Hero Electric Atria – Design, Performance & Price

Hero Electric Atria – Design, Performance & Price

Hero electric is famously known for introducing eco-friendly bikes in India. Electric bikes by Hero are in two different categories. Hero Electric Atria is the best electric bike in the Comfort category. Hero electric Atria body and design can maintain durable performance in different scenarios.

In the comfort category by manufacturer, Atria is the best choice. This electric bike is rich in advanced features. There aren’t many eco-friendly bikes with a 250W motor on the market. Its high-performance battery supplies a current of 32 Ah to the motor. Moreover, the best part is its speed and mileage. Because of its top speed of 25 kmph, the Hero electric Atria can be driven without a driver’s license. Its mileage of 85 kmph is cherry on top of everything.

Material and Design of Hero Electric Atria

Hero electric Atria body and design are as good as one could imagine. This scooter has been designed for riders who love to ride lightweight scooters. It gives a genuine electric scooter look with a kerb weight of 69 kg. This electric scooter comes with a ground clearance of 170 mm which is great for Intercity riding. Moreover, Hero Atria has been inducted with top-notch features of BTS suspension and walk-assist mode. The hero electric atria scooter is available in two colours Grey and Red.

Hero Electric Atria Features

Hero Electric Atria contains very potent LED lights that would help you see clearly even in the darkest of roads. This vehicle is promised to fully fill the two most essential elements needed in a two-wheeler, i.e. comfort and speed!

Performance of Hero Electric Atria

Hero electric Atria scooter has fuel type “electric” as it operates by electricity with a maximum of 250 Watt. The carrying capacity in Hero Electric Atria Scooter is 150 kilograms(kg). The range of riding of the Atria scooter is 85 Kilometres(km). Its top speed is 25 Kmph (kilometer per hour). The grade ability of this scooter is 7 degrees with automatic transmission. The scooter starts with the button named “Push Button Start”.

The braking system of the hero electric atria scooter is CBS, with drum brakes at the front and rear brakes. Furthermore, the size of the wheel in-hero electric atria scooter at the front and rear is about 304.8 mm with the alloy type of wheel. The Hero Electric Atria scooter has tubeless Tyres in it.

Battery and Charging in Hero Electric Atria

Hero Electric Atria Speed

The battery charging time of the Hero Electric Atria scooter is about 4 to 5 hours with no fast charging in it. The capacity of the battery in the Electric Atria scooter is 1.536 KWh or 51.2 V and its battery type is lithium-ion (Li-ion). Hero electric atria scooter has a battery warranty of 3 years. The motor type present in the Hero Atria scooter is BLDC Hub motor. The motor warranty is 3 years.

Speed of Hero Electric Atria

Its top speed is 25 KM/HR; it will fully charge in the span of 4 to 5 hours; it has a passenger footrest feature and has a range of 85 KM per charge. Since its maximum speed is 25km/hr you won’t need any license to drive this amazing scooter.

Walk Assist

The walk assist feature allows you to handle the bike a lot easier! How it works is that when you activate walk assist mode, the bike provides a specific amount of support power to assist you in managing the bike, which is especially useful if you need to pass obstacles on trails or push your bike to a specific location. Apart from these absolutely fantastic and necessary features, it caters to the modern-day needs of a customer as well.

Hero Electric Atria Design

Price of Hero Electric Atria

Hero Electric is a quite affordable electric scooter.  Hero Electric Atria Scooter is a scooter that is only available in India having a starting price of ₹ 66,640 which is the average Ex-Showroom Price. If we consider all the amazing features of this electric scooter, the price is so affordable

Other features in Hero Electric Atria

This scooter includes a clock, DRLs, and a digital speedometer in it with a single seat

having a footrest for the passenger. The atria scooter does not have any stepped seat and no stand alarm. There is no reverse mode present in the Hero Electric Atria scooter. The odometer present in Hero Atria scooter is analogous. The Atria scooter consists of a single number of tripmeters in it which is digital.

There is an additional feature of the variant installed in the hero electric atria scooter of  Walk Assist. Hero electric atria have no engine kill switch present in it. Electric features included in the scooter are the LED headlight, LED taillight, and an LED turn signal lamp.  The underpinning features of the Hero Atria scooter are telescopic suspension front.


The Hero Electric Atria scooter has a sleek body with a comfortable seat in it. The telescopic suspension in an Atria scooter helps to ride smoothly and jerk-free. Hero Atria scooter is for clients who are in search of an entry-level budget scooter that can be used within their city with decent features in it.  Hero Atria is an ideal scooter for short-distance travels. In a nutshell, The Hero Atria electric scooter is truly a 21st-century vehicle that caters to the needs of modern tech-savvy customers perfectly.

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