Hero Electric NYX –  Design, Features & Price of Dual Battery Scooter

Hero Electric NYX – Design, Features & Price of Dual Battery Scooter

Are you looking for an electric scooter with many specs and a great design? If so, Hero Electric NYX might sound a holy deal to you. Hero Electric NYX Scooter is an advanced electric scooter. It is for short or medium-scale business establishments. Because of its slow speed (max 25kmph), it is more suitable for senior citizens. Its large capacity of carrying a weight of almost 87kg makes it reliable for delivery purposes. This Hero Electric scooter by NYX comes with swingarm-linked dual shock absorbers at the rear and telescope suspension at the front that can withstand extreme road shocks while you are on the road.  Since the scooter’s top speed is 25kmph, it does not require a driver’s license or registration to drive. The Hero NYX, like the rest of the Hero electric scooters, comes with a free one-year roadside support package.

Body and Design of Hero Electric NYX

The body of the scooter is made up of fiber plastic (up to 70%) and metal (up to 30%). Hero Electric NYX looks different from other models of Hero.

Apart from that, it is equipped with 10-inch alloy wheels that come with two-sided drum brakes that provide more braking force. The floorboard has enough space for you to put your luggage. Also, the dual split sheets are cushioned enough for you to ride in comfort. Hero NYX electric scooter offers a comfortable ride

Hero Electric NYX Dual Battery

Moreover, there is a glovebox and under-seat storage option too if you want to store something. You don’t have to worry about your luggage dropping on the road as you can tie your luggage with the help of the three-side grab rail.

Powerful LED headlamps help to travel during the night as well as give a stylish look to the vehicle. With all these amazing features, this electric scooter by NYX comes with a 1-year roadside assistance plan that means you will not need any registration for a riding or driving license.

The battery in Hero Electric NYX

Hero Electric NYX Scooter has a dual lithium-ion battery. The battery is portable so it is very easy for users to charge it. We need to detach the battery and charge it from any place nearby. Each battery is of 52.1V/30Ah and 1.5kW power motor. When the two batteries combine, it gives us a 165km range due to 3kW power. The average charging time of the battery is 4-5 hours.

Hero Electric NYX Scooter

Hero Electric NYX Scooter offers 3 years of battery replacement warranty. They also claimed that the lifetime of the battery is 6 years. If you are thinking about going on a routine longer than 5 hours with this scooter, make sure to carry a cable in case the battery needs to be recharged.

Speed in Hero Electric NYX

The Hero Electric NYX is equipped with a 600W/1200W BLDC hub motor that guarantees a top riding speed of 25kmph.  The 48V/28Ah dual battery needs 5 hours max. to get charged and it can deliver a riding range of 85km per charge.

It gives good mileage, but if you want more than you have to ride it at a slow speed; otherwise, it gives 70 km /charge at high speed. You can easily travel 45 km with one charge. Brakes are very good and smooth, not hard like competitive scooters of the same price. It’s quite stable in the straight line because of its long wheelbase, which keeps it stable. Well, the riding distance will reduce if you are using the headlights.

Hero Electric NYX dual battery ebike

Other features in Hero Electric NYX

Hero NYX electric scooter comes with a digital meter that gives information about the battery status at the left corner. It includes the Speedometer which tells the speed of the scooter. An Odometer measures the distance traveled by the vehicle.

Hero Electric NYX Scooter offers smooth and jerk-free rides. As it is a multipurpose vehicle so in the case of luggage transportation this helps a lot. This Hero Electric NYX has both front and rear drum brakes, resulting in a combined braking system for both wheels. One unique feature of this scooter is the ability to fold the rear seat upright to make a place for extra baggage. When tying up extra bags, the three-sided grab rail comes in assistance. A folding seat provides more space for carrying weight. It may give comfort by providing support to the back. A USB port is present to charge cell phones. And a bottle holder present in-dash to carry water bottles during long rides.

Hero Electric NYX eBike

Pros of Hero electric NYX scooter

  • Overall good performance than competitors
  • No need for petrol
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable range
  • Chargeable battery
  • Use less electricity for charging
  • Save money
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Best ride for a short distance


Hero Electric NYX rides smoothly even on the bad surface. You may feel comfortable while riding the scooter due to its spacious footboard. The price of this scooter is affordable. It’s one of the best scooters available in the market today. It has an amazing battery with a warranty of 3 years.

The Hero Electric NYX scooter is a good option for short-distance travel. It is a very efficient and affordable electric scooter compared to others. Its maintenance charges are less as compared to the other competitors. Engine power is quite strong and best for daily use. It also has a high ground clearance and a good riding range. One of the amazing features is it has a USB charging port. It’s a great option for you if you’re looking for a trusted electric scooter.

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