Hero Electric AE-75 Review

Hero Electric AE-75 Review

These days, people are understanding the importance of electric vehicles. One of the reasons for this is the increasing prices of petrol and diesel. In order to save money, people are looking for vehicles with having high fuel economy. Electric vehicles are thus a common choice for all. The Hero Electric AE-75 is one of the electric scooters that was presented by Hero at the auto expo of 2020. In this write-up, we will have a look at the key details related to this scooter as well as other important aspects related to it.

S.no Feature Specification Detail
1 Battery Capacity N/A
2 Power N/A
3 Top Speed 55 Km / Hr
4 Range 80 KMs
5 Charging Time N/A
6 Price 80000 INR

Design of Hero Electric AE-75

The design of the Hero Electric AE-75 scooter is very enticing. The body is made up of premium material and the scoter has an attractive shape in the overall sense. The shock-ups of this scooter are in the form of telescopic forks. The complete weight of the scooter is suspended on these forks, which are very efficient. The wheels used in this scooter are special alloy wheels rendering optimum performance.

Hero Electric AE-75 Review

Features in Hero Electric AE-75

You will find a digital console in the scooter which is imbibed with many other digital components. The facilities of mobile charging point and walk-assist system are the extra add-ons. The facility of keyless operation of the scooter is also provided. The digital display is attractive that will show you the status of the charged battery in real-time.

The engine of Hero Electric AE-75

The Hero Electric AE-75 scooter is comprised of an electric motor and a Lithium-ion battery pack. The battery is a premium one with a total range of 80 KMs. That is once charged fully, the scooter can cover a distance of 80 KMs without any problem. The top speed of this vehicle will be about 55 KM per hour.

Safety Features in Hero Electric AE-75

The Hero Electric AE-75 Scooter is a very safe scooter to drive. It has all the important capabilities like walk-assist functionality and reverses assist functionality that makes this scooter a very safe and comfortable scooter to drive. The wheels of this scooter are alloy wheels having better performance. Also, the tires have a good grip, which makes it safe to drive this scooter.  

Why Hero Electric AE-75 scooter is unique?

This scooter is unique due to its high fuel economy as well as the high speed that it can achieve. This is a special electric scooter in the high-speed range and delivers the advantages of an electric vehicle at the same time. Also, this scooter has a powerful battery and thus a good range that it can cover when it is fully charged. These aspects make this scooter stand apart from the regular scooter options that are present in the market. 

Pricing in Hero Electric AE-75

The Hero Company has not yet revealed the price of Hero Electric AE-75. But based on the estimates of the experts, the price of this scooter will be near 80,000 INR. This price is in the moderate range and not too high for the consumers. People of middle-class families will be able to buy this scooter as it offers the advantages of the electric vehicle along with many other extra features. If the Hero company decides the price of the scooter in the above range, it is a must-buy a scooter at this price.


We have seen above the different advantages and features of the Hero Electric AE-75 scooter. We have found that this is a complete scooter in the high-speed scooter segment and has all the benefits that one can think of. If you are looking for an electric scooter that has good functionality as well as good fuel economy, we would recommend you to buy the Hero Electric AE-75 scooter. You will not get a better scooter than this one as it is a scooter having lots of advantages and benefits.


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