Honda U-Go Electric Scooter with 133 Kms Range Under Rs 1 Lakhs

Honda U-Go Electric Scooter with 133 Kms Range Under Rs 1 Lakhs

Honda will move the world with their Honda U-Go Electrified Scooties that are going to be pocket-friendly, amazingly silent, wonderfully easy to drive, and staggeringly racked. You are causing the lowest emission by being friendly to the world environment too.

With the advent of Advanced Battery Technologies, today’s world is transforming to Electric vehicles. With almost no fuel expense, you can drive at the same fast speed and cover mileages, as a free ride.

The Honda U-GO electric scooter has fused signal lights at the front and rear of the two-wheeler. Honda U-GO electric scooter has also an LED display that signifies battery percentage, speed, mileage, and other states of the vehicle. Honda U GO electric scooter provides safety to its rider and is comfortable for almost every age person.

Shape and Design of Honda U-Go

This electric Scooter consists of LED headlamps that include a triple beam and also has LED turn indicators. It has also floating LED tail lamps in it with also LCD multi-information display. This electric vehicle has telescopic front suspension and a disc brake set up and a 10-inch rear wheel set up with a drum brake unit. The U-Go tips the scale at 83kg. The design, brand, and distribution of the Honda U Go electric scooter are difficult to challenge in global markets.

Honda U-Go Features

The 2.5-inch display screen enables the rider to monitor the speed, charge, and mode options while making it comfortable to keep a check on all major indicators of the scooty. It also comes kitted with disc brakes at both ends taking no time to cut speeds thus making it safe on tough terrains and long drives.

Battery and Charging of Honda U-Go

They are equipped with 1.44 kW lithium-ion batteries, which, according to Honda, can be doubled by installing a bigger battery pack. Furthermore, they have under-seat carriages with a capacity of 26 liters.

Honda U-Go Feature

It can cover almost 83 miles after charging. There are two sets of batteries in it, one is 1200 watts and another battery is 800 watts. This electric scooter takes almost two hours to charge. The power of the battery lies between 1.2 KW to 1.6 hp.   The battery of the Honda U Go Electric scooter can be changed easily from any swapped station and the customers must charge it fully at the first step. To recharge the batteries of an electric vehicle is a time-consuming process but once you have charged the Honda U Go Electric scooter you can spend almost two hours riding easily. Even though you can change or replace the battery at any swap station, Japan has provided its customers with an online delivery system to charge and replace the battery of the Honda U Go electric scooter. The demand of people can also be split between multiple facilities arbitrarily. Honda U Go electric scooter will mostly be preferred in Urban Areas which is why most swap stations will also be set in urban areas.

Speed and Performance of Honda U-Go

The scooters are austere in design and have continuous-rated hub motors of 1.2 kW and 0.8 kW with top speeds of 53 kmph and 43 kmph respectively. The Honda U-Go electric scooter would rank well by launching in India as there is more demand for scooters in India. It would be more used in urban cities. The creditable performance of the Honda U Go Electric Scooter is dependent upon its manufacturing, design, and technology development in it. The performance of manufacturing and management of the supply chain is outstanding in recent years and that is the reason the Honda U-Go Electric scooter is getting more popular every day.

Honda U-Go Performance

The new Honda U GO electric scooter has a digital push button to start, remote, and off it. Honda U go electric scooter has also Bluetooth connectivity to attach with mobile while utilizing the multimedia features.

Colour and Price of Honda U-Go

The price of the Honda U-Go electric scooter is between Rs.91860 to one lakh. This Honda U-Go electric scooter can be ordered online and shipped worldwide. There are several colors in Honda U GO electric scooters like gorgeous grey; off-white, metallic black & blue, and Racy red are common and most demanded colors.

Other features in Honda U Go

The Honda U Go electric scooter provides a large boot space for cargo purposes and also comfortable seating for a rear passenger. There is also an anti-theft alarm system attached with standard equipment in the Honda U GO Electric scooter.  The USB charge ports for a mobile, glove compartment and LED screen-like services are also provided in it. Honda U GO Scooter is an ultra-lightweight and cheapest two-wheeler electric vehicle on market. Honda U Go electric scooter weighs only 54kg. Honda U Go Electric Scooter has a remote start or pushes button start feature with a side stand ignition lock. The additional features of an EV scooter include FM radio, USB port, and Bluetooth speakers which provide mobile connectivity. Honda U GO electric scooter has a digital speedometer and clock fixed on it.

Honda U-Go Design

Access to a longer driving range on a single charge, the powerful Honda battery is provided to go the distance with you. With the promulgation of Technology with a history of reputed quality, Honda is now charged to equip customers with the most advanced technology, focused on transitioning the transportation industry to a zero-emissions model by building affordable and accessible electric scooters.


Honda’s focus is to deliver power & efficiency paired with the sleekest designs to satisfy the customers’ first glance. With an assortment of multiple vibrant colors, this Vehicle will be your trademark in society. The immense comfort and ease of control make access a worthy buy for any Gender, especially for females. Concluding, Honda braces up for providing the best Electric Scooter option for you. With a stylish, recognizable design and a quality feel, these scooters are going to be the most economical trade you will make.  Get the best ride for your money as it’s worthy for you as well for us.

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