Is Okinawa Praise Pro The Perfect EV For You ?

Is Okinawa Praise Pro The Perfect EV For You ?

Okinawa Auto-tech is one of the more prominent electric two-wheeler Japanese brands in India that recently launched the Okinawa Praise Pro, the 3rd model in the ‘Praise’ line-up. The e-scooter is available in different colors. It gets an astonishingly styled LED headlamp unit flanked by LED DRLs and turns indicators integrated into the steering unit. In this article, we will do an in-depth review of the Okinawa Praise Pro electric scooter.

Design of Okinawa Praise Pro

Okinawa Praise Pro Design

This Okinawa Praise Pro e-scooter looks street smart from both front and rear with its slim and sharp design. It has aggressive front lights powered with LEDs and day time running lamp. The body is made up of fiber and good-quality plastic. Indicators are halogen bulbs. The back indicators are sort of V-shaped which looks superb and the carbon finish on it adds more to the style.

Features of Okinawa Praise Pro

Digital odometer, Regenerative braking, Reverse mode, DRLs, Central Locking System, Anti-Theft System, Start-Stop button, Under-seat storage, digital speedometer, Tachometer, Trip meter, Low battery indicator, pillion Grabrail, turn signal, pass Light, Keyless Entry, Find my scooter function, USB Port, Motor Walk Assist, Adjustable brake lever, Large front storage, Licence Plate lamp are the key features of this electric scooter. The carrying capacity of the vehicle is 150 kg.

Okinawa Praise Pro Features

Colors in Okinawa Praise Pro

This scooter usually comes with a dual-color design and is available in 4 color combinations. Glossy red-black, glossy sparkle-black, glossy blue-black, and glossy golden-black.

Dimension and chassis of Okinawa Praise Pro

The overall length of the scooter is 1970 mm, width is 745 mm, height is 1165 mm seat height is 800 mm. The ground clearance of the vehicle is 175 mm.

Okinawa Praise Pro Lighting

Brakes in Okinawa Praise Pro

This Okinawa Praise Pro scooter offers an E-ABS braking system. The front brake and rear brake both are offered disc. Front-wheel is alloy whereas the rear one is normal because the electric motor is implanted there. The wheel size is 12 inches. The alloy design is very beautifully designed and suits this vehicle perfectly.

Tires in Okinawa Praise Pro

Both the tires have the profile of 90/90-12 profile and both are tubeless tires. The tires are well built and give you a perfect grip on the road and are stable at good speeds as well.

Okinawa Praise Pro Feature

Suspension in Okinawa Praise Pro

The front suspension is Hydraulic telescopic Suspension and the rear one is a Double Shocker with dual Tube technology. The suspension of both front and back works smoothly on normal roads and little patches.

The battery in Okinawa Praise Pro

This Okinawa Praise Pro scooter has a Lithium-ion battery (Detachable battery) of 2.0 kWh capacity. The charging output of the micro-charger which comes with the scooter is 54V 10A with the auto cut feature. It does not support fast charging usually takes 2-3 hours to charge up to 100%.

Okinawa Praise Pro Battery

Modes and Range

The scooter gets three modes- Eco, Sport, and Turbo. In terms of top speed figures, the e-scooter is limited to 30-35kmph in Eco mode, 50-60kmph in Sports mode, and 65-70kmph in Turbo mode. The turbo mode is specifically for overtakes it gives you the extra boost for a few seconds. The range may vary according to the driving style. The range offered by this Okinawa Praise Pro vehicle on a full charge is 88km.

The motor in Okinawa Praise Pro

BLDC motor is used in this scooter which is also waterproof. The rated power of this motor is 1000 W. It offers a top speed of 58 Kmph. With this motor scooter never feeling slow or less powered it gives you a pleasurable drive experience.

Warranty : 3 years warranty is offered on both motor and the battery.

Price of Okinawa Praise Pro

The ex-showroom price of this Okinawa Praise Pro electric scooter is about 80,000 – 81,000 INR. The price varies in different cities. You can also take benefit of govt. subsidies on electric vehicles which make this scooter even more affordable.

Okinawa Praise pro Price on Road

The driving experience of Okinawa Praise Pro

While driving it feels very light and balanced. Though the speedometer seems a little inaccurate it has enough speed to travel around. It feels more like a city or street-driven scooter rather than a highway. On speed breakers, it smoothly passes and does not give much discomfort.


In the e-scooter market where currently a lot of manufacturers are offering different kinds of scooters, this Okinawa Praise Pro scooter stands neck to neck with the competition. With a sleek and modern design, a decent range, sufficient power, and modern features it gives full worth of its price. If you are looking for a good-looking and easy-on-pocket e-scooter definitely you can have a look at this scooter.

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