Hero Optima CX Electric – The Real Hero Of EV?

Hero Optima CX Electric – The Real Hero Of EV?

Hero Optima CX is one of the latest electric scooters available in the Indian market. The Hero Optima CX is available in two variants – single battery and dual battery. The single battery variant is available at a starting price of Rs. 62,190 in India and the dual battery variant is offered at Rs.77,490. It is available in 3 colors that are Grey, Blue, and White. The Hero Electric Optima CX benefits from an improved chassis which is claimed to be 25 percent sturdier, and updated brakes which are claimed to be 30 percent better than the outgoing model. In this article, we will have a detailed review of this E-scooter.

Design of Hero Optima CX Electric

In terms of styling, the scooter looks similar to the Hero HX version. The sleek design is accompanied by features such as a halogen headlight, apron-mounted front blinkers, and a broad comfortable seat. The hero optima feel too light and fun to drive on busy roads. The scooter looks very premium with its super color quality. The button quality is good and the horn is loud enough. Hero optima come in four color combinations that are blue, grey, red, and white. The blue one is the color which stands outs.

Hero Optima CX Electric Scooter Design

Features of Hero Optima CX Electric

Digital odometer, regenerative braking, anti-theft system, USB charging port, front storage box, digital speedometer, trip meter, low battery indicator, pillion grabrail, LED headlamp, pass light, bag hook, round charging point are the key features of this vehicle. A push-button start feature is also given.

The curb weight of the vehicle is 72.5 kg and the ground clearance offered is 140 mm. One small storage is also provided in the boot. The display is bright enough and visible in sunlight as well. The key is also very stylish and modern looking. The key comes with a lock-unlock and press to find my vehicle features. The headlight unit and the indicators are halogen bulbs.

The battery of Hero Optima CX Electric

This Hero Optima CX scooter has a lithium-ion battery of 1.5 kWh. Which does not support fast charging and takes 4-5 hours to charge completely. The charger is provided with the vehicle and gives an output of 6A. the battery is detachable and from the 2 batteries, one can be charged separately as well. Both batteries can be stored in the boot space of the vehicle.

The motor of Hero Optima CX Electric

BLDC hub motor is given in this vehicle. Which generates 550 W rated power and 1200 W max power. The load-carrying capacity of this vehicle is 150 kg. The top speed offered by this vehicle is 42 kmph.

Modes and Range in Hero Optima CX Electric

The single battery-powered Optima HX boasts a range of 82km while the dual battery version can travel 122km per charge. This vehicle does not give different mode options.

Hero Optima CX Electric Scooter Features


Telescopic suspension is given on both ends. The suspension works fine with the city ride conditions. It absorbs little bumps and jerks very smoothly as well. The rear suspension spring is of green color in all the models.


12 inches tires are given in this scooter. The tire profile is 90/90/12 same for both tires. Alloy is also given. The design of the alloy is very simple yet looks very suitable to the eyes. Both of the tires are tubed tires. These give a good grip on the road and are stable on muddy roads as well.


This Hero Optima CX electric scooter is powered by a CBS braking system. Both brake size is similar to 130 mm. Drum brakes are offered on both the front and rear wheels. Though disk brakes could have been better these brakes also work fine as this scooter doesn’t go at very high speeds.

Ride experience in Hero Optima CX Electric

The ride quality of this Hero Optima CX vehicle is fine. It is to keep in mind that this scooter isn’t for long drives or driving on highways. During the ride, we feel that the brakes could have been better and the top speed also seems low sometimes. The pillion seat is comfortable and grabrails provide good support as well. pillion footrest is also provided.


3 years warranty on the motor and battery is provided to this vehicle.


Clearly, this scooter isn’t for those who like to drive at high speeds and on highways. This Hero Optima CX scooter is good to drive on the streets on a daily-to-daily basis and for short trips within the city. During the night drive, we felt that the LED headlamp could have been better. Considering the price of the vehicle this is not a bad choice to consider but one should look at other options as well. The range claimed by the company is good enough but the vehicle lacks some power.

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