Hero Electric Photon: Sturdy High-end Electric Scooter

Hero Electric Photon: Sturdy High-end Electric Scooter

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the production of the Hero Electric Photon has been discontinued. Since the scooter components are from China, it will be a while before Hero Electric can start producing and shipping the Photon.

Indian automotive industry receives another high-end electric scooter called Hero Electric Photon. It comes with great body dynamics and promises energetic and pollution-free rides. The scooter is powered by a 33 AH / 48 V VRLA battery, bringing the engine to maximum performance,1500 watts. This pushes the vehicle to an impressive speed of 45 km / h.

The vehicle is equipped with a disc brake at the front for efficient braking. The rear wheel is equipped with a conventional drum brake. The suspension system includes tall telescopic forks for a smooth and trouble-free ride. The scooter has 10 ”x3” alloy wheels on both ends.

Hero Electric Photon sits on a sturdy, reinforced steel chassis and is equipped with a high-torque controller. The automatic transmission includes two driving modes known as economy mode and power mode. The economy mode promises a reasonable speed with a longer range of 80 km. On the other hand, the power mode offers improved speed with a range of less than 50 km on a full charge.

The scooter has an impressive body design. Good use of the aerodynamic design makes for better ride quality. The front profile has a sober look and contains around polycarbonate headlight. The glossy finish makes it an eye-catcher. The scooter is also equipped with an anti-theft alarm system to prevent mishaps.


Hero Electric Photon Price:

Hero offers two versions of the Photon. Prices for the Hero Electric Photon start at Rs 61,866 for the 72 Li version while the LP variant starts at Rs 72,990.

Design And Features of Hero Electric Photon:

Hero Electric Photon is a slim and light electric scooter that scores both visually and powerfully. The front profile has a rounded headlight that gives the scooter a retro look. The two lenses, oval-shaped, transparent indicators are perfectly embedded in the skirt and look discreet. The high-quality processed body and the noble paintwork give the scooter a stately feeling. It has a long and comfortable seat that is not the best in its class but still offers enough comfort for the driver and passenger. The side panels are carefully designed and look great as they are two-tone with a matte gray color, a sleek and sporty split handle that you normally don’t see on this type of vehicle. The vehicle has received a stylish taillight section that is integrated with clear glass indicators and looks impressive.

The scooter is built on a sturdy reinforced steel chassis and has good overall body measurements, giving it a decent public posture. It has a minimum ground clearance of 140 mm, which offers great stability in curves. The vehicle weighs only 111 kg, making it a reliable and easy-to-drive electric two-wheeler. In addition to the usual indicator lights, the instrument cluster has an analog speedometer, an odometer, and a battery level indicator. The Hero Electric Photon has a decent 20 to 25 liters of storage space under the seat, which is useful when shopping and moving from place to place. The vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft alarm system that prevents any mishap and offers its owner an additional centimeter of security.

Hero Electric Photon Motor:

The Hero Electric Photon is driven by a BLDC hub motor. The 72 Li version has a 1kW motor with a maximum output of 1.5kW. It has a maximum power of 1.8 kW. Both variants offer the same top speed of 45 km / h.

Both models have different battery sizes. The cheapest variant has two 28 Ah batteries, which means that the scooter has a maximum range of 110 km in economy mode and 80 km in power mode, while the other variant only has one 26 Ah battery, which means that the scooter has a range of 80 km.

The lightweight electric scooter is powered by a 1000W electric motor with a maximum output of 1500W, which is powered by a low-maintenance 48V-33Ah battery that takes 6 to 8 hours to fully charge take the vehicle up to a top speed of 45 km / h. In addition, the vehicle has two driving modes, namely Eco and Power, which offer a range of 80 km and 50 km respectively.


Hero Electric Photon Suspension And Brakes:

The basics of both Photon versions remain the same. The Photon electric scooter runs on 10-inch alloy wheels. It is the only scooter in the current Hero Electric range that has a brake on the front disc as standard. Suspension tasks are performed by a telescopic fork and double shock absorbers.

Safety And Features in Hero Electric Photon:

Hero Electric Photon has a bright 12V35 / 35W multi-reflector headlight that illuminates the road well and ensures sufficient visibility at night. Two rear-view mirrors warn the driver of the traffic behavior behind them to avoid accidents. The scooter has a brake hard drive mounted on the front wheel, which stops the vehicle immediately and works well in all conditions.

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