Hero Electric AE-47 e-Bike Review

Hero Electric AE-47 e-Bike Review

The craze of electric bikes is growing. The reason for this is the escalating conventional fuel prices. People are looking for the electric bikes which can help them to commute to different places without spending on petrol or diesel. Hero, the Indian brand name, as a two wheeler supplier is in the fore front for manufacturing the electric vehicles. The Hero Electric AE-47 e-Bike is one of the electric bikes that has been recently introduced by this Indian Manufacturer. In this article, we will have a look at the key details of this bike along with other important aspects related to it.

Design of Hero Electric AE-47 e-Bike

This electric bike has the best exterior and design. The look is very enticing and many high tech devices are attached to the vehicle to impart it the best functionality. The GPS function along with GPRS is provided in this bike. The features of real time tracking and Geo-Fencing are the extra features that you can find in this bike. The body is made up of premium material and the wheels of this bike are alloy wheels. In an overall sense this particular bike has the best design and exterior. When you compare this bike to the other conventional bikes it stands apart based on its looks and features.

Hero Electric AE-47 e-Bike Review India

Extra Features of Hero Electric AE-47 e-Bike

The AE-47 bike has all the modern capabilities and features in form of various devices accommodated in the model. You can find the digital instrument console having varied capabilities. The keyless access to the bike is another important feature of this bike. Walk assist and reverse features are rendered in this bike, which makes it a complete bike in the electric bike range. A mobile charges is also provided, which can be used to charge the mobile in emergency situations.

Engine of Hero Electric AE-47 e-Bike

This bike has an electric motor that can deliver 4KW of power. The claimed speed of this motor bike is above 85 KM /hr. The battery is of portable lithium ion battery. The battery has a rating of 48V/3.5 kWh. It takes about 4 hours to charge this battery completely. A range of 160 Km is promised by the manufacturer at the time of introduction of this bike. It means that on a single charge, the bike can cover the distance of about 160 KM. The bike can accelerate to a speed of 60 KM per Hour within a period of 9 seconds. This is indeed a commendable acceleration for an Electric bike. 

Safety Features in Hero Electric AE-47 e-Bike

The bike is a safe bike as it has all the necessary safety elements that is required in a safe bike. The tyres have a good grip which prevents it from getting slipped. Features like walk assist and cruise control makes this bike, a very safe bike to travel with.

What is Unique in Hero Electric AE-47 e-Bike?

This bike is unique and different from the other conventional vehicles due to its fuel economy. In fact the cost incurred while travelling with this bike is much lower than the other regular bikes. Among the electric vehicles segment this bike is unique in the sense that it has a good battery and motor, which gives it an edge over the other variants.

Price of Hero Electric AE-47 e-Bike

The price of this vehicle is estimated to be between 1.25 Lakh and 1.5 Lakh. The price is on a higher end as compared to the other conventional bikes in India. But if we consider the fuel savings and fuel economy of this bike, it is a must by bike even in this price. In fact a lot of fuel savings can be made by using this bike for the long distance travel.


We have seen above the key features of the Hero Electric AE-47 e-Bike and find that it is a bike with all the comforts and facilities that you can think of. We have seen that the price of this bike is on a higher end, but if we consider the comforts and advantages of an electric bike, we will recommend you to buy this bike. You will not be able to find a better bike than this one if you are looking for an electric bike with all the modern features.

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