked braking, as well as what Harley Davidson calls the “DragTorque Slip Control System”. It modulates the torque and reduces the rear wheel slip in sudden situations. In addition, the electronic magic of the motorcycle also explains the hill hold control and a tire pressure monitoring system.

The Ride With Harley-Davidson Livewire :

With the 15.5 kWh battery hidden in the cast aluminum frame, the LiveWire looks massive. After all, this battery contributes around 113 kg of the 249 kg weight of the motorcycle. So does it feel like a traditional Harley? Not at all. As soon as the motorcycle is removed from the side stand, the entire weight is barely noticeable. It’s designed as a kind of street fight, with a slightly forward-leaning riding position and rear footpegs to add character.

harley davidson livewire

The LiveWire can be switched on like any other Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Absolutely no sound can be heard only when switching on. The display lights up with green “lead-shaped” lights and the motorcycle sends pulsating vibrations to the seat to signal the rider that it is alive. LiveWire now offers seven driving modes Eco, Rain, Road, and Sport as well as three customizable modes that allow the rider to adjust power, regenerative braking, and throttle response.

With 116 Nm of torque available from the ground up, the LiveWire fires with a jet-like hum and without delay. With a somewhat dramatic rear-wheel slip, the LiveWire can reach three-digit speeds in no time at all and definitely let go of it, with a smile from ear to ear.

As fast as it is straight, the LiveWire can be easily tilted in curves. Yes, the suspension feels a bit stiff, but the handling is precise and the bike feels well balanced overall. , the LiveWire uses Brembo calipers on both ends, which provide good bite and feedback. Regenerative braking also helps reduce speed and balance the clutch that would normally be used to brake the engine.

Conclusion Of Harley-Davidson Livewire :

Aside from the massive battery size that has gotten smaller over the years, Harley’s LiveWire is a pretty healthy package. It’s incredibly fast, easy to use, and has an immersive driving experience. It doesn’t get hot in traffic and with a range of around 150 km, which can be achieved in 40 minutes of quick charge, the LiveWire addresses the main concern associated with owning an electric motorcycle. In fact, a minimum range of 120 km is more than sufficient for a motorcycle with 105 hp and 116 Nm.

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