Hero Lectro Winn Cargo E-Bike Review –  A Cargo Utility Electric Bicycle

Hero Lectro Winn Cargo E-Bike Review – A Cargo Utility Electric Bicycle

If you are looking for an e-bike, then the products of Hero electrics, India’s largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer would be the best option for you. The need for electric wagons is surging due to the rise in diesel, petrol price, and the urge to defend the ejection of pollutants and greenhouse gases. But, the newly launched Hero Lectro Winn Cargo e-bike that came into the market by April 2021 hits different due to its pragmatic inclination. Thus, it is positioned as the first utility bike of Hero electrics that possesses brilliant sensor control.

Hero Lectro Winn can be beneficial for the ones who are looking for e-bicycle business, or if you are preferring private transport more than public transport to reach places nearby or for grocery delivery.

Style and Design of Hero Lectro Winn Cargo E-bike

Hero Lectro Winn Cargo

Hero Lectro Winn is available in two variant color combinations:- white-black and black-orange combinations. The 6061 aluminum frame body is lightweight and thus keeps the body frame more durable and rustless. Various accessories on it make it more unique and stylish in addition to its serviceability. The front and back carrier can hold up to 70 kg and 180 liters of load that is more advanced than the other two-wheelers. Thus, cargo transport and grocery delivery also became easier along with the smooth cruise. The sturdy center stand can help to maintain the balance and the vehicle’s maximum weight carrying and storage capacity helps much in the transit. It has a pair of full fenders to prevent dampness and damage, moreover, it has rear and front LED lights, horns, and LED digital display. The digital display with tripometer detects the level of the battery along with estimating the distance that the bike has run and the speed level too. It has 24’’ wheels with nylon tires that render better grip and stability but lacks training wheels.

Motor And Battery Of Hero Lectro Winn Cargo E-bike

Hero Lectro Winn bears a 36V, 250W BLDC hub motor that can run at max. speed of 25 km/hr with throttle and generate up to 42nm torque. It silently works with high efficiency and also possesses lasting life. The anti-theft system secures by allowing to lock or unlock the motor and battery by making use of a key.

Hero Lectro Winn Cargo Design

The 36V, 12.72 AH lithium-ion battery that can get charged by 6 to 8 hrs powers the motor, and also its removable quality helps to charge anywhere. The BIS certification and IP67 rating marked it as a water-resistant and dust-free product. At full charge, it can run up to 40-45 km on throttle mode and up to 60 km on pedal assist mode with three levels of assistance- low, mid, and high as per our need.

Other Features Of Hero Lectro Winn Cargo E-bike

Hero Lectro Winn is featured with two different brake systems – the mechanical disc brake from Sypo at the front and the drum brake at the hinder part that’s more dynamic than the disc brake. Lectro Winn has no suspension and multiple speed gear system, so we can’t change the level but it has an alloy rigid fork. The adjustable handlebar, 36V, 250W controller, 36V Amp battery charger, horn are the other notable components in it.

Hero Lectro Winn Cargo E-bike Images

The uniqueness of Hero Lectro Winn Cargo E-bike

The reviews and rating of 3.5 out of 5 pronounce that Hero Lectro Winn Cargo E-bike is very much helpful to leading a mediocre life in this costly world. It provides a decent speed of 25 km/hr that is better than other diesel, petrol, and gas two-wheelers. Students and employees having their offices nearby can make use of this bike effectively as it saves time and reach timely. The pedal-assist mode can even help the riders to be healthy and build their body fit. This eco-friendly wagon also helps in reducing environmental pollution as it only fetches electricity as fuel and needs no other investments. Here is the comparison of Hero Lectro Winn Cargo E-bike with other e-bikes of Hero.

Hero Lectro Winn Hero Lectro WinnX Hero Lectro Vic3
Max. Speed ≤ 25 kmph ≤ 25 kmph ≤ 25 kmph
Range 55 km/charge 70~75 km/ charge 55 km/charge
Storage 180 litres 150 liters 280 liters
Pedal & Throttle assist Yes Yes Yes
Charge time 60% > 4hrs, 100% > 7hrs 60% > 5hrs, 100% > 8hrs
60% > 4hrs, 100% > 7hrs
Price 39,990/- 44,419/ – N/A
Kross viper 147, Kross 16T, Focus Whistler Elite 29, Focus Whistler Evo 29, Fuji Absolute 1.4 2013 are the other e-bikes that are considered as the alternatives of Hero Lectro Winn Cargo e-bike, whereas it is unbeatable due to their high storage capacity at low price.
Hero Lectro Winn Cargo Design

Price of Hero Lectro Winn Cargo E-bike

The Ex-showroom price of Hero Lectro Winn in Delhi is Rs.39,900. But, this price may vary on the difference in the color and other accessories like disc brakes, alloy wheels, etc. Buyers also can get a pre-approval loan for buying the electric cycle at an interest rate of 7.99%.


It is evident that getting a electric two-wheeler bike with enhanced storage and incredible load support at such a low price can’t be attained by any other e-bikes.

Hero Lectro CEO Aditya Munjal said,

“With e-commerce witnessing a surge in India in recent times, the delivery density for the last mile has increased significantly. However, the absence of purpose-built vehicles for this segment is acting as a major hurdle for cost and resource optimization. Motorcycles, which form the bulk of last-mile delivery vehicles currently, have limited volumetric space and payload capacity, which in turn increases running costs for delivery providers,”.

Also, he added that,

“By overcoming these constraints, Hero Lectro Winn e-cycle holds huge potential for enhancing incomes and unlocking profitability by increasing per day shipment capacity and achieving cost optimization which comes from enhanced productivity offered by our solution,”.

The words of Aditya Munjal resounds that Hero Electrics is not only aiming to ease your monotonous, unhealthy cruise but also makes it more profitable thus elevating the economic stability. Undeniably, it could even take part in the e-commerce of the country.

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