Hiboy S2 – Cheap & Budget Electric Scooter With All Features

Hiboy S2 – Cheap & Budget Electric Scooter With All Features

Can the Hiboy S2 dethrone the Xiaomi Mi M365, the current electric scooter king? See how the Hiboy S2 compares to other famous scooters in its class in this review.

Thumb Controls and a Dashboard for New Users in the Hiboy S2

With rounded handgrips, a centered, easy-to-read screen, and finger controls along either side of the stem, the S2 features a straightforward, streamlined cockpit. A headlight that is set high provides excellent visibility.

It’s a great idea to get a red flashing light to connect to your bag or helmet for safety as there isn’t a taillight or brake light; only a reflector on the rear fender.

Our favorite form of the bell for longevity is the manual bell on the right handlebar, which serves as an aural warning system when you’re riding alongside traffic. However, we wished they had installed it on the left side so that you could ring using your left hand in an emergency.

The frame of the Hiboy S2

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

With the S2, you get a sleek matte-black exterior that not only looks good but also performs well, just like the rest of the lineup. The sturdy and resilient scooter is constructed of an aluminum alloy of aviation grade. The scooter gains a little weight as a result, but the S2 is better able to withstand normal wear and strain without breaking. The S2, based on my independent analysis of 99 scooters, is still lighter than 80% of all other scooters at 29.5 lbs, placing it in the top 20% of electric scooters for weight.

It is easier to carry than the S2 Pro, its older sibling, which weighs 36.3 lbs.

Durability & Build Quality of Hiboy S2

While the frame stands up well to daily use, the scooter’s low-lying deck and scant ground clearance make it vulnerable to damage from rocks and bumps. You should be cautious when riding and avoid going over any objects that could harm the battery because it is kept in the deck.

However, the Hiboy S2‘s incorporation of an IP54 water-resistance rating is one area where it outperforms its asking price. It is therefore shielded from light rain. Nevertheless, We wouldn’t advise riding in the weather because the tires become slick.

Flexibility & Portability of Hiboy S2

Hiboy S2 Review:

The S2 can be folded from a standing position in just 3 simple movements.

The foldable lever at the stem’s base must first be loosened. The stem is then collapsed level to the deck. Hooking the handlebars’ backs into the rear fender’s latch is the third and last step. The handlebar is safe and simple to lift once it has been snapped into position.

Although the handlebars are not foldable, their slim shape makes for a small package that makes storage a breeze.

Acceleration & Speed in Hiboy S2

Review of the affordable and energetic Hiboy S2 electric scooter

One of the quickest budget electric scooters, the S2 has a 350W motor and can reach a maximum speed of 18.6 mph, matching its improved sibling, the S2 Pro.

The Hiboy S2 might be perfect for you if you want a scooter for zipping about your neighborhood. We had highlighted before in the review how the larger load capacity (260 lbs) contributes to a steeper acceleration curve. The scooter’s motor, despite being identical in size as the other scooters’, can more effectively move users because it can support a larger load than other inexpensive scooters (220 lbs). To put this into context, the S2 can accelerate from 0 to 15 mph in 6.2 seconds, as opposed to 7.6 seconds for the GoTrax XR Elite.

Range of the Hiboy S2

Hiboy S2 Pro Review: Why It's the Best eScooter for Adults

The S2 has a maximum 17-mile range when the battery is fully charged. However, depending on how you ride, this may not be the case. When calculating the realistic range you can anticipate, you must take into consideration load, speed, and terrain.

Charge Period

When compared to models like the Turboant X7 Pro, which matches the 6 hours but provides 13 more miles, the 6-hour charge period is somewhat long (30 in total).

Worth the Investment

In comparison to its rivals, the S2 performs admirably at $399 ($459 with a seat). Although the scooter is slick, sturdy, and intelligent, its performance on surfaces other than clean sidewalks and roads is subpar due to the non-pneumatic tyres.


With significant speed, acceleration, and endurance for its 13 kg size, the Hiboy S2 takes a strong swing at well-known low-cost commuters in a fiercely competitive class of scooters.

Even though it has more power, it lacks the comfortable ride you require when traveling at speeds close to 32 km/h, largely because of the rather thin 21.6 cm honeycomb (solid) tires.

The Hiboy S2, a copy amid a sea of Mi 365 copies, appears to be a better purchase given the guarantee of a “rear shock absorber” with comparable characteristics at a lower price. With a recorded top speed of 30.6 km/h and a slightly reduced range of 20.4 km, it outperforms the M365.

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