Hero Electric AE-29 – Specs, Performance & Price in India

Hero Electric AE-29 – Specs, Performance & Price in India

People are going for Electric bikes and vehicles as they don’t want to spend on expensive fuels like petrol and diesel. The cost of traveling with electric vehicles is negligible as compared to the vehicles using conventional fuel. Along with electric cars, the craze for electric bikes is also increasing day by day. The Hero Electric AE-29 is one such scooter that was presented in the auto expo recently held in India. Here in this article, we will have a look at the detailed review of this scooter from India’s biggest 2 wheeler manufacturer.

S.no Feature Specification Detail
1 Battery Capacity 48V /3.5kWh
2 Charging Time 4 Hours
3 Power 1 KW
4 Range 80 KM
5 Top Speed 55 KM/hr
6 Price 85000 INR

Design of Hero Electric AE-29

The exterior of this scooter is very enticing. It consists of a sharp and angular body which makes it very attractive. You find LED light sets all around the body of this scooter and extra storage is provided in the front part of the scooter which is quite large and can carry your stuff easily. The suspension of this scooter includes the telescopic fork in the front. In the back, you will find the gas-charged shock absorbers which hold the complete weight of the scooter in a remarkable way. When we talk about the braking system used in this scooter, the drum brakes are used as a combination with CBS or Combined Braking System.

Hero Electric AE-29 Review

Extra Features that are offered in Hero Electric AE-29

The Hero Electric AE-29 scooter is a complete scooter in the electric vehicle range as it has all the important features that you can think of. First of all, this scooter has a digital console that is Bluetooth enabled. You will find the anti-theft system and mobile charging port as the extra accessories to this vehicle. In order to make the driving experience comfortable, drive assists and walk-assist features are also provided.

The engine of Hero Electric AE-29

The Hero Electric AE-29 comes with an electric motor having the power of 1 KW. Along with this motor, the vehicle is incorporated with a lithium-ion battery pack. The specification of this battery is 48V /3.5kWh. It takes about 4 hours to charge this battery completely from 0 percent to 100 percent. On the full battery charge, a range of 80 KMs is claimed by the company. It means that once the battery is fully charged, it can cover a distance of 80 KM without charging the battery again. A top speed of 55 KM per hour can be attained by this scooter.

Safety Options in Hero Electric AE-29

The Hero Electric AE-29 scooter is indeed a very safe scooter to drive. This is because the wheels are of premium quality that can sustain uneven terrains. Also, the walk assists and drive assist features to make this scooter very safe and convenient to travel with.

Why is the Hero Electric AE-29 scooter unique?

This scooter is unique in the sense that it provides all the features and advantages of an electric scooter in the moderate price range. The fuel economy of this scooter is awesome and big bucks can be saved by traveling with this scooter. Also, features like Theft Alarm, Walk Assist and Drive-Assist makes this vehicle the complete electric scooter that you can avail in today’s market.

Hero Electric AE-29 India

Pricing of Hero Electric AE-29

The price of the Hero Electric AE-29 is estimated to be near 85000 INR. The price is moderate, which means this scooter is affordable for the common men. People in middle-class society can easily afford this bike and take advantage of this electric vehicle. Also, the amazing fuel economy of this scooter is an add-on that will help people in saving a lot of money.


We have seen all the important features of this vehicle and found that it is the best electric scooter to go for if you are looking for an electric scooter in a moderate price range. The biggest plus of this vehicle is the moderate price of this vehicle so that even middle-class people can easily access this scooter. Along with this, you will be able to save a lot of money that you may have spent on the fuels like petrol if you have gone for some other conventional scooter. Hence having this EV scooter is a win-win situation for people who are concerned about the fuel economy and price range.


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